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April 27, 1992
  • RIP our usefull fansites

    I agree that Nexon shouldn't have to reveal to the angry mob why they ban a player, and that everyone should be treated equally*. The problem here is two-fold:

    1) Sanitee showed us her private communication with Nexon. Nexon's reasoning why it wouldn't lift this recent ban was not because of what she allegedly did or any type of belligerence or aggression on her part. No, it was because "we unbanned you once, so we won't do it again."

    What? I'll have to re-read the ToS to see if that's included, because if it's not, it's an idiotic reason. If it IS included, it's an idiotic inclusion. Every ban should be reviewed on its own merits, regardless of past actions. "Repeat offenders" should be given harsher penalties off the bat, but should be given the same chance at a fair review as anyone else. Refusing to review whether a ban is justified because "you already got a second chance" is garbage.

    2) BlackCipher is a terrible program surrounded in superstition and mistrust. Without sufficient information from Nexon - information which will never be revealed because it would help botters and exploit makers - we come to our own conclusions and trust the opinions of those who have been screwed over by the program. Those conclusions are that ANYONE can be unjustly banned, thanks to BlackCipher. Such a reality would actually not be a problem IF Nexon had a fair review policy. But, as explained in the first point, they don't.

    If you truly decided to fix your process, it would be better for everyone.

    *Lastly, on the fansites topic: successful companies like Blizzard don't mind that people datamine their games. In fact, they embrace and promote sites like Wowhead and MMO-Champion for providing quick, accurate, and useful information to the playerbase. I suggest working with players like Sanitee and Shippuu to find out why they've decided to shut down their fansites and how Nexon can treat them better in the future. If they are punished for activities related to their fansites (e.g., looking at COPIES of game files), then that must be taken into account. The best solution would be to make sure they're not regular players at all; I'm not saying hire them outright, but make it clear they have some privileges because they're providing an invaluable service to the community.
  • Redeemers

    Redeemer raids are cool. Goals are important for the long-term success of any online game, and Neamhain (and others in the future) give us something to work towards. Vindictus is somewhat unique in that there are still goals, even if the content isn't difficult, because the quest to get the highest stats possible is a real one for many of us. It only makes sense to create more content that doesn't limit our very high stats, but instead encourages or requires us to have them.

    That is, as long as it's always optional... the moment it starts to feel mandatory, people will become even more frustrated with the punitive enhancement and enchantment systems and will be more likely to give up on the game. This is why ATT requirements on boats felt so bad; that was basic endgame content that was required to make money, and it was unnecessarily being made exclusive.
  • Any new pay2win stuff coming with update?

    You'll need to pay for some new emotes to win at the F5-F11 game.