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  • Rise: Revolution Update

    To add onto the reasons to stop dodging and blocking, "For a short period after being hit, you will not take any additional damage!"
    Way to turn this into another generic tank and spank game.
  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    Dunno wut's your problem. I like smashing bosses like they're nothing once I've obtained god tier gear.

    If you want challenge just try hero mode.

    But it's restricted to those that are level 90. They'd have to play through the entire game at least once in hopes of not dying of boredom before going back just to try killing some gnolls on Hero.

    Also, it doesn't seem to be an overreaction. It's a thorough explanation of the OP's personal experience that others can relate to, and how the changes negatively affected the overall experience.
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  • Rise: Revolution Preview

    I hate this....Vindictus is turning into a typical mmo with some of these changes and it just seems like they're removing difficulties and adding no difficulties. And where is Dullahan?
  • Why Ceara?

    I don't know for certain if Ceara is connected to Macha, but I believe she is.

    Macha apparently unites warriors, and that's what Ceara will be trying to do in this interlude chapter by uniting the forces of the Crimson Blades, right? Macha appears with red hair--and while there are a lot of red-haired characters in Vindictus, Clodagh doesn't seem to fit the role of a warrior, and (spoilers incoming) Marrec isn't a girl. The chapter is also called "Call of the Goddess." I hope this gives some insight! I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  • Bamboozled by Mischief-Maker Case

    You weren't bamboozled. Unfortunately, so long as players support the boxes in droves they will be the name of the game. There's nothing wrong with people getting them going in knowing their odds, but it's clear that a lot of people really can't help themselves. There's a thread on TERA about their current RNG boxes and someone dropped $1,000 on them and didn't get the desired prize. I doubt that person would have paid $1,000 to direct purchase that mount, but people will spend quickly again and again on micro transactions because each one really isn't "that much".

    These boxes are exactly why China's law just went into effect forcing publishers to disclose the drop rates for their items. Some are creative with even that, though. Blizzard, for instance, says that players, on average, will get one of X item every thirteen boxes, rather than explicitly saying there's a 7.7% chance to get X, which has 20 different variants between all the characters, meaning there's a .39% chance that a player actually gets that specific item they're going for.

    China is also supposed to have included in the law that all RNG items in the cash shop must also have a means of earning them in game by playing or with in game currency. I don't know that the items in these boxes can skirt that, since even though they're airtight, the airtight versions can only be won by someone paying real cash first. I'm also not sure how this will be put into effect for Global or even KR and other Asian regions once it's in place. Here, for instance, Nexon has started disclosing the drop rates for the major prizes on the News page when they're released, following what's been established in KR. Perhaps all regions will follow the requirements and change the system to match China's going forward.

    TL;DR, your friend's odds of winning were displayed. I think the rates should be higher and there should be direct purchase, but as long as people are buying up 1,000 boxes, which I know of at least one player definitely doing, or buying a few hundred worth at the least, they really have no incentive to change anything.

    Odds of getting a pet for reference: 1.1%, so on average, someone should get a pet every 100 boxes in the long run. To each their own, but I don't think a convenience item is worth $100, and that's if RNG holds to the averages for you.

    Odds of getting Succubus Queen: 0.27%, so on average, someone would likely get one every 370 boxes. Again, much more than I'd spend for an outfitter.

    This was really interesting to read!
    It's kind of like farming for an item that drops at .01% and getting nothing for weeks. In a sense, I kind of enjoy the "grind," but my wallet doesn't lol.
    DownIoad wrote: »
    I think @BloodAngel said it best.

    These boxes are gambling so spend whatever you plan on 'losing' and if you come out a winner +yay. If you happen to get nothing, don't be upset at the game designers.

    I myself bought the 11 pack on the first day and got a hell fairy pet on the 6th box. I bought 2 more packs since, totalling 33 boxes and after the 6th box I got nothing of any value.

    Don't walk into the casino with more than you can afford to lose.

    I'm not upset about the boxes--I actually quite love "gachas!" But it would be nice if they added some more sets or a slightly higher chance of obtaining one of the nicer items. For this box, there's only 1 set and it can only be worn by female characters :'(

    Congratulations on the luck! All of them are really cute. This is my first pet on Vindictus, and I'm very pleased.
    Suhpreme wrote: »
    i bought 11 boxes and got 2 succubuss queen sets, 3 succpets,

    how do u feeL?

    Haha that's crazy! I hope you switch between the 2 succubus sets and 3 pets every hour lol B)
    Whenever I get extremely lucky, I fear that all of my luck has run out and expect something terrible to happen next :#