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April 17, 1986


  • skyee wrote: » I love how this is most popular thread on this site Still no news anyway.
  • Soo... Nexon administration is still "solving the problem" and NOT spending all the time with whores, doesn't it?..
  • Madcobra wrote: » well im tired of this thread That's how Nexon will totally forget about the problem they made. One is banned, second has tired. Oh well.
  • So... Still nothing new? Only the good ol' story "Nexon does care about you that's why the company didn't solve evident problems 1-2-3-4-etc years ago"?
  • Melnaa wrote: » Tomorrow is 1st April. So... Is April Fools' Day is the time to tell us smth like "guys, don't be worry, you will back to game soon! "?
  • Controller001 wrote: » Dragons Dogma Online is closest to Vindictus in action combat, but its open world (dunno if it has dungeons, cant test it since JP only like most good stuff) I've found two games with requiremetns I've typed but they are …
  • I personally have moved to another game. This is how I choose what game to play - Me to my so (he knows a lot more about other games than I do) "What do you know about his publisher?" He: "Oh I heard, that they are fair to players an.. ". Me: "S…
  • Oh, I see, Nexon forum mods ban frustrating people that lost all things they've obtained\buyed from the game. Nice. Clever move. When there are no dissatisfied players you haven't to solve problems. Checkmate!
  • Melnaa wrote: » I want to see this games rating on Steam. can not do that myself, because, you know, blocked region. It's blocked for me too, but you can use Steam Charts to see some statistics. Just google it. Spoiler: there are avg 300-500 p…
  • Jentemoon wrote: » Hey Everyone! I definitely understand that everyone is upset about the region restrictions that are present after the migration. I want to let everyone know that your voices are being heard and we do care about those who have…