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  • Warning in Requiem of the Lost one

  • Guaranteed +13 weapons forever

    Pay to win would make it easy to get with barely any effort aka. buying them from NX depot directly with no limit, at let's say..... 9,900 NX + ea +11,+12, or +13 stone 100%-stone..
    You not being able to afford the pay2win does not make something NOTpay2win.
    That is such silly logic.

    Pay2win = Money gives you an tangible FACTUAL advantage over non-spenders in gameplay.
  • Weapon ranges

    Do not change the height of your character to maximum. Rezi is talking about nonsense. Your range really doesn't matter since this game is mostly about using reactionaries to avoid taking damage rather than spacing. So you can just smoosh yourself up against the boss. And considering the sheer massive size of some of the bosses...That's not hard to do.

    The actually boost to attack speed is pretty small. IIRC from season 1, the smallest character is equivalent to 10% faster than the tallest character. The tallest character, however, got about...I wanna say...20% more range?

    Ultimately, the more attack speed you have...The more freedom you have in a fight. A small change in attack speed can be the difference between safely landing an extra hit, or having to be hit to land that extra hit.

    Rezi is suggesting that BECAUSE you can get attack speed elsewhere, you should make your character as tall as possible. However...You'll rarely be able to make use of that additional range against...any boss really. So assume Tallest = +30% more range than smallest...How often are you [barely] hitting the boss as the smallest character? Probably not that often. Probably rarely. How often do you miss an attack unintentionally? Probably VERY VERY rarely unless it's from something occuring that range wouldn't solve(IE boss invuln/jumping away).

    In contrast to that, let's make two major underestimations about Smallest height:
    0 - For simplicity, let's say 1ATTSPD=+0.5% animation speed.
    1 - The smallest character is only 5% faster than the tallest character
    2 - This applies as an ATTSPD bonus rather than a base value. Ergo +100ATTSPD changes Tallest from (100%-> 150%) animation speed, while Shortest is changed from 105%->155% animation speed.
    C - Thus with +100ATTSPD, the smallest character only ends up around 3.3% faster than the tallest character(155:150)...But it's still faster. It still has less frames where you're not able to react to a situation. So if a move leaves you useless for 2 seconds after it's use, the smallest character is useless 0.07 seconds less than the tallest character.

    At a minimum, Smallest = Safest. Smallest can also equate to more damage as well, since it may be enough alongside your ATTSPD to land you that extra hit here or there. Range cannot do this, it can only compensate for you...uh...Using an attack too far away from the enemy. That's kinda...That's your fault. It's not really an advantage, it's just a bandaid for you screwing up your spacing. You can't [gain] from it, you can only [reduce losses] with it.

    Inversely though...Suppose my memory is right and the gap between smallest&tallest is actually 10% animation speed. Suppose also this applies as a base value rather than additive with attack speed. In that case, +100ATTSPD turns the tallest character from (100%->150%) and the smallest character from (110%->165%). Or in other words, 10% faster than tallest comparatively. 10% is a pretty massive boon.
    Suppose that the increase in range for tallest is not 30%, but 60%...Then nothing changes. It still only functions to cover your mistakes. You gain nothing from it, it simply reduces your mistakes.

    At a minimum, Smallest is beneficial while tallest is objectively not(zero'ing out a negative does not create a positive, it creates a null).
    Outside that minimum, Smallest is massively beneficial while tallest still gains you nothing.
  • The Curse Mechanics of Mini boss in SS3

    How the hell are you unable to defeat the boss before stage 4?
    You have the free +10 LV90 gear. That alone should be more than enough to solo through any non-raid boss in Season 3. Sure as hell was for me.
  • would you ever whale?

    Ikarsu wrote: »
    Would I ever whale? hold on, let me get some coin out of my butt that I don't have.
    ...You don't have a butt?
    You poor bastard.

    (I know what you meant, but I also know what your grammar says you meant.)