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  • New KR Update: Arkana Raid Boss + More

    baby havan and iset loli? just. no. it probably sells in kr and japan, but skip this here and sell the adult size travel mates instead. or even a 40 something iset. yall are allergic to cougars or something
  • Question to Gm's and all

    i just got the 50 kill title from dullahan and can confirm the level 5 buffs started working in donegall and lochlann
  • Power & Tech. requirements for Dullahan?

    well, yeah. rng is luck not skill. but after playing this long u ought to know better than throw that much gold/runes at ferghus and brynn. after a certain point, people are better off buying gear instead of making it. if rng doesnt go ur way, instead of throwing away seal shop mats with ferghus, u can make stuff and sell it. nickle and dime ur way to what u want.
  • Level 95 raid requirement too high.

    u planned to get new stuff, so u blew up ur old stuff before the new content arrived? solid planning. get new gear, then blow up old gear, if it has any booms left. its not just new content, its a new cap and difficulty.

    i have 28k with a +12 90, and the raid still takes a while with similarly or better geared people. like 12-15 minutes. and then i did a non quick battle without thinking about it and it took 40 minutes. the req is absolutely necessary for dullahans stats. are dullahans stats necessary? thats another matter. either way, endgame raids arent for casuals out on a lark. but if u do have 2b, u can spend ur way to victory. i see no point in hoarding unless ur trying to buy like a +15 or iset set
  • Goddess Fragment Event is actually decent

    yeah we get a full 24 hours to collect the prizes. times on the left are when they day begins, and on the right is when the day ends. may or may not have to wait like 30 minutes to collect stuff, we'll see.

    also i like free outfitters, but wish we could pick them like we were able to last time. i already have some of these pieces, negating the effort spent collecting them, and i wouldnt be caught dead wearing spring fairy set. but yeah, free, and i dont have to do it. nothin to get mad about. i just obsess over nothing cuz im bipolar +pain