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April 17, 1986
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    Oh, I see, Nexon forum mods ban frustrating people that lost all things they've obtained\buyed from the game. Nice. Clever move. When there are no dissatisfied players you haven't to solve problems. Checkmate!
  • Game Launch Blocked

    Jentemoon wrote: »
    Hey Everyone!

    I definitely understand that everyone is upset about the region restrictions that are present after the migration. I want to let everyone know that your voices are being heard and we do care about those who have been playing since the Beta and there after.

    GM Luteola's responses to some of you was not acceptable and not a reflection of how we are handling this situation at all, we do care about you and we are hearing your voices! It doesn't stop here, I am looking into this as aggressively as I am allowed.

    I do understand there were those of you that were outside of the EU service region during Vindictus EU who were able to receive access due to being a "beta" account. We are looking into possibly granting access only to those accounts, but is not guaranteed

    I also understand that there are region blocks on countries that were able to play Vindictus EU. I want everyone to know that we are looking into this block and if it is possible to grant access, however know that this is also not a guarantee.

    I will update everyone on this issue as soon as I can and once again I do very much apologize for this situation.

    Oh, just great! You play the game since 2010, you do some breaks from time to time, and all you get in the end is "We are looking into possibly granting access only to those accounts, but is not guaranteed". You got no bans or some warnings all this time, and Nexon just drops you to the dumpster after server migration. Why? Just because, that's why. Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, Israel... Geez, guys! You just got no a single tear of conscience. Just a thing I want to remind to you.

    It's March 7 yet. Still no any new "blue post". It seems, the words "I will update everyone on this issue as soon as I can" mean the Nexon employee can't do much, huh?.. You say you "are hearing our voices". Does that mean you just enjoy these cries?..

    "Warm" greetings from another Ukrainian player.