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I play staff karok.
  • Guild Member Allowance.

    Can we increase this yet? 300 is simply way too small. Our guild has an average of 30-45 people on at any given time currently and with people always applying to join there simply is no where near enough space. We do our best to try and not remove people, and stuff but it's just to the point the member allowance is way too tiny now and we're forced to remove people that are inactive for over a month. Why not increase this cap to 600 or even 1k like other games?
  • Cromm sucks hard - why is this a Special raid?!

    I wouldn't waste my breath. Cloak just likes to argue on these forums. Doesn't matter what it's about or even if it's the same topic.
    This is probably why I dislike it when people skip mechanics as it robs me of the full battle experience
    Go solo it all then. Full battle experience right there, literally 100%.

    Basically all bosses are braindead even for solos. You get good enough at redeemers they become semi brain dead too. I have more fun smacking them then I do watching them float around though. I'd be more than fine getting rid of all cut scenes. Only hinders my chars already RNG dps. Once you run the new raids like 5 times they're more or less braindead already, don't put me to sleep with the same cut scene over and over.
  • What do you love about Vindictus?

    My karok stripping in a hot spring surrounded by rubber ducks.
  • LANN worst class atm ??

    I mean compared to new heros all the older ones aren't exactly amazing. Besides sword fiona in like redeemers. If you're talking spear lann, yeah they're kinda in a bad spot, not horrible but for them being the hardest to play the dps potential doesn't match that of far easier chars to play. The new team never really did know how to adjust the older characters. Why there were massive amount of spear lanns and karoks quitting in KR for a while. It's gotten better but, again if you compare to the new chars to the old they basically just get outclassed in most categories.
  • Game feels dead :(

    Sixth wrote: »
    Abaddan wrote: »
    It's not fair to people that can't run QB who need the drops more than the people that can.
    Let's give the people who have more the ability to get even more while making the drops for people who can't even run the QB already not be able to get the benefit.
    Because everyone who meet QB requirements magically got their gear from a big blue flash of light. Ohh, wait...

    I agree, that extra +1 drop IF the party is full should be given for all parties, QB or not.
    But I completely disagree with your reasoning for it.

    On the other hand, it's not like that +1 drop could suddenly make anyone a multi-billionaire in Vindi, so I'm not sure why are you so focused on this.
    I don't even care about it anymore, I just want fast runs without having to wait 10 minutes to fill the boat every single time (yeah, night-owl problems :P).

    CF was indeed unnecessary. But it is not as hard to get as you guys make it look like. Just get the 2 rings, make them +15, already 100 CF. Pop a kitty pot, 130 CF, enough to join all raids and do sufficient damage. If you don't have kitty pot, just enhance 1-2 levels more on them, and you should have enough damage output. Enhancing them doesn't require any rare drops, and you can farm all the materials you need for them with ease. The gold cost also isn't too high until around +17/18, so just hit that enhance button until you have enough CF.

    That's not the point, the point is you're handicapping new players because they can't find boats and the QB boats they can't even join. The buff is just an additional handicap since they will be getting less drops. Duh. You want fast runs,but the new players just want to find a boat to even run it to begin with, and they can't or struggle to and is why they don't stick around. Trying to say the one additional core doesn't make a big difference but if you run 30 runs that's 30 additional chances at a drop players who can't run the raid on QB need and miss out on just because they can't run it. My reasoning for wanting it changed is because it makes the game even more unwelcoming to new players. They struggle to fill boats and when they do struggle to pass them and then they don't even get the extra chance at a drop when they do pass them. How else are you supposed to get money on the game if you can't get drops or run the raids? Not everyone can or wants to spend thousands on gacha boxes. Hard to "just enhance bro" if you don't have the money to do it and far fewer chances to get drops for money vs people that already have the gear and money. CF isn't a hard thing if you're already wealthy duh, but that's not cheap even before +17 or +18. Pair that with not being able to run the QB until you get the CF to run it unless you run from the board, so you now do no DMG because CF and struggle to find parties because everyone that can, runs QB. So you struggle to get drops for money to even get more CF to join QB and contribute for dmg. There's no argument that makes QB limitations or CF a good idea. Unless the argument is running away new players as soon as they hit end game raids. 10 minute wait time is nothing compared to new players that can't join QB. Can't tell you how many times I've joined a boat just to duo the run just to get them through the run and have them tell me they've literally been sitting in the boat for over an hour. You're not going to keep players returning or new if that is the situation.