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  • Top 5 Titles Per Class (NA & EU)

    Pretty sure Naireru (EU, Lann) has over 740 titles
  • Vindictus Anime Series

    As somebody who's watched a lot of anime I can tell you exactly how we make this work. It's Lann's first day at Colhein High Academy Prep. On the way to school he meets this weird girl named Fiona running with a hammer in her mouth. They crash into each other then she tells him to watch where he's going! Instantly they hate each other. It turns out though that they're both headed to Colhein high and they BOTH have homeroom with Professor Aodhan! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? Since they already seem to know each other after Lann's EMBARASSING introduction, Fiona is tasked with helping Lann learn the ropes-- Did I forget to mention that Colhein High is a school where students LEARN TO BATTLE MONSTERS!?!

    Complete originality and hilarious hijinks ensue.


    Fiona: Super serious about killing monsters. Tsundere.
    Delia: Petite but freakishly strong rich girl. Ends all her sentences in desu.
    Lynn: Wants to be a pop star.
    Arisha: Can't cook. Super Clumsy. Always falling down.
    Vella: Super forward. Immediately infatuated with Lann due to mutual love of twin swords. Always making backhanded remarks towards Fiona.
    Evie: Fiona's bookish best friend. She's snarky and super smart.
    Lann: Comical protagonist who came to the school by mistake. Decides he wants to learn how to be a hero but he still winds up knocked down a lot.
    Kai: Super cool guy who's actually not comfortable with people standing too close to him.
    Hurk: The affable lunkhead who talks in a countryside accent and uses oversized versions of everything.
    Sylas: Lann's flashy chief rival who somehow manages to always look cool.
    Karok: The black guy. He's an exchange student I think?
    Kishimoto: The junior gnoll chieftain who's always doing silly stuff in the background.

    Colhein NPC's are scattered around as staff or other students. Gallagher is the lecherous photography teacher, Shayla is the slutty sexy nurse, Ceara and Marrec are always hanging out in the halls together, etc.

    Hallmarks of the show include slutty outfitters, giant monsters and rousing music that plays every time somebody pops trans.

    Trust me, animate this and you'll get at least 4 seasons out of it.
    Give this man an Iced Strawberry Brandy.
  • More Confessions

    Confession: When I was younger, my father caught me drawing hentai. Boi, that was quite the talk.
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