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Alright, now that I'm finally in the forums again. Going to discard some outdated posts and ones that contain mistakes. Idk what happened, but kept getting server error 1599 again and again.


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One who knows nothing can understand nothing. -Ansem Kingdom Hearts
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Just a person who enjoys playing ranged characters in MMO games.
  • Laying down my arms... this time indefinitely.


    Put it bluntly, I'm tired of investing everything only to get nothing in return.

    It had so much potential to be better than Premiere, but unfortunately Greed and Corruption Just gets the better of everyone at every turn.

    Grinding gold for weeks on end, buying gear left and right, and then all of a sudden it blows up in your face... LITERALLY.

    It's unsatisfying... unincentive... just what the **** is the point of playing this "game" when you're at a literal standstill... investing so much time and effort into something that just... turns into empty vain within the click of a mouse button.

    Is this really a skill based game? Even I question that myself considering the fact in order to be strong, you need luck... that's all it is... luck. One simple click of a mouse can increase your power... or just blow it all away like it's nothing.

    Where's the fun? Where's the Nostalgia? Simply, It's not here... or am I just missing it. Is it really worth it? Shedding millions of gallons of Fomorian blood only to get the same junk materials over and over? Looping and resetting time again... and again... and again... Where did it all go? Time... will not wait. Progression seems impossible... yet... why do some of us still struggle?

    Is it really worth the time and effort to compete against machines? Is it worth the wait? Is it worth the countless amount of clicks?

    Simply put... I don't even have an answer.

    I'm just done. Finished. NOTHING will entice me to come back. It's like I lost a fragment, a piece of what I once was. How can one continue if all they encounter is sorrow, devastation, pain and grief?

    It's funny... though. Cause the same people would want me to go away and delete everything... would just ask me to come back... for one more round of fun; all for what exactly?

    Well congratulations, you got your wish... and I got mines. I guess it's just Fate and Destiny.

    All this time... I've been blind... but now I've seen the true corruption behind this game... the true EVIL playing the strings from everything... Everything... just comes to an end... at some point... It's really hilarious... and Righteously, Immorally PATHETIC at the same time.

    Say what you want... Say what you will... Say what you please... but at the end of the day... you'll just lose. You won't win... It's just an endless loop.

    We're just pawns to these, so-called Gods in their vast, insignificant game. They have their fun... while we can't do anything about it.

    Have fun. Cause I certainly won't miss out on it, considering you folks wanted me gone in the freaking first place... at least this so-called Ultimate God deems so.

    I guess it's just Vindictive...
  • Server to choose

    Between the two, there's really not much of a difference. I would suggest not trying to solo s3 raids and when it comes to solo farming to earn income, multi-processing would help out a lot in the long run.

    I wish you luck on your journey.
  • Next Step to Gear Up?

    90 gear is easier in the long run and can be attained by farming ein lacher and abyss arena along with any other battle that gives seals of bravery.

    95 gear is slightly harder to attain, but provides better offensive and defensive capability for non-restricted battles.

    inno cry/tear essence drops in eochaid.

    grim belt essence drops in abom.

    Dead enchant scroll can drop in either of the two bosses.

    what you can do: farm up money from selling mats or doing raids and buy enchant scraps. while slow, you can bypass the RNG entirely. 100% Righteous would cost you around 40 ish million gold, so that's a good place to start to attain +8 speed, +2 bal, and +2 crit and a larger att boost compared to adamant. Alternatively, you can buy an unstable rune and try it yourself, but this would be even longer due to the cost of bravery seals and assuming it fails.

    S2 raids is good for fast, well-balanced, enthusiastic, valor, bloodlust and passion enchant scrolls. These provide decent income and stats depending on the build.

    Essentially you can solo S3 up to berbhe (except for lograch) if you don't make one too many "careless" mistakes and lochlann plains is a good spot to farm composite materials like god ores.

    If you have difficulty with a certain boss, I can perhaps help out if you so desire.

  • 95 update has taken its toll on me.

    Man it's no wonder KR is ignoring us.
  • [Poll] Class Revamp (2017)

    X gun still has a few bugs and tweaks to work on, so after those are fixed, it can be more viable. The one in particular is the perfect reload bug where you can't dodge after getting A/D from reloading. Kind of annoying in the long run when you need to have frame perfect dodges against boss comboes.

    Same can apply for other characters since they have their respective issues that need tweaking.