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  • New Tailoring Recipes - Rise Update

    I was really bored last night so I made a chart of the new Tailoring recipes in case anyone felt like delving into the expertise with the removal of NPC crafting. Feel free to let me know if you encounter any errors. The crafting list more or less goes from lower level gear to higher, except for some reason after 70 gear it loops back around with some 60 gear cuz Vindi logic.

  • Removed Armorsmithing/Tailoring recipes

    Crossed my current tailoring list with Order's Armorsmithing and the wiki, which still displayed the old list that seemed relatively updated to the merge (however accurate it is).

    Now missing from Tailoring:

    80 - Armageddon
    80 - Heremon
    80 - Noblesse
    70 - Everlasting
    70 - Imperial (merged with Royal Guard?)
    70 - Majesty (crafted with Armorsmithing)
    70 - Apoc/Mhara (merged and crafted with Armorsmithing)
    36 - Red Tyrant (merged with White Tyrant?)
    36 - Spider Nest Silk Hat
    26 - Beholder Mask
    24 - Vampire Face

    Sets where only some pieces could be crafted because of armor proficiency, like Dancing Blade, seem to have been made Armorsmith exclusive.

    Did a quick comparison for weaponsmithing, but it's easier to miss stuff with all the unique names and what not. Also I think the weaponsmithing wiki may be missing stuff more than tailoring, but I can't remember if Winged Heart was expertise craftable even before this update.

    Missing from weaponsmithing:

    10 - Gnoll Chieftain weapons
    16 - Red Metal weapons (Except Tsword)
    20 - Vampire Blade
    22 - Bone Spiked weapons (Except Tsword)
    30 - Ainle LS
    30 - Dusk, Eclipse, Golden Scare, Half Moon, Impaler, Outcry, Silence Glaive, Ulchas (crafted from Ulchas' Holy Sword, upgrades too)
    30 - The Capricorn
    33 - Blood Feaster & Seeker (and their upgrades)
    35 - Black Scar weapons
    35 - Death Crown
    35 - Armadillo
    36 - Total Eclipse
    39 - Blade of Ykesha: The Nihility
    39 - Ruins Scythe
    41 - Emaighsoch Spellsword
    44 - Nightmare weapons
    44 - Stigma, Dark Wing, Crimson Feather
    48 - Crasher weapons
    48 - Gale Weaver, Serenity, Silence
    60 - Vanquishers
    60 - Braided Tassel weapons
    60 - Holy Defender
    60 -Dreamwalker weapons
    60 - Alluring SS
    60 - Babel
    60 - Braided Cestus
    60 - Invader, The Observer, Titan Howl, Yakusha Glaive, Almighty (Titan Ankleguard weapons?)
    60 - Dancing Blade Glaive, Flickering Rose, K-9, Lionoteeth, Palladium, Piasraspear, Ruin Seeker, Shager, Shining Clap, Silver Fox, Stone Breaker, Twin Saber (Colru Nuclei weapons)
    60 - Raider's weapons
    70 - Almighty, Screamer
    70 - Archaic, Desinty Blade, Dogma Glaive, Dragon Slayer, Dragonscale Scythe, God Hammer, God Smasher, Hellborn Cestus, Infinity TSpear/Sword, Saintly SS (Everlasting weapons)
    70 - Avenging Blades & TSpears, Basilisk Glaive, Coiled Blade, Dancing Rose, Encross, Frigg, Lawood, Metamorphosis, Rafflesia, Shark, Squasher, Sudden (crafted from Kielu and Monark Essence)
    70 - Nighthawk weapons
    80 - Arma weapons
    80 - Heremon weapons
    80 - Noblesse weapons
    80 - Skeleton Weapons