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  • Bots?

    My experience has been that in the game's current state the bots are necessary for the non-wealthy to make real gear progress. I'm for the most part a fairly casual player and was one of the many that got hosed by the restored item enhancement changes, and since I actually play regularly that means my gear is worse than the +12 returning gear. I opted to skip 95 gear since I was still contributing in fights with the gear I had, and save for level 100 gear and between then and the actual release of level 100 gear I had a bit under 300m. During the weeks (Damascus bots returned a lot faster than legendary ore bots) that the bots were absent my gear progress was completely halted because prices of everything nearly doubled and there was next to no supply. I actively aim to buy from players but I can't do that if they don't lower their prices, and they don't seem to lower their prices unless the bots pressure them to. After completing my Astera weapon and upgrading to level 100 +15 belt and earrings, I'm now able to participate in QB Astera raids and contribute to supply. Literally everything else still needs to be upgraded, but at least I'm making somewhat steady progress. Yeah bots are problematic, but with the current state of the game gear progression would be impossible without them for a lot of remaining players imo.

    Again, this is just my experience and I am in no way saying it is exemplifies or represents the current game state in relation to bots, but thought I'd share.
  • Crafting Recipes | Rise Update

    Added Grimden stuff.

    200 prof.
    Black Viper Set

    340 prof.
    Desert Hawk Set
    Sonic Blade Set

    40 prof.
    Gnoll Chieftain Katamadhar
    90 prof.
    175 prof.
    Crasher Katamadhar
    380 prof.
  • Anyone know how to get the Summer Flu title?

    LoLoBooty wrote: »
    "The Oversoaker" title is proving to be a lot harder now. When this title first appear (before the Rise update) it was easier to kill certain enemies with the water balloon. You could target the archers and kill them in two balloons. Now (post-Rise) they don't do enough damage (~150 HP. Even with secondary weapon proficiency maxed it doesnt change the multiplier like it does for other secondaries). Your better off targeting the spiders. But those buggers are harder to hit. Would probably need about 1000 balloons back-stocked to get this title post-Rise.

    How I got the first 10 easily is I actually just use low level gear and my gnoll pet. I got the boss to about half a bar and let my gnoll pet have at him. Because pets can't deal the finishing blow it leaves the boss with a sliver of health and then I just balloon it. I was too lazy to run through full areas so I just did ex-raids, but I think it works for normal battles as well.
  • Crafting Recipes | Rise Update

    Added Spellwhip stuff

    40 prof.
    Red Metal Spellwhip
    60 prof.
    Bone Spiked Spellwhip
    115 prof.
    Master's Strapped Spellwhip
    145 prof.
    Crasher Spellwhip
    180 prof.
    Ivory Spellwhip
    290 prof.
    Exquisite Agony Spellwhip
    370 prof.
    Revolver Spellwhip

    340 prof.
    Exquisite Agony set
  • Crafting Recipes | Rise Update

    Here's a spreadsheet of all the new crafting recipes for those of you who wish to dive into an expertise since all but end game gear is no longer NPC-craftable. Even if you don't, take a look anyway and don't incinerate these mats.

    Let me know if you encounter any errors.

    Thanks @hynura for pooling efforts!


    I suggest hoarding materials until a double proficiency event takes place.
    What you should craft will vary depending on what you pick up and Marketplace prices and supply.
    Dismantling and Element Stone crafting is unlocked at 100 proficiency by speaking to respective NPCs.
    Crafting using bound materials will result in a bound item.

    Order5 wrote: »
    About shared expertise:
    If you have multiple characters with expertise, you can use those skills while on a different character.

    To view what expertise is among your characters, pull up your stat page and click on "Talent" then look under "Shared Expertise".

    -To craft an item using another character's skills, go to the appropriate stall for the expertise you want to use. You will have multiple tabs for each of your characters to choose from.
    Example: If you are a Tailor who wants to craft a Dullahan Scythe, go to the Weaponsmithing stall.

    -The character name on the item ("Crafted by ____") will be whatever character you are currently on.
    -You cannot indirectly raise a character's expertise; skill level can only be raised when using your current character's expertise list.
    -Cooking is also shared, simply go to the cooking stall.
    -Element Stone is not a shared expertise.

    Crafting via shared expertise can produce different quality items.

    On another note, if you have Cooking skill and Element Stone, the lack of space on the Talent menu may result in the inability to view your crafting recipes away from the stall because the tab will not be displayed.

    Here are farming location recommendations for those looking for some. Use low level gear or take only your weapon to lessen repair costs.
    Disclaimer: This list is only meant to provide a general idea of what to expect in these areas.
    Dethrone the White Tyrant (2 short areas)
    - 4-5 veins: Mostly Iron Ore

    Prepare for Counterattack (2 short areas)
    - Beginner materials
    - 3 Ore veins: Mostly Iron Ore
    - 1 Erg pot

    White Tyrant's Challenge (1 area)
    - 3 Ore veins: Mostly Iron Ore

    An Interdimensional Invasion (3 areas)
    - Beginner materials
    - Good for farming Element Stone Catalyst (Dismantle)

    Red Archer (2 areas)
    - Apprentice materials
    - 1 Ore vein: Fine Iron, Silver, Copper

    The Five Spider Brothers (2 areas)
    - Beginner materials
    - 1-2 Ore vein: Fine Iron, Copper

    Nightmare at the Ruins (2 short areas)
    - Apprentice materials
    - 3 Ore veins: Iron Ore and Fine Iron mix, Silver, Copper
    - 2 Erg pots

    Cadet Ceremony (2 short areas)
    - Apprentice materials
    - 2 Ore veins: Iron Ore, Fine Iron, Superior Iron, Gold, Silver
    - 1 Erg pot

    Storeroom (2 areas)
    - Journeyman materials
    - 2-3 Ore veins: Superior Iron, Gold, Silver, Copper, Fine Fobellow Tin (useless)
    - 1-2 Erg pots

    The Inverse Blade (2 areas)
    - 3 Ore veins: Superior Iron, Exquisite Iron, Gold, Silver, Copper
    - 6 Erg pots: Mostly Rage Ergs
    Note: It’s possible to break the 4 pots in the side room without having to enter if you use a ranged attack and have a cooperative pet that will collect the cores. Alternatively, you can walk away and hope they teleport to you.

    Season 2 ex-Raids
    - Professional materials
    - Spirited Magic Powder farm (Dismantle)
    - Power Crystals
    - Fobellow Tin

    Traces of Battle (1 short area)
    - Journeyman materials
    Note: Unlimited runs, easily completed with a Trainee/Supply weapon for no repair cost

    Cloth received generally corresponds with the material tier found there.

    Converting iron and cloth to higher tiers is an option at Ferghus and Clodagh’s respectively.

    Metal Solvent can be purchased in 5s for 600g from Ferghus, Brakis, Nel, Arthyen, Emma, Jornin, Roma, Culann
    Fine Solvent can be purchased for 2500g from Brakis, Nel, and Arthyen
    Empty Bottle can be purchased for 500g from Brynn, Aislinn, Jarlath, Emma, Roma

    Sewing Kits can be purchased in 5s for 1000g from Aislinn, Brakis, Nel, Arthyen, Emma, Roma
    Wood Plank can be purchased in 5s for 1200g from Aislinn, Brakis, Nel, Arthyen, Emma, Roma, Culann

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