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I like big fat cockerspaniels
  • Characters that look like people from real life

    Apparently i look like lethor but I ain't posting a pic for you weebs
  • Guild Member Allowance.

    Increase yo wallet and guild member count, Nexon. Do eet.
  • Please don't delay new chars for english voices

    I'm sure a large population of the community would not mind if we received English voice acting for a new char in a later update. Due to to the current state of the world, it might take longer to find someone to do it and there are more players available to visit Vindictus for a new char release....

    What do ya'll think? Share/vote in this thread if you agree

    FYI it has been 6 months since a new char release in other regions...and belle still uses KR voice for battle actions on release.
  • @Nexon: Walling off NA?

    Cloakshire wrote: »
    aylbdr wrote: »
    These people help keep this game alive and you just banned them for no better reason than they have brown skin.

    This is the only statement that I take issue with. I personally do not subscribe to the notion that these people got "banned," because of the color of their skin. This is just blatant race baiting. These players did not suffer because of their skin color. They suffered because they're outside of Vindictus's indented support region which does not equate to race. Suffering from geographical location =/= suffering from skin color.

    Do I personally agree with Nexon's decision to block people based on where they are globally? No, I do not agree with it b/c I believe that having a diverse playerbase enriches the social experience offered by your typical MMO. A guildy of mine who played from Ukraine just got nailed by this earlier today.


    He was a good player & friend and I'm disheartened to see this happen to him. However, just b/c I disagree with Nexon's decision doesn't mean I'm going to instantly jump on making accusations involving race. I can see from a technological standpoint why Nexon did this.

    Since the game uses a peer2peer system, any person playing outside of the supported region runs the risk of having a poor experience due to latency issues. This issue also works both ways wherein an NA player will have a poor experience when connecting to a foreign host. Since NA is the intended region & target audience for the NA server, I can see the reasoning. By enforcing region restrictions, they help reduce the likelihood of their target audience having a poor experience by connecting to foreign hosts. It's that simple.

    Not trying to flame you or anything, I just didn't appreciate your utilization of one's skin color in your argument. I also would like to reiterate that I do not agree with Nexon's decision; I'm just able to see an actual reason instead of baseless race-baiting.

    Of course the white guy has to nitpick this lmao.
  • 2020 Vindictus Pros, Cons, Comments, and Concerns

    There is a discord, but its moderated by players who are dumb enough to work for free so they do a crap job at it. It's just a **** post central for folks like Lethita/Rengardoggo/TheDazzling/Nosco etc. Your best best is joining a guild and using their discord to set up raids/redeemer runs. Or mega in game and hope someone has enough fatigue to join.