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  • How's sylas end game and compared to others?

    I main Sylas on West and have another Sylas on East. Four years ago I started playing vindi while using a Spear Lann for my main. Since then I've created and leveled at least one of each character in the game to at least level 70 switching my main to Bow Kai for a couple years and now Sylas. Overall, I'd say he's under-rated. I've found him to be a powerful and very flexible character

    The stats of my West sylas are too OP to be considered a fair measure against my previous characters, but my East Sylas is sitting around 21k attack, 9k defense, 115 crit, 83 balance, 47 speed using an Oj Main Feather +12 Immoral/Valor termi dagger. With these stats. I managed to solo through most of my leveling quests including s3 and have out dps'd more powerful players several times in s2 and s3 raids and farming runs (including evies, lanns, arisha's, hurks, karoks, and kai's.

    I'll admit, I've been beaten by weaker players with less crit and less speed on occasion. Some raids are over too fast to really stack up my dps percentage (times when there's a large amount of dps going on and one or two other players use their Ultimatums and the boss winds up dead before I've managed to release a 2nd Extinction Roar or my own Ult). -Shrug- happens . . . I usually chalk this up to my being lazy, in a rush, making a mistake or two of my own such as missing my Ultimatum or being hit too many times, mis-firing my Shards by releasing them at the wrong time or getting lag spikes which my laptop can't handle very well at 3 bars connection and interrupts my combos requiring me to begin them again and losing out on12-20k worth of damage, but there are some really skilled players out there who have masterfully taken 1st from me even when I'm really trying and doing well.

    His speed and maneuverability (dodges and ability to use his Phantom Fist as an aimed dodge) give him a very high survivability rating. His only faults I can see is the crappy aiming system vindi has where shards sometimes hit cores or dead bodies and his attacks sometimes go under flying creatures rather than targeting them requiring you to rely on the LLRRRR to throw a single shard at a time just to hit the boss or mob and totally skipping your ability to build and release shards which really hurts your dps and can be extremely infuriating. (I still avoid Misty Summit/Moonlight Peak for this reason). His ability to 'fly' across maps like TS Vella used to be able to do is faster than hurk, arisha, scythie, and anyone else I can think of and makes him a great character for speed farming mats from regular runs if that's your thing. He has the flexibility to either stand and face-tank bosses like kraken or braha, or move in and out & attack close and from range on bosses like Havan, Juggernaught, Pestis, Regina so on. Add this to his ability to continue doing dps while remaining out of the bosses range of attack using Spectral Sting, Extinction Roar or throwing shards or even standing still and drinking a potion after you've used Phantasmic Slash is kinda op tbh. On the otherside of this "flexibility thing', you have to option to simply act as support for the other people in your party if you're not caught up in saving SP for dps moves and competing for top deeps. You can heal people every 2 minutes or so, quickly reach downed players to revive them, use your ultimatum for a hold rather than Ex.Roar for damage allowing others to do the dps and can fairly attract a bosses Aggro (assuming you are hitting with your shards and smashes) to lead them away from low HP players.

    Enough Fanboy chitter chatter - lets just say he is my all around favorite character to play and assuming equal stats with other players, can at least hold his own very well pretty much anywhere against anyone even though I think his active skill: Impulse Zone, Wraith Shot and his inactive attack buff that he gets from landing shards are almost completely worthless. He needs another active dps skill imo and a better inactive buff that isn't just a lousy stamina buff at attack cap.