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  • June balance changes and... new character?

    June character balance patch notes from test server in Korea. This was translated using google.
    Source: http://heroes.nexon.com/News/update/View?page=1&postno=887

    ■ Character balance adjustment

    [All character common]
    - Active: Slashing High
    : Increases the default duration by 3 seconds.
    : When attacked by an enemy, the duration of slashing high is reduced by 1 second.
    However, even if attacked several times at the same time, it will decrease by 1 second.
    Developer Comment: 'Slashing High' has had various opinions since its introduction. Most of the problems identified as 'Super Armor (do not fall into the stiffness even if hit by the enemy)' have many opinions that it reduces the action of the battle.
    The reason that I was troubled at the time of the reorganization was that depending on the character, the dependence on 'slashing high' was different, and some characters were in danger of changing the constructed play pattern itself if 'superarmor' of 'slashing high' disappeared.

    That's why we have changed the form of slashing high to reduce the duration of slashing high when it is hit by compromise.
    Instead, it does not apply to quick-on-the-fly continuous attacks, and it has been adjusted to have a similar duration to the previous one by adding an additional default duration.

    [Lann (Rishita) - Common]

    - Fix the phenomenon that the foot slips and the position is rearranged after using Absolute Fury.

    [Lann (Rishita) - Dual Sword]

    - Active: Radical Fever
    : Some rendering and damage will be changed.
    : If it is A rank or higher, change it so that continuous attack is possible up to 2 times.

    : The amount of SP recovered when hit is greatly increased.
    : Reuse time increases to 30 seconds.

    [Rishita - Dual Spear]

    - Wearing dual sphere increases the general attack range.

    [Fiona - Common]

    - Damage to attacks caused by 'Shed Shield' success decreases.

    [Fiona - Longsword]

    - 'Amaranth Kick' reduces the damage of additional attacks.

    [Fiona - Long Hammer]

    - Active: Shield Strike
    : Change to be able to activate during 'Strike Strike' and 'Inaction Strike'.
    : When you wear Long Hammer, some damage will be changed.
    : When worn long hammer, 'Butterfly Swing Strengthening Attack' to change quickly to connect.

    - Change the "Honeybelling" attack to switch quickly to another motion.

    - 'Active: Push' to reduce the SP consumption of the series can become aware of the skill.

    - 'Stigma Hammer' If you use this attack without acquiring the skill, fix the phenomenon of other motions coming out.


    - Concentration
    : Concentration level changes to 4 levels in total.
    : ManaMain, Healing Perl, and Psychedelic are excluded from the concentration stage, so they can be registered and used in the Quick Slot.
    : Changes the 'Fire Bolt', 'Ice Blast', and 'Lightning Bolt' skills to be available in Focus 1.
    : Changes the 'Firestorm', 'Ice Spear', and 'Lightning Wave' skills to be available in Focus 2.
    : Changes the 'Fire Shock', 'Ice Blow', and 'Lightning Guide' skills to use in Focus 3.
    : Changes the 'Raise' skill to be available in four levels of concentration.
    : Adjust the concentration time for each step.

    - Some skills change as follows.
    : You can use intensive 2 level magic from 'Focus E Rank'.
    : You can concentrate on the move from 'Intensive D Rank'.
    : You can use the concentrated three levels of magic from 'Intensive C Rank'.
    : You can use 4 levels of magic from 'Intensive B Rank'.
    : 'Active: Ice Spear' skill level 1 or higher, We can learn from concentration E rank and above.
    : You can learn 'Active: Firestorm' skill from level 15 or above, intensive E rank or higher.
    : You can learn 'Active: Lightning Wave' skill from level 30 or above, intensive E rank or higher.

    - The time when you can not manually release the normal 'Mana Amber' is reduced.

    [IVI - Battle Side]

    - Change the movement speed to apply attack speed when moving.

    - Active: Arcane Gate
    : Limits maximum SP consumption to 750 when using Skill.
    : During each attack on the Arcane Gate, change it so that it does not fall even if it is attacked by an enemy before the attack is completely over.
    ※ If you are attacked by an enemy strong attack, the arcane gate may be canceled.
    : During the first casting move, change to avoid all enemy attacks until you move to the Darkness dimension.
    : During the last 5th attack, change to avoid receiving all enemy attacks.

    - 'Life Steel' and 'Spirit Bind'
    : Increase damage slightly.
    : Changes to enable Critical to fire.

    - Correct the phenomenon that the supply and demand of SP is decreased according to the number of releases.

    [Carlock - Battle Filler]

    - drop kick

    : Modify 'Beast Form' so that it does not change when you use it.
    : Increases the range that can absorb a strong attack.
    - Fixed 'Beast Form' not to be released when using 'Volverized Blitz'.
    - Fixed the problem that when using 'War Stomp', sometimes the input failed.
    - After using 'War Stomp', input range until next use is increased.

    - Rolling Attack
    : Changes all attacks to avoid a powerful attack.
    : You can use the Rolling Attack once more immediately for shock absorption

    - Upgrades the damage of the following skills.
    : Worst Stomp
    : Drop Kick
    : Weil Night
    : Rhino Head Friend
    : Bison Charge
    : Mammoth Sweep
    : Jumbo Stuck
    : Rhino Gore
    : Mammoth Crash
    : Mammoth Pulsar
    : Whale Bang
    : Volverize


    - You can train the next skill to a higher rank.
    : Counter Blow
    : Burst
    : Big Bang
    : Active: Power Liberation
    : Active: Storm
    : Active: Volcano Explosion
    : Bolo Punch
    : Straight Punch
    : Sunday Punch
    : Waste Pivot
    : JF Burst
    : Dempsilol

    - Charging Burst
    : Change to enable.
    : If you use the Charging Burst while running, the running acceleration will change to be applied.
    : Charging bursts can be activated at any time during normal attacks and normal smashes.
    : If you do not become a stamina that can trigger a charging burst, it will not fire.

    - JF Burst

    : Increases stamina recovery when there is a burst gauge.
    However, if there is no burst gauge, the amount of stamina recovery is almost the same as before.

    - Big Bang
    : The invocation method is unified by pressing and holding the smash button.
    ※ The way to activate by pressing [TAB] key after smash attack has been deleted.

    : Raise the judgment of the projectile.

    - Active: Volcanic eruption
    : When 'Big Bang' is activated by long pressing 'Smash' after 'Sunday Punch', the reuse time of 'Active: Volcanic Explosion'

    Fix the symptoms.

    : If you are hit during 'Active: Volcanic Explosion', change it so that you can obtain 'Overflow'.

    - Active: Fury
    : Change some rendering and damage.
    : During a rage, you will be able to use the general attack button to attack the fury at any time.

    - Active: Storm
    : The section where 'weaving' is possible increases a little more.

    [Bella - Dual Blade]

    - Some basic blade attack determination is adjusted.

    - When using 'Moment Leaf', the time of no attack increases slightly.

    - In 'Chain Mastery', when you reach the enemy chain, you increase the base time that you do not get attacked.

    - Moment Blow
    : The attack speed is changed to apply.
    : Advances the point where you can use 'Moment Leaf'.

    - Luminous rush

    : Stamina consumption is slightly reduced.
    : Decreases to 6 if you attack once, and decreases to 12 if you attack twice.

    - Active: Red Eyes
    : SP consumption decreases to 500.
    : When invoked, the enemy will not be attacked.
    : If you are not in the "cold heart" state, if you have never been able to destroy the weak spot around you, you will have to do additional damage and destroy the enemy's posture.

    : If you are in the "Cold Heart" state, increase your damage to enemies while suppressing the enemy's actions.
    : Advances the point where you can use 'Moment Leaf'.

    - Active: Vampire's Kiss
    : The amount of health recovery is increased up to 1000.
    : It is changed so that you can restore your health even when you activate it by using the Quick Slot.
    : Reuse time increases to 10 seconds.
    : Advances the point where you can use 'Moment Leaf'.

    - Active: Blade Dance
    : Changes some rendering and damage.
    : The attack count increases to such an extent that you can attack enemies farther than you.
    : Change the SP consumption so that the SP consumption gradually decreases. (250 → 200 → 150)
    : Slow turn during attack.
    : During the attack, the motion will gradually increase.
    : You can link to 'Sonorouss Fill' when linking to the end, and you can link with the general attack button during the blade dance.
    : If you want to stop the attack, change to return to the default posture instead of the existing finishing action.

    - Active: Cooling

    : Reduces reuse time to 80 seconds.

    - Active: Glacial Breaker
    : Attack determination is changed.
    : If you are within range, regardless of distance, change to make maximum damage.

    - Active: Floating Blood

    : Reuse time is reduced to 3 seconds.

    [Arisha - Long Blade]

    - Limit the maximum SP consumption of 'Active: Lane Blade' to 750.
    - 'Active: Doomseyar' reuse time to 80 seconds will be reduced.


    - Change 'Receding Interlude' to be available at any time during 'Marquette Rush'.
    - 'Active: inspiration' reduces the SP consumption of the series can become aware of the skill.
    - 'Active: Motivation' to reduce the SP consumption of the series can become aware of the skill.


    - Reduces the damage caused by the shooting distance of the target.
    - Fix to switch a little faster in 'Rolling Load (Avoidance)' → 'Rolling Load (Avoid)' operation.

    - Change the maximum number of rounds to 6 → 8.

    - When entering a battle, change it so that it is fully loaded with the general shot.

    - Increase the number of loaded bullets using 'Reload Stance' to 3 → 4.

    [Lynn - Battle Glaive]

    - Blast
    : Upgrades attack determination.
    : Increase the speed of movement while collecting gear.

    : Modify the frenzy and general attacks during the attack to convert a little faster.

    - Increase the avoidance distance of 'Yeonpung'.

    - Upgrades the attack rating of 'Island Glacier'.

    - 'Thunderstorm window' when attacking the second fallen does not fit well correct the phenomenon.

    - Active: No
    Attack : Upgrades the attack determination.

    : Increase the damage.

    - Active: Ilsom: Increases
    the attack rating of explosive attacks.

    - Active: Non-Discipline
    : Modify to allow flow and avoidance during each attack.

    Full bloom : If you have more than 7 full bloom, change the bloom effect.
    : When there are more than 7 deciduous deciduous trees, all of the existing deciduous deciduous trees will be changed to deciduous deciduous trees.
    : If you have more than 7 enemy percussions, you will be engraved with the percussions regardless of the timing of the attack.
    : Active Skill can be used to stiffen the enemy, as in the previous 10 pieces of percussion or jeonhwa only possible.
    : When there are ten bloom or ten blades, the target is blinking or invincible,

    It is improved to return it to a perilous enemy.


    - Adjust the increase value of 'Foreign'.
    : 1 ~ 6 steps will be slightly raised.
    : 7 ~ 9 steps down slightly.
    : Step 10 is the same as before.

    - Slightly lower the maximum HP recovery per attack of Fire.


    - Gravity Tan
    : Increases the damage done by Gravity Tan Explosion.
    : Decreases the damage sustained by boss monsters after gravity shot blast.
    : Increase damage given to normal monsters after gravity shot blast.
    : Corrects the launch rate of gravity shot a little faster.

    - Weakened Tan
    : We increase the range of weakened Tan.
    : Upgrades the attack judgment of Weaken Shot.
    : Modifies the firing rate of a weakened shot a little faster.

    - Slightly lower the damage of 'Dedley Spin'.
    - Slightly lower the damage of 'Dedley Twist'.

    - Slightly lower Damage to 'Dedley Twister'.

    - Slightly lower damage from 'Assault Shot'.
    - Slightly lower damage from 'Assault Blast'.

    - Slightly lower damage from 'Breaking Shot'.
    - Slightly lower the damage of 'Blazing Blast'.

    - Increase the damage of 'Active: Panning Shot'.
    - Increase the damage of 'Active: Double Panning Shot'.
    - Increase the damage of 'Active: Lane Sphere'.

    - Miscellaneous
    : Fixed the phenomenon that the motion was slowed out differently from the speed when the moul moved in the village.
    : Fixed a situation in which the Moul took campfire effects late in battle.

    [Kai - Cross Gun]

    - Increase the damage of general attacks slightly.
    - We slightly raise damage of 'Insight'.

    - Movement distance slightly increases when avoiding.

    - Active: Enhanced Bolt
    : Removed from Bolt Revolver Level 1 and changed to be used in Quick Slot just like any other SP skill.
    : SP 100 consumed when using Skill.

    - Active: Band support
    : Vault Revolver is removed from Phase 1, and can be used as a Quick Slot after other SP skills like the ability to use.
    : Increases the movement speed of the caster when using the skill. Improves the holding time of the state effect to increase with rank.

    - Active: Gusting Bolt
    : Gusting Bolt damage slightly increased.
    : Using Gusting Bolt slightly increases the area that does not fall even when attacked.

    - Active: Paint 6
    : The damage of the first attack is upgraded.

    - Bolt Revolver
    : Acceptable rank is changed from maximum D rank to E rank.
    : If you have learned the skill of the bolt revolver up to D rank, it will be changed to E rank.
    : It automatically recovers by AP of 50 used in learning D rank.

    - Quick revolver
    : Possible rank is changed from maximum D rank to E rank.
    : If you have acquired the skill of Quick Revolver to rank D, it will be changed to E rank.
    : It is automatically recovered as AP: 170 used when acquiring D rank.

    - Bolt Revolver Phase Change
    : The bolt revolver is changed from Phase 3 to Phase 2.
    : The available skills will change step by step.
    : The switching time of steps 1 and 2 is changed.

    Step 1
    > Active: Hollow Shot
    > Active: Paint 6
    > Active: Piercing

    Step 2 > Active: Gusting
    > Active: Atomic


    - Stamina consumption of the following skills is reduced.
    : Rising Slash
    : Rising Shot
    : Cyclone Edge
    : Ultimate Blade

    - The stamina consumed to activate the following skills is reduced.

    : Cyclone Crash

    : Ultimate Charge

    - Aura of Illusion
    - ' Aura of Illusion: Non-Aura' Change the conditional effect to 20 seconds.

    [Picture DEN]

    - 'Csana' modifies the situation in which the damage did not go in depending on the situation.

    ■ Special Dungeon
    - Adds special combat that revives past combat, requires an existing attack and cooperation.
    : [SPECIAL] Fragment Golem
    > The Fragment Golem combat can only proceed with 8 players.
    - [Special] Death God
    ※ You can experience both new special dungeons in the test server.

    ■ Party Promotion System
    - When creating a party in the village, you can set the number of parties.
    : Normal party can be set as 4 or 8 people, and the party party can only be set as 8 people.
    : Only the same number of battles as the number of party members can be set.
    : If you have more than 5 party members after creating 8 party, you can not change to 4 party.

    ■ Combat
    - Modify the item so that it can not be purchased at the exchange shop if you are in combat, on standby, or fishing.

    ■ Dress Room
    - Fiona's entry into the Simulation Zone corrects the darkening of lighting.

    ■ Item
    - 'Ivory Mana Revolver' to 'Rainbow Enchant Scroll' can not be used to fix the phenomenon.

    ■ Miscellaneous
    - Options> Graphic Options> Fixed the problem that the Story Selection UI was displayed abnormally under certain conditions when the 'Lowest' option was selected.

    - Mayer's 'Marek Marek' story In progress of the tutorial to acquire skills during the course of the story will stop the progress is fixed.

    - The game start screen changes.

    ■ Graphic
    - 'No wrinkles' when worn to correct the phenomenon that the arm looks broken.

    - Fix the phenomenon that the ears can not be seen when this rain wears a certain head avatar.

    Sword Lann Update:
    Raging fever double hit looks interesting looking forward to testing it.
  • What you like/dislike at rise Vindictus?

    - Enchant scroll fragments so we can make 100% scrolls
    - Enhancement and enchant rune fragments
    - Failstack feature for enhancing

    - Lowered enhance rates at +13 and above
    - Additional damage is too broken
    - No animation for potions leading to face tanking
    - Extra cores leading to people don't ress party members or do mechanics (dulla bomb etc...)
    - No more 8 man raids
    - No more "true" hero modes where bosses have faster animations
    - Oath of honor
    - Pre season 3 content can be largely facerolled

    Not related to rise but also I miss the XE Combo system and XE move like others have mentioned.
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  • Enthu ES

    I have had enthu es drop from all s2 bosses laki to cromm...depends on rng luck
  • life flare then instant death seconds later

    Check your chest armor skill. You might have the skill Berserker on your chest armor which causes you to be invulnerable for 3-5 seconds when u die (or when life proc I think). After the time expires you die.