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  • 99% of the game made meaningless and irrelevant

    i had no idea theres invulnerability frames between 2 counterattacks

    also if he bitchslaps you when he turns while you try to counterattack you misjudged how fast you can pull a single/double CA before getting hit
    Here you go.

  • 99% of the game made meaningless and irrelevant

    fiona is literally the eaisest char to do well in ein lacher so don't complain that there's one raid where she doesnt stomp
    Here's your response.
  • Would be nice if we had a PC Guide

    To the people claiming they can scam the market and make billions in a day, please, shut up or provide proof. I used to stare at that market and buy low items to craft into more expensive ones to sell for a profit. Literally sit there and refresh. It's not feasible and not practical.
    Nobody said ANYTHING about making "Billions in a day". Your strawman is so ridiculous that you actually attached the headlights from the batmobile to it.
    Not a SINGLE weapon has been sold via megaphone that had not yet been advertised in the forums.
    Now that's quite a statement. I don't suppose you have any evidence that's the case, do you? Rationally, that doesn't add up. You have far more players than forumers. You also have players whom could not use the old forums for entirely technical reasons, some whom were banned from the forums but not in-game, and it's likely there are some who simply believe the forums are ineffectual for selling rather than megaphones.

    Hell, the premise alone defeats itself. If a weapon sells due to megaphones, it proves that a weapon can sell purely BY megaphones regardless of if there is a forum post or not. If something is caused by X, then it is caused by X.

    Items fluctuate 200% in a week that are more than a few dozen thousand gold? LOL
    You know super secrets that you don't want to share? What a load of bull.
    Please stop spreading lies.
    To the ones claiming they buy weapons and flip them. If you flip on the forums post links to the evidence.
    So don't make stuff up and lie about how you got your gold. We *know* how you got your gold, and if the ToS was upheld you wouldn't be posting here lying.
    Which brings me to the REAL point of your entire post.
    It's a trap. A strange one at that since your intended target would need to be oblivious to fall into it...Yet somehow have the awareness to abuse the market and thus make themselves the target of this trap.

    The way you're asking "Show me proof" is another way of saying "Teach me how", regardless of if that's how you intended it or not. And I think I can answer for the vast majority of those like myself when I said "lol no".

    Now that being said, I will give SOME very fundamental advice to those who want to abuse this in the same way those before you have,
    Supply and Demand. Stimulation. Monopoly. Depression. Sinkhole. Any term around economy you can think of can be simplified to just control.
    Naturally this means that something that is a NATURAL RESOURCE outside your control cannot be abused in this fashion. So Cessa's idea of making a profit out of exquisite crafting is fundamentally flawed, because those materials are too vast in supply to control. They're also a fundamental constant throughout the game, and they form a self-sustaining value chain by being tier-merged. The value of Exquisite Iron isn't independent, it depends entirely on the value of Superior Iron, which depends on the value of Fine Iron, which depends on the value of Iron. In order to actually change the value, you would need to monopolize the entire chain for a period of no less than 4 days. And that is just not feasible. Therefore you would instead have to suffice with a profit rate of around 10%~25% on average if you wanted an immediate profit(within 1 week).
    If you're clever, this information is more than enough to figure out damn near everything. If you're not...Well, just wait for Cessa to say that the reason we can't provide proof is because there isn't any. I give it like...two posts tops.

    So no, Cessa. No one smart enough to abuse the market is stupid enough to fall for that trap.
    And if you think it's not real just because you couldn't make it work...Consider that MAYBE you're not doing it right. Getting work advice from someone who wants you out of a job is generally not a great plan.
  • Would be nice if we had a PC Guide

    The problem is that the people who DO know the prices of the market, like myself, are the ones HAPPILY scandalizing the market for our own gain.
    And we're not saints to graciously share that knowledge, otherwise we wouldn't be scandalizing the market to begin with.

    Likewise the price can fluctuate as much as 200% on a week-by-week basis for many items. And that difference can be anywhere from 1~100mil depending on which item we're talking about.

    Being free2play through market abuse is easy, but it requires a degree of overall control. And all of us involved in it want to get as much value as possible, which means there are essentially unwritten and unexchanged universal laws. Keeping the masses uninformed definitely at the top of that list.
    The moment you ask how much it costs to buy something, the people who reply back to you are likely going to try and discern if you are currently willing to pay for the item if they have it or can acquire it. They will do this discreetly so as not to tip you off that they are preparing to bend you over on the price and just get it from the person they know that has it. This normally leads into the replies like "how much are you willing to pay" or "It's going to cost you a lot". They're not just empty comments to troll you, they're trying to actively DISCOURAGE you from buying the item to test if you are ready to buy it NOW or not.
    And if you're not willing to buy it now, they don't need to be concerned with you and can blow you off entirely as you are completely useless to them.

    If you ARE willing to buy it now, and suggest that you know it's going to cost a lot or that the cost seemingly isn't an issue to you, THEN this will likely turn into a chance to actually buy the item off them. The next thing to expect is how quickly they're going to bend you over with the price. If they now believe you capable to buy the item at it's value, they will want to try and discern how much they can exaggerate the value on you. The less you know about it's value, or the more they can discredit information you have about it's value, the harder they slam their big hard pickaxe into your goldmine.