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  • Post your cute Lynn!

    Uvia wrote: »

  • Solo Mercenary Update: After Rise

    Let us discuss the condition of the game, because I can see it's important to you. And of course it's important. We are a diverse population. Hailing from the Northern peninsula of an island, which is known for it's grapefruits. And there are many others, so let's collaborate our feelings! Relieve the congestion.

    I too am confused about the rewards for the convenience. They, Her Majesty, and all associates, may not know exactly what benefits us. This is what a lack of communication can do.

    Back in the day I created my Evie. It was 2011. The game was fun, however lacking in grapefruits. I have played on and off over these past six years, witnessing all the changes. Many of them I liked, but still others bothered The Common People. Over time I realise some of these grievances have been addressed, but they did not satisfy us at the time. Now we must show gratitude. Citrus paradisi in excelsis deo!

    Having these forums is great because we get to communicate with our fellow mercenaries which we would otherwise not meet often, especially the solo ones. I do not consider myself an solo mercenary because I belong to a laborious commune. We enjoy each other's company. I think you should try this too. One great benefit is the co-ordination of bathing together, in order to share fabulous soaps which enhance your performance both in the workplace and whilst murdering THE HEATHENS. I also encourage trade of edible fruits at this time. Not only that, but you may witness how you comrades act in this MMO. The point of an MMO is to study for completion of raids and other fun activities together.

    Now I would like to pass onto you valuable information. You can use what materials are given to you effectively, but it can take some adrenal powder for your cerebrum; in other words, your motivazzioni. Complete as many raids as you can, for you have the opportunity to acquire precious merchandise (very little of it is edible however). Even if it does not benefit you directly, you can sell it for renminbi, and purchase enchancement scrolls and necessary materia di canina for your equipment. Think of it as cutting a grapefuit with your sword. Your sword will enjoy cutting this grapefruit. HOWEVER, beware of heathens who may try to deceive you. They will swindle you for your money, and lie to take advantage of you. You must avoid them. This is another reason I encourage living in one of the many communes across the countryside surrounding Colhen.

    She may be listening. She may be not. Whatever the outcome, Susan will make the best of her situation and moldy grapefuits on her kitchen counter. Expired enchant scrolls can actually be revived after going moldy, unlike your poor citrus brethren. We can play this game together. Excelsior!
  • Element stone catalysts now

    I too would like to know the best method for this.

    What works best for me so far is laghodessa. It drops spider lord pieces which can be dismantled, and the mini bosses at the beginning drop lots of beginner pigments and additives that I use to craft stuff to dismantle. I also mine the three ore spots because those are needed for crafting too.