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  • DancingStar wrote: » Aibou wrote: » I fully understand your arguments there. And yes, maybe you're right. I'm just too tired when getting to work at 8am and coming home at 9pm to check new forum posts. Maybe your friend you mentioned has simply …
  • ISeeFire wrote: » Personally I don't like what you wrote here. Of course not all parts above, but some I think it's just a poor excuse. This game has many things that lead people to quit not just this one. But your reason is what I don't like. …
  • AngelYukki wrote: » Do the battles through normal battle instead of quick battle. That's an option we tried, but we didn't do any dmg, probably without counterforce.
  • Magic wands please, let's "swish and flick"!
  • Just hit 700 titles on my Hagie, no idea if there's another yet on EU.
  • RyanReynolds wrote: » "More pleasant environment" = Get rid of all the whiners. Too bad that would be everyone still playing actively.
  • RobertLivia wrote: » Aibou wrote: » ...by closing this game? ...starting with the fact that EU players won't be able to play whole evening. +best No srsly what are you hiding from us, Nexon? Oh no , you cant play for an evenin…
  • Vindi aka fashion simulator. Loving the current "angel & devil" style of mine and my boyfriend's Hagies!
  • Why on earth are event items you can already have bound to the character?! I'm sorry that I played actively the past months so I got them wings and oils already! Since I still wanna play my old main and have any profit of this event make them ac…
  • Where's the "I created partner characters with my boyfriend at the very beginning of our relationship 2 years ago and now can't quit cuz they became part of our love" - button?
  • Would love to see something more graceful on Delia, maybe a rapier. And Hagie definitely needs a **** magic wand, with spells n' stuff like in Harry Potter!
  • I wonder what nexon even thinks about the number of active players in EU, these goals ain't realistic at all...
  • Same thing happened to me yesterday. My boyfriend listed a 5000 ap capsule for 10gold on mp, as soon as he registered it I refreshed in under 1 second (with searching for that item so i can instantly buy) and srsly "item has already been sold out". …
  • Still do them everyday, when you mega it usually starts in seconds. It's still fun to fight with more than 4 peeps and the loot is pretty neat imo (lots of mats, seals and ap by every run) compared to other raids. If it just wouldn't be that one hug…
  • It doesn't matter who's strong, you have to feel the fun and sympathy for that character. With that requirements in mind you can be badass with anyone, even with your Lynn.
  • Got same problems with getting 1 marks instead of two even though i should have hit properly, also that issue with five fingers not working and I'm standing there like "bam, bam, bam, fcking do it!". Dunno if it's just me, but I also got huge proble…
  • dazedgumball wrote: » Aibou wrote: » Yep same ****, such a waste on my main char where I don't even know what to do with all his AP. Use the AP shop to get dyes and GGs. Either that or go on a enhance frenzy. I empty that AP Shop eve…
  • Suhpreme wrote: » log onto your main first thing... or miss out on 10k AP... the event webpage even says 1k AP instead of 10k haha wow! xdd Yep same ****, such a waste on my main char where I don't even know what to do with all his AP.
  • Event description on launcher said "1000 AP Capsule" at Aug 5th, now it was a 10.000 AP Capsule. Not that I complain that it's even more, but if I'd knew this, I would have given it to another character who could rly need it. Would be awesome if nex…
  • Sylas EU RIP some ongoing Macha and Hero Titles. :c