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  • Lann Screenshot Thread

    3rd picture has special unreleased outfit



  • Nexon KR fined by Korean FTC over gacha scheme

    Deprived wrote: »
    So there you have it, for you people really trying to defend Nexon with these gachas and supposedly "random" events thinking they aren't rigged.

    Well guess what? They are rigged.

    "In promoting the puzzle event, Nexon informed users that the 16 pieces would be provided at random. In reality, however, the odds of obtaining some of the pieces was as low as 0.5 percent. By depriving users of this information, the FTC said the gamemaker led ordinary users to believe that the odds of getting each puzzle piece would be equal. "

    Source: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20180402000884

    This means that these supposedly "random" boxes, cubes, dice, whatever event they're claiming things are random in really have it setup where chances to get certain items are ridiculously low, the odds aren't what Nexon says they are and players are being deceived.

    So when players are told "there is a 5% chance to get X item" from that $1 or $5 gachaphon box you don't even know if that's really the true rate or if you're being lied to.

    When you do these "random" events no, it isn't really random, the odds of getting the better items are much lower than other items. That dice you see being rolled in-game isn't what's really going on in the system behind the scenes, it's actually set up so the number you get will make it so your chances are higher to get the junk items and almost never get the good items.

    Nothing like greedy lying developers using deceptive tactics like this just to steal more money from players. Now you understand why people say Nexon is a greedy moneyhungry game company.

    And don't try to say "oh well that's a different game, it doesn't say Vindictus" - please don't be this stupid, Vindictus is a game run by Nexon too, you don't think they're going to be following the same deceptive practices with their other games to try and steal as much money as possible from players? If lying to players about gachaphon rates is working with one game and they're stealing all this money from players of course they're going to do it with their other games like Vindictus.

    So yeah, this has probably been going on for years with Vindictus gachas and "random" events and now they've finally been exposed and sued for deceiving players.

    Good job FTC and thank you DragonRider for sharing this.

    I do agree with the premise of the lawsuit. Nexon uses fanfare like prize wheels and reward pool visualizations during gacha gambling in order to make you want to try your luck again by showing you tempting items that you were just so close to getting, but in reality all of the fanfare is likely to be completely disconnected from actual % odds. I remember the last time I bought vindi gachas about 3 years ago, and level 80 +10 weapons showed up somewhere in the prize wheel about 1/2 of the time, even multiple times in the same wheel, but I never came close to landing them. They also make you believe you have a choice when selecting different rewards on a prize wheel in some games, but in reality, the server fetches the items after you click (or at least I suspect so due to lag timing), which becomes an issue when you keep seeing 2-3 rare items on each prize wheel and never getting them.

    They are using manipulative tactics by intentionally feeding blatantly false information to their consumers to get them to gamble more, so I can see where legal issues might arise, I'm no expert on the subject by any means, though.
  • Enhancement Made Worse Again

    - AP costs for restoring items have been drastically reduced, however restored items can no longer be enhanced further
    - Maximum enhancement level has been increased to 20
    Enhancement probability has been modified
    +1 - +11 success rates have been increased
    +13 - +15 success rates have been decreased

    Yeah thanks for implementing a new system that only the top 1% of the 1% will be able to make use of to decimate everybody else with pure luck, and making it even more improbable for anyone else to get above +12.

    +20 seriously? How much more are they trying to milk the whales with terrible impulsive buying problems and how much more is it going to work? +15 already virtually guarantees that you win DPS meter every time unless you're jacking off during the boss, +20 is just completely absurd and unwarranted. Just more for the one person on the server who actually has one to brag about while everyone else gets put down even further because they know that they'll never be able to reach this new, higher goal post.