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Alright, now that I'm finally in the forums again. Going to discard some outdated posts and ones that contain mistakes. Idk what happened, but kept getting server error 1599 again and again.


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  • Why do people join raids with lower than 1300 AD?

    Arishante wrote: »
    Unbelievable that people still check other players' gear in these times, when there are already restrictions put in by the game itself for s3. If you're really that ad conscious put in a restriction in your boat titles and be done with it, others do it and nobody laughs at their elitism (or do they?).

    Raids are already completed too fast if one or two players are strong, they only get derailed when team play sucks.

    One of the main reasons why I go lone wolf for donegal farming.
  • Player Retention; Why do you keep playing?

    ^ 9. 90% of content nerfed/missing.
  • Why do people join raids with lower than 1300 AD?

    Question2 wrote: »

    It actually matters a lot. Two players who know the raid, one player has 500 more AD, the player with 500 more AD will do masively more damage. Thats how the game works. 1 AD = 6.25 ATT which ignores the attack cap. That is massive. It's why people spend 500+m on a set of +12 armor instead of settling for +10.

    People with 1300 AD as it is basically do 10-15% damage to the boss as it is in a well geared party even if they play very well. Most people play average or worse. Its not uncommon for two players combined to do 80-90% of the damage.

    Someone with very low AD (500 or less) is going to do 5% or less.

    Would someone provide a source of this claim far as the AD att conversion that bypasses the limit...

    Secondly, the game is already unbalanced as it is because some characters benefiting more with a +15 when compared to others. Take for instance spear lann and his "spin 2 win" mechanic, along with miri's blocking and attacking at the same time wheel attacks. The point is I'm just basically tired of this whole dps race that got introduced since 2012 and has torn apart the community since.

    In a nutshell: if you find incompetent group members, just trick the game into thinking you crashed when they all die and see who has the last laugh... sometimes people need a taste of their own medicine.

    PS: you can't do damage anyway if you're dead. Case en point you can spend over 5 billion to max out gear and still get instantly killed due to boss mechanics. *drinks wine* I've seen too many of these cases to count, including buggy abomination runs.

    Cause posts like these regarding claims over something and a "certain stat" mattering to the whole game is the sole reason why I went into the 5 month hiatus in the first place.

  • Legendary Chunk drop location

    I got a smooth and a solid from Manus earlier today during one of my "A clue" runs in case you're wondering. Along with other runs I done over the course of this update, I have gotten at least 3 of each shard from Manus.

    as proof of kill:
  • Legendary Chunk drop location

    Not sure if this is covered already, but I wanted to show the locations of each legendary chunk in Donegal.

    Smooth: any boss

    Solid : any boss

    Lightweight: A Long Dark Path OR Nothing to Lose OR A clue

    Keen: You Only Live Once OR Nothing to Lose

    Stable: Imperance OR what you believe in OR Frozen Land

    Perfect: What You Believe in

    Manus (Daily/RNG boss): drops all 6 types of chunks.

    Edit: list is completed, but will do more runs in case bosses drop two different types of shards.