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  • Grim Graveyard effect (only 30 days) >:S

    Hello Vindictus Staff,

    It's Halloween 2019, and the Grim Graveyard effect is STILL (30 day timer limit) after revealing it for the 3rd year or so in a row. I have made many requests to make this a permanent effect, but I think my request fell upon deaf ears because the Nexon NA staff and CM were no longer present in the last 2 years or so.

    Please leave a like or comment on this thread if you wish to have Grim Graveyard effect permanent, not 30 days.

  • Game feels dead :(

    As i told you before. When you reach this point of the game you have to decide.
    Do you have enough money/time to invest into this game to have the necessary gears to advance ?
    Are you willing to put it in?
    If the answer is yes, you can reach a good enough set fro sure and grind enough to buy or create a weapon to use.

    Is this system good? Probably not, probably serves the elitist too much, but fine its open for everyone who has enough time or money.

    In my case the time is not there anymore, and I am not willing to pay either, so game over for me.
    I am not happy because the game and the community is fun, but the dead weight feeling in a party is not for me.

    You made a quitting thread a few months ago saying you're quitting forever. Yet you're still HERE IN JULY, complaining, STILL PLAYING THE GAME. nobody takes you seriously.
  • So...How about some blatant honesty?

    option 1: somebody else is paying bills and they farm all hours of day every day.
    option 2: rich people buying gatcha and selling items
    option 3: gold-buying their way to the top.

    No regular person with a regular paying job and a regular life with school, family, events, etc can get such gear. It requires one of the options above.
  • See What Are Partholon Vanguard's Effects

    BabyDani wrote: »
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    take your clothes off mister! you're supposed to be relaxing in teh sun! xD

    No you first cutie! <3
  • Its sad what this games come to

    If they do continue to go down the path of 2-3 females a row, rotating only 1 male every now and then... it will suffer the same fate as the idiot devs of TERA. Putting all their resources, new classes, new everything into everything that is Elin. Thats how bluehole studio dug their grave and made TERA an abysmal shell of what it once was. Not that i care about TERA anyway, i disliked that game from the start, im just using it as an example of what happens when idiot devs cater to thirsty, horny gamerbase and alienate all other aspects of their game and other gamerbase players with different tastes.