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  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    Bored AF with this game. Nothing worth running except s3 and it's still boring af with full party and considering even soloing raids you only get 1 life erg and 1 blessed magic powder for drops it's not even worth running that. #3 Sylas on West is quitting the game going into semi-retirement. Will check back every now and then hoping maybe things have changed, but I have no faith in DevCat. Thanks for ruining what was once a pioneer in the MMORPG gameline and a great skill based game.
  • June 28th Scheduled Maintenance

    You guys should really add some kind of program that tracks what battles/raids are being run on a daily/weekly basis, the difficulty of these battles, how many people are in each group that runs said battle/raid, how many deaths occur during the battle, and how long the battle/raid actually lasts before it's cleared. My idea here is not a program that tracks players, but one that collects info accumulated during the battle for each battle. This should give you guys some idea of what people are doing and something to base future changes off of. -shrug- I'm not a programmer but really, are you going to just keep shooting in the dark trying to make changes based on random opinions and words or things that actually occur and can be recorded as statistics in game?

    btw - 'you guys' means DevCat . . .
  • WTF, pioneer of change title

    Bowner wrote: »
    this game never gives anything worth having anymore for free, you have to spend to get.

    This just isn't true. I've been playing Vindi for 4-5 years now and this game has only gotten easier. You get all kinds of free stuff worth having like all of the level up armor and weapons which didn't used to be a thing. You had to grind for mats or get really lucky and land a rare drop to make your own gear or sell the drop and buy something worth having off the MP and the RNG for these rare drops has only gotten better overtime. Further, Vindictus is constantly having events. Often 2 or 3 different one's going on at once. While in the past events were a rare thing and most of the time pretty crappy imo hardly giving out anything worth anything at all, including Enchant/Enhance runes. Now this stuff if given out like candy to those willing to put in the time and effort to actually do some farming giving us the chance to get at least one or two of each of these runes with nearly every event.

    My Sylas is very well geared now including a +15 Immoral/Judgment full orange termi. weapon. Almost every piece of my gear was crafted by friends of mine for me and all my armor + weapon started out as non-enchanted full Purple gear which I enhanced AND enchanted myself. Not a single OJ or Enchant on any of it. All of my accessories were bought off the MP Clean and I enchanted all of them myself. Except for my Innocent Tear and my Woeful Belt which I npc crafted after farming the mats for them and then enchanted.

    To top all of that off. DevCat now gives us events we can farm Outfitters from. This never used to be the case except in extremely rare instances (maybe once a year) where we could get a silly hat or something. I now have 4 full Outfits I managed to farm from these events over the past year and a half. All of them were free.

    Then we got something really cool. Pets could be listed on the MarketPlace and a polar bear was given out for free if you bothered to participate in the X-mas event. Until a year ago I never had a pet. Now I have 3 of them. All free. . .

    I have spent around $120 on NX since I started playing this game and a lot of that actually went to things like expanding Guild Membership for my guild or increasing Guild Storage for the guild. So yeah, it would be nice if the title stat was active all the time and applied to all your characters but it's really nothing special even if it did. The fact is that players now have a much easier time leveling (even before Rise update) and many opportunity's to get very valuable items for free.
  • Best of the Best

    Best Sylas = Salamander and GrantUsEyes ? Little disappointed I didn't make anyone's list :'(
  • Do We Get Drops Automatically?

    ^ both replies are correct however any mid-bosses that spawn and drop loot must be picked up and will not auto-loot. I'd suggest getting a gremlin or one of the new fairies that picks up loot for you. If you're lucky you can find them on the MP and not have to spend NX on it.