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  • cash&time > loyalty

    Dear Nexon,
    you had me as true fan of this game. I always tried to defend it and that it's still good. Until today. You gotta be fcking kidding.
    I wanted to keep on playing this more and more dying game.
    But I can't, even if I wanted to. And why? Because my Lvl 80 Rings were actually pretty fine for me. I mean I was rank 4 wearing them and the cost of them seemed useless to me. But I got fcked.
    Without them newest ones, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to continue the storyline since this countersh't was released.
    It started with restrictions at Dullahan which fcked up a lot a ppl I knew back then and who quitted in the following.
    But isn't it ridiculous that a rank 4 Sylas can't join newest battles because he needs the newest sh*t all of a sudden?
    Of course you can argue with "Just buy them". Too bad I got barely time to play cuz rl thingies and it would take me like 3 months to grind enough money to be able to afford them. Even harder now since obvious bots are being placed in market place to reduce money gaining. Don't take us as fools.

    Yes, I'm angry. And frustrated. I've been playing our Hagies with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years nearly everyday. Even if this game got more and more greedier and our luck constantly dropped (hardly +12 gear and no worthy drops in months fml), we kept on playing because it was "our thing, both our cuties".
    But when even the most loyal ones are confronted with a "hahahahahaha... NO." update, it ends.
    And I bet it will get worse. So I'm seriously having thoughts if it's worth my precious time.

    I appreciate if somebody read so far, but I needed to tell what's going on inside my head.
    I'm not sure how to keep going. As being said, I wanted to, but the game doesn't want me to.
    I'll never really quit I guess because those two Hagies got a special place inside my heart as a part of my relationship with my love (I know it's weird and I don't expect anyone to understand).
    But I'll never have nice words left for that game and its owners.
    I always hoped that when I'll quit, I'll do it by my own will, but not because I'm forced to.

    Notice that this is meant as constructive criticism of a frustrated player, so please take it as such.

    Good luck and fun for those who have the time and money to be worth playing. o/

    PS: We couldn't even charge NX lately (10bucks for guild storage) because it's bugged for some reason and we were not able to pay by paysafecard no matter how hard we tried, so this also ain't an option anymore. :D
  • Sylas 2nd Weapon

    Magic wands please, let's "swish and flick"!
  • Top 5 Titles Per Class (NA & EU)

    Just hit 700 titles on my Hagie, no idea if there's another yet on EU. :)
  • Sylas Screenshots!

    Vindi aka fashion simulator. B)


    Loving the current "angel & devil" style of mine and my boyfriend's Hagies! o:) <3 >:)

  • Goddess Fragment Event Returns

    Why on earth are event items you can already have bound to the character?!
    I'm sorry that I played actively the past months so I got them wings and oils already! :/
    Since I still wanna play my old main and have any profit of this event make them account sharable at least, please?