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  • How to play Sylas optimally?

    I'm not a Sylas main but I'm kind of curious on how to play Sylas optimally.

    Plus, I have some questions.
    1. Is it optimal to spam Sylas's fourth smash over and over again? For some reason, I feel as if that's not optimal and there's more to it than that unless if I'm wrong.

    2. To maximize Sylas's damage you kind of have to play him as no hit right? You get additional damage from every dagger you get but if you get hit, those daggers are gone, along with the additional damage, and you'll have to take the time to build up the daggers again.

    I guess I wanted to see if my thoughts are correct.

    Thanks in advance for answering.
    The first point,i have seen different opinions on it.Many are saying that they only rely on the Cyclone Saw wich is not the case for me.Then again,some of them might do it because they have very high speed.Last week i had the chance to get the speed buff in Havan from chaining someone and it felt like i had more room to exploit Cyclone Saw in a beneficial way.

    But ya,the way i see it is that,as you said you will loose a lot of dps if you get hit in the process of building your smashes.I'd say that you should always in average release a big minimum of 4 shards per combo and to really maximize the damage i would say 5-6.Releasing the most shards will also directly enhance your stamina regeneration so if you rely on the smashes only,the damage output will be low and the stamina management will be difficult as well.

    Also it's good to gather the shards,but they also need to be released on the boss as quick as possible.Tecnichally,Cyclone Saw+Illusion Fist combined with 6 shards is what does the most damage in term of combo,but it's good to be able to recognize when you will have the time to land it or not without being hit,because the build up of it is fairly long and than it might be better using Cyclone Edge+Cyclone Crash to still get decent damage versus loosing the time you took to build a combo+ all the damage.

    Spectral Sting by itself can hit about half a Cyclone Edge+Illusion Fist with lucky crit rolls,wich is very good,so i use it as soon as the cooldown is done.Some people don't use Phantasmic Slash but it's still a very good additional damage if you can learn how to keep the boss in it for all the duration.If you can use it efficiently on cooldown it helps a lot too.Some situations where you can use it for all the duration are less obvious,but some are more like for example you can use it right after Eochaid gets his parasite broken or while someone is using a lockdown skill ect.

    For Extinction Roar,i try to collect 20 shards as quick as posible and use it,so i dont necessarely use Illusion Fist or Cyclone Crash once i activate it,i just unleash the shards as fast as i can to reset the cooldown.If the timer of it goes out before you unleash it,it won't go on cooldown but it's somthing you'd want to prevent because you still use the required SP and you have to build your shards over again wich results in a big loss of damage.

    Ideally,you'd want to succeed:

    -Spectral Sting(If you can use it from the quickslot instead of holding R-click)
    -Phantasmic Slash(If you can use it from the quickslot instead of holding R-click)
    -Extinction Roar

    right on the cooldowns with the less delay possible.
    For the rest i usually use:

    Cyclone Saw+Illusion Fist(6 Shards)
    Cyclone Edge+Cyclone Crash(5 Shards)
    If i have 1 shards and i have to dodge i transfer into Spirit Rend Cyclone Edge and than Cyclone Crash
    If i have 3 shards and i have to dodge i transfer into Cyclone Edge and than Cyclone Crash
    If i have 5 shards and i have to dodge i can sometime release them with Wraith Slash or Phantom Shooter depending on the situation

    Anyhow,what i try to not do is go over the 6 shards limit thus releasing them before i can potentially get over 6.

    The only smash that i find counter performant and that i dont use is Wraith Shot(Left-Right-Right)

    The shards can be collected at a good distance and i often see some staying away and collecting 4 shards only with the 4th normal.They basically do the 1st-2nd normal in the air and than close up and hit the 3rd-4th normal.It's safer yes, but being able to hit the 2 first normal and collecting 6 without getting hit will make a differance,because it's 4k damage every time.

    One last thing to take in consideration is that you will have situations where:

    1-Cyclone Saw will hit only once or twice(the attack as 4 hits)

    2-The shards that you release won't get in contact with the boss because he is moving too fast or teleporting

    I basically try to look at the Hp bar while im playing to identify when it's better to use Cyclone Saw and when it's not.If i do it and the damage is like the third of what it's supposed to do,it's not because of a crit or balance roll,it's because you have shards and hits that misses the target.

    Finally to go back to the first question,i don't think using Cyclone Saw over and over is optimal,however it's definitely the smash you would want to use the most.The full combo hits around 24k with my actual stats.With the speed and the additional damage of a +14-15 i would say that a knowledgable Sylas would be extremely powerful as you probably have more openings to use the Cyclone Saw combo safely as well as the shards that you can release from distance would hit significantly harder.

    The features i use in sum are:

    -Cyclone Saw
    -Illusion Fist
    -Charged Illusion Fist
    -Shards collecting and releasing
    -Traveling Phantom shooter
    -Stationary Phantom shooter
    -Cyclone Edge
    -Cyclone Crash
    -Charged Cyclone Crash(Rarely for now)
    -Spectral Sting
    -Phantasmic Slash
    -Wraith Slash(few times but i still use it)
    -Extinction Roar
    -Illusion Sheild for party heals
    -Soul Drain for personal heal(very good) or duo heal(it's difficult to heal more than 2 people total with this skill)
    -Impulse zone(You should see how much faster a boss Hp bar goes down when a boss is locked down and you use this skill around party members that are not atack capped)It also reduces the damage taken by 600 when it's maxed,it can be handy in some situations.

    There is basically only 2 features that i don't use:

    -Wraith shot(the hit box of it would needs a rework)
    -Vision Trap(but that might just be me who didn't figure where it can be useful i don't know)
  • Tips and tricks

    Thats right bois and gurls, bringing back and reviving the original Scarrlettt, my vella. It has been 2 years since I last played her so I am probably rusty. Any tips and tricks on both weapons post revamp would be appreciated. I know vaguely what the skills do but I don't really know how to use it optimally.

    For a quick resume i'd say:

    1-Learning to know when double Cross Cut versus when chaining Single Cuts instead.Example sometime you can do 3 quick single cuts instead of 1 set of double Cut.Space bar right-click,right click versus space bar right-click,space bar right-click,space bar right-click.

    2-The most deceiving thing about her personally is the fact that Typhoon Slash uses so much SP and does not give any back,so you probably want to have a Greater Cat Statue,wich i only realized this week.

    3-Learning how to aim the hit boxes when Cross-Cutting,that's what makes you able to compete in party mode regardless of the number of players.The animation of a perfect Cut is longer and will push you further,so making it a little harder to reach the next hitbox.But you can still chain perfect cuts it depends on your speed and the boss attacks,ect...You will inevitabely need to memorize the phases that works versus the ones that doesn't.

    So ya,a lot of damage will come from configurating and aiming your cuts phases and it comes with experiance(trial and failures).Last time i did Druid with Valexy i could hear about 10 cuts when Druid does the jump attack at 2:24.Maybe he was using werewolf or just Slashing high i don't know,but it's just to say that you will beneficiate from knowing how much cuts you can get from a boss attack depending on your speed:

    Other than that i had some problems with Succubus and Blood Lord,like i would turn Slashing high on get on Cross Stance and aim toward the boss,but i'd end up staying in cross stance and being hit untill i die.It would happen when succubus does the fire trail attack 3 times for example or when Blood Lord does the 360 transparent attack.I end up realizing that sometime aiming is not enough,the boss also has to be close enough to you so that the skill detects the hitbox.So if you cross stance too early,the Cut won't activate.Those cases are rare thoe.

    Chains i don't know much.
  • The Future Of +15 Prices And Mysterious Shard

    Fair enough

    5:36 No damage pot

    2:28 With damage pot

    Both with Full SP at start,focus stim and stamina pots used^^

    With trans,irrelevant but just for the record