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Please don't delay new chars for english voices

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I'm sure a large population of the community would not mind if we received English voice acting for a new char in a later update. Due to to the current state of the world, it might take longer to find someone to do it and there are more players available to visit Vindictus for a new char release....

What do ya'll think? Share/vote in this thread if you agree

FYI it has been 6 months since a new char release in other regions...and belle still uses KR voice for battle actions on release.
  1. Should devs expedite a new char release?18 votes
    1. Yes, I don't mind waiting for english voice option later
       78% (14 votes)
    2. No, I'll wait as long as it takes
       22% (4 votes)


  • FranBunnyFFXIIFranBunnyFFXII
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    The new voices are trash. I still cant believe they thought it was acceptable to do that.
    Stop pushing the new voices on us, Nexon, we hated them for a reason and you're not going to convince us no matter how hard you try.
  • LimmeniLimmeni
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    I've returned for Lethor, instantly dissapointed by the ''voice acting''. Low budget western voice actors just CANNOT do combat grunts and it is always cringe to hear them. No MMO ever got them right. I dont like the Merc post voices either, but combat is the worst.

    STOP changing the original voices for the western stuff with the low budget effort. No one likes them.