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  • A Brief and Subjective Introduction to Eira

    Eira is a magical class.

    Mana Launcher: (LMB + RMB), can launch enemies, good for shield enemies in regular dungeons;
    Bullet Storm, Bullet Rain, Bullet Hail: (LMB x2 + RMB, RMB x2, RMB x3) does a ton of damage if all 3 skills hit the enemies, direction can be changed for each hit, good for mob clearing too;
    Warp Shot, Warp Blast: (LMB x3 + RMB, RMB x2) fires while moving closer;
    Disruptor Shot, Disruptor Blast: (LMB x4 + RMB, RMB x2) these skills have a decent range and damage, you can use it when you get away from the boss while they do multihit combos, or when they move away out of Bullet Storm's range;
    Inverse Shot: Kick during smash or active skills, good for setting up Active: Infinity shot.

    Portal Leap: (Tab key), it lets you skip LMBs so you can directly use her smashes, has iframe, costs MP;
    Tab + LMB while moving with portal: Fire and weave,
    Tab + RMB while moving with portal: Bullet Storm,
    Tab + LMB after existing portal: Warp shot, you can press tab key twice to exit portal quickily,
    Tab + RMB after existing portal: Disruptor shot, same as above.

    Weave: directional key + space key, has iframe, additional attacks at RANK C and A, damage for these additional attacks are pretty low;
    Distortion Shield: Space key without pressing directional key, block skill, costs mp, can block multihit attacks;

    Mana Munitions: RMB
    Gravity Rounds: RMB + A button, creates an anti-gravity field, floats regular monsters, restores stamina.
    Flux Rounds: RMB + W button, restores MP;
    Entropic Rounds: RMB + D button, debuffs the enemy it hits, it lets you do bonus damage with this debuff on. The buff lasts for 20 seconds, cd 60 seconds, so make sure use your most powerful DPS rotation during the buff.

    Phase Burst: does a ton of damage if all spears hit, I kinda miss a lot when using this on skinny bosses;
    Chaos Warp: Basically a portal leap that doesn't cost MP, downside is you can't choose the location or timing of exiting the portal, you can activate more quickily than portal leap from most motions;
    Mana Phase: a self buff that restores 3 MP per second for 20 seconds, also restores 6 stamina per second;
    Infinity Shot: does decent amount of damage, tends to miss a lot or get interrupted if you fire it up close since the animation is fairly long;
    Quantum Ruin: provides iframe, tons of damage, be careful you are not invulnerable when she comes out of the portal with the last spear attack;
    Waveform Collapse: Hold skill with fancy animation.

    Thank you for reading my guide, I'm still a very inexperienced player but I tried my best to write this guide. Eira is a very powerful, pretty and fun character to play, I hope you enjoy this character!

    Ign: Quinque
    Server: North America

  • Disconnecting while afk

    I had a ping test running on the background when I disconnected, the ping test was fine, I did not lose internet connection during that time. I logged on the Chinese server to stand in town for a long period of time and I did not disconnect once.

    When I switched from ethernet connection to wifi, I was able to stay logged on all night for some reason. Might be a temporary workaround till they fix the issue.
  • Disconnecting while afk

    I'm also experiencing frequent disconnection while idling in town. What kind of internet service do you use? I'm using Verizon Fios. Operating System is Windows 10.
    Raftelfan wrote: »
    Edit: I can afk while in a dungeon fine, so it seems to be only in town and the guild house that I disconnect.
    This is also happening to me.
  • Can we pls have face oil and body oil in NX depot?

    I screwed up on mine and all my characters look like wax figures now, I know I can remove them with an appearance alt coupon but I would still want that body mist look, need help asap! :'(
  • Lucky Boxes need to stop.

    The boxes aren't worth it, not a single outfitter from this one looks rare/good compare to Tieve, iset, succubus Outfitters
    Absolutely not, for the same amount of money (or even less) I can get a new console plus a few games rather than idling around a poop stained town or farming the same old maps over and over again for nothing really new.
    I used to think whales are what keep this game alive, I was wrong, they are the reason why Nexon thinks it's ok to keep pulling off bs like this, leading to more and more players walking way, including myself, who has supported this game for over 6 years.