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Solo Mercenary Update: After Rise

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I wanted to remind all of you that this Event, is not one of the Events I was referring to in my last post. This current event was stated for release prior to Rise being released. This event was created to keep the Level 90 players interested in the game – a rather lame attempt, I think. So I want all of you to show the Level 90 players a bit of compassion – they're going to be extremely depressed for the next four weeks. In the Pacific Northwest, where I reside, Summer begins on June 21st and extends deep into October, it is called an Indian Summer. Our event will come in September, wait for it.

As for this event, there is or are a few items you might want to log on for, like the weekend enticements, like a 7 day VIP or a 1000 AP capsule, I expect everyone to show up for those items, you can pick up another 40 Goddess Graces, through the Goddess Fragment Shards event. Other than that, I don't see much reason to play the game until September, unless you are in need of AP, then you're going to want to get a VIP to increase the volume of AP, since many of the maps in Colhen have had their AP increased to 50 AP. However, since no new content arrived with this Update, there are no battles worth logging on for. It is all about the Grind now.

This next section is for Her Majesty, the Director.

I read a quote from a post of the forum where an individual asked “Why would anyone want to play on more than one server?” The answer is to maximize the experience of the game in the creation of various characters. “It's what we do.” I personally have 12 characters with this account.

Server – Australia – Ruby Torturer – Malina - Karok – Paladin – Level 72 – Braided Cestus +3 – Cuallemeach Battle Suit +3 - Merc Potions 412 – Fine Hp 80 – Goddess Graces 69

Server – Australia – Ruby Torturer – Colhen - Sylas – Unknown – Level 21 – Red Metal Phantom Dagger +5 – Crimson Rage +2 - Merc Potions 415 – Fine HP 40 – Goddess Graces 24

Server – Europe – Ruby Torture – Colhen - Arisha – Unknown – Level 37 – Striking Blood Seeker +6 – Wind Crust Set +3 - Merc Potions 148 – Fine HP 131 – Goddess Graces 33

Server – Europe – Ruby Torture – Rocheste - Karok - Dark Knight – Level 70 – Dominance Crimson Feather +6 – Nightmare +6 - Merc Potions 292 – Fine HP 205 – Goddess Graces 49

Server – Europe – Ruby Torture – Colhen - Vella – Unknown – Level 18 – Emuloch Twin Swords +4 – Crimson Rage +1 - Merc Potions 154 – Fine HP 20 – Goddess Graces 28

Server – Europe – Ruby Torture – Rocheste - Sylas – Paladin – Level 70 – Braided Tassel Phantom Dagger +5 – Frost Peak +7 - Merc Potions 273 – Fine HP 237 – Goddess Graces 46

Server – West – Ruby Torturer – Malina - Karok – Paladin – Level 75 – Braided Cestus +10 – Nightmare +6 - Merc Potions 282 – Fine HP 24 – Goddess Graces 75

Server – West – Ruby Torturer – Colhen - Sylas – Unknown – Level 20 – Red Metal Phantom Dagger +4 – Crimson Rage +2 - Merc Potions 250 – Fine HP 36 – Goddess Graces 18

Server – West – Ruby Torturer – Colhen - Lann – Dark Knight – Level 61 – Brave Striking Ivory Twin Spears + 7 – Frost Peak +7 - Merc Potions 285 – Fine HP 178 – Goddess Graces 44

Server – East – Ruby Torturer – Rocheste - Karok – Paladin – Level 70 – Braided Cestus +3 – Barbarous Battle Suit +3 - Merc Potions 266 – Fine HP 79 – Goddess Graces 99

Server – East – Ruby Torturer – Rocheste - Sylas – Dark Knight – Level 63 – Brave Ivory Phantom Dagger +7 – Frost Peak +7 - Merc Potions 267 – Fine HP 198 – Goddess Graces 51

Server – East – Ruby Torturer – Colhen - Lynn – Unknown – Level 31 – Dominance Bone Spike Glaive +4 – Crimson Rage +2 - Merc Potions 284 – Fine HP 105 – Goddess Graces 28

Server – East – Ruby Torturer – Colhen - Sylas – Unknown – Level 27 – Dominance Bone Spike Phantom Dagger +4 – Wind Crust +1 - Merc Potions 293 – Fine HP 155 – Goddess Graces 24

Now that I've barred my eccentric soul to the forum; I thought it would be nice to see what I have, so instead of pushing items at me that I can't use or have an over-abundance of, you could then choose items that have more bearing on the position of the game, I am currently in. I accomplished that in 1,637 hours. Thanks for the weapons and the uniforms, they came in handy. As you can see I don't have much need for Goddess Graces or most of the other items you are rewarding the Level 90 people with. I simply can't fathom any reason to use any of that stuff.

Maybe now would be a good time for us to discuss what 'solo mercenaries' will do and what they won't do, in relationship to this game. Were you not aware that solo mercenaries don't enchant or enhance? Any items that are used in enchanting or enhancing we're not interested in, those items we believe are for the level 90 players, solely.

I don't use cloth, leather, crystals, additives, pigments, runes, ores, magic powders, Rabi Whistles, Pet Food, we don't have Pets, Pets are the lesser Level 90 players, to shore up their abilities. We don't use Remnants, Phoenix Feathers, Brynn Elixirs, Durability Increase Potions, Stone Catalyst, Unbind Potions, Awaking Potions, Custom Title Coupons, Resenlian's Wings, Enhancement Stones, Magic Elixirs, and the various if not odd assortment of other items I couldn't find a use for. Everything I need to go from level 1 to level 75 fits on the first page of the inventory with space to spare. What we need at this juncture is a filter in the 'option' section that we can use to control what items are automatically pick-up by the character.

Let's talk bomb shells. A solo mercenary will play the first season and then upon reaching the mid- 70's, stop and look around them and then they will create a new character in a new class and play the first season again, ten more times or so. They could care less about season 2 and 3.

We could fix that, make a few changes, clean up some other areas. We need a divergence. A splitting of the game play at the point of the Army Raids being initiated into the story line. Go with the soloists or stay with the troops – choose. Currently soloist don't do any of the Army Raid quests – they are simply ignored, like the Festival, the Sports Arena, anything that requires a group.

Solo mercenaries aren't interested in 'Expertise” training and they don't use the Marketplace.

There is that new content you've been holding on to, now would be a good time to use some of that. We can be portrayed as assassins and spies or we could be Ronin or Freebooters – you could expand the story line quite easily and increase the revenue volume. Create some new cities and and tell a different side to this story.

Miri might be all right with the home crowd in Korea – but over here, she is just another Lynn with a make over. Girls might like it. Doesn't do much for me ;} The game needs four new characters for the expanded content you're going to provide for me. Two females, two males.

I'm sure everyone has an idea about this, unfortunately, mine is the only one that counts. Two women, the first one from South American, weapons - Shield and Spear and/or Shield and Macuahuitl and the other from - well I'm going to let you use that other female character you have been developing in this slot, just make her a bit taller - six feet tall – play around with it. I'm seeing a lot of leather and feather outfits and leather and fur outfits for the ladies. Animal skins are in this year. Knee-high boots. Poison hair-pin daggers, perhaps?

I need some really big male characters, six feet tall, to offset the ladies. I need a Karok size Berserker from Germania, weapons Double-bladed Axes and Swords – instead of uniforms where the character is standing in his cloth underwear, we would like that changed to color-matching leather, depending upon what uniform is being worn. The Protector, six feet tall, Knight Templar, uniform plate mail, weapons Shield and Morning Star or Mace. I want all them to have the ability to go from level 1 to level whatever. However, I want to reduce the number of combat skills that are associated to them, to between 10 and 15 skills.

Do you think Christmas will be too much time? January 2015 3,300 people were playing this game through Steam, this month there are less than 500 people playing this game. You haven't got until Christmas. You need to switch out all of the old worn out mission maps and replace them as well as my new divergent content before the Korean Christmas, if you are to survive corporate downsizing.

Your Majesty...


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    What exactly did I just read?
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    What exactly did I just read?

    A giant wall of cancer. I stopped giving a **** when I saw the characters listed.
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    Let us discuss the condition of the game, because I can see it's important to you. And of course it's important. We are a diverse population. Hailing from the Northern peninsula of an island, which is known for it's grapefruits. And there are many others, so let's collaborate our feelings! Relieve the congestion.

    I too am confused about the rewards for the convenience. They, Her Majesty, and all associates, may not know exactly what benefits us. This is what a lack of communication can do.

    Back in the day I created my Evie. It was 2011. The game was fun, however lacking in grapefruits. I have played on and off over these past six years, witnessing all the changes. Many of them I liked, but still others bothered The Common People. Over time I realise some of these grievances have been addressed, but they did not satisfy us at the time. Now we must show gratitude. Citrus paradisi in excelsis deo!

    Having these forums is great because we get to communicate with our fellow mercenaries which we would otherwise not meet often, especially the solo ones. I do not consider myself an solo mercenary because I belong to a laborious commune. We enjoy each other's company. I think you should try this too. One great benefit is the co-ordination of bathing together, in order to share fabulous soaps which enhance your performance both in the workplace and whilst murdering THE HEATHENS. I also encourage trade of edible fruits at this time. Not only that, but you may witness how you comrades act in this MMO. The point of an MMO is to study for completion of raids and other fun activities together.

    Now I would like to pass onto you valuable information. You can use what materials are given to you effectively, but it can take some adrenal powder for your cerebrum; in other words, your motivazzioni. Complete as many raids as you can, for you have the opportunity to acquire precious merchandise (very little of it is edible however). Even if it does not benefit you directly, you can sell it for renminbi, and purchase enchancement scrolls and necessary materia di canina for your equipment. Think of it as cutting a grapefuit with your sword. Your sword will enjoy cutting this grapefruit. HOWEVER, beware of heathens who may try to deceive you. They will swindle you for your money, and lie to take advantage of you. You must avoid them. This is another reason I encourage living in one of the many communes across the countryside surrounding Colhen.

    She may be listening. She may be not. Whatever the outcome, Susan will make the best of her situation and moldy grapefuits on her kitchen counter. Expired enchant scrolls can actually be revived after going moldy, unlike your poor citrus brethren. We can play this game together. Excelsior!
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    Your post is profoundly confusing.
    You call yourself a "Solo Mercenary", yet, has it seems, you have failed to level a single character up to max level, and begin to play the real game.

    Many of the RISE functionalities have made the game so much easier to reach max level, and why? Because the game is only midldly interesting until you get to 90 and begin the really challenging battles.

    I have soloed to 90 all of my characters, except the first one, I was still learning the game, yet, I don't call myself a "Solo Mercenary".

    I enjoy running some solo raids, dungeons, whatever, every now and then, but you must remember this wise old saying:
    "No One is an Island"

    This game, Vindictus, is called an MMORPG, which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
    Choosing to be a strict "Solo Mercenary" who doesn't use the Marketplace is like being an hermit and live under a rock in the real world. Wich I suppose you don't do, else you wouldn't be able to post here.
    Being a strict "Solo Mercenary" who doesn't enhance his weapon is like having a child and physically prevent him to grow and be what it can be: An awesome construct that can enrich the lives of their parents and the world around him.

    To the weird analogy I made, the grown children is the enhanced weapon, wich enriches your game play and lets you have more fun.

    We've been playing the same game, but somehow, I kind of feel by your description that it isn't the same game.
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    underrated post 7/5 would eat again
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    I know not of Her Majesty nor the wonders of grapefruit but I implore you to make time for my precious man. His name is Hurk and I believe it would be well suited to mention that while the grapefruit is not what I liken him to, the wondrous watermelon is fit for a being such as him. 100 days to sow and 100 days in transcendence.

    Back when I arrived in the neat little town of Colhen, it was the eve of the night before the eve before Christmas Eve. Nobody stood out but then again, I was not really looking, and so I went on my way to slumber. Little did I know what to expect when I were to awaken. A sudden update had struck and my senses were tingling. What could this be?

    Once I had finally gained access, lo and behold! There he was, in all his hard yet juicy on the inside with a satisfying crisp glory. The timing, the update, it was a sign. "This must be what love at first sight is". I am with him to this very day. While he can be quite demanding and a bit of a handful at times, or more than a handful with the right inner armor, it holds true that he is one I cannot progress without.

    While unfamiliar with polyamorous habits, I have to comment there are benefits that come with monogamy. I encourage that you try this lifestyle and, perhaps, you would find more enjoyment and fulfillment in day to day activities such as watermelon slicing.

    In citrullus lanatus we trust. May you find the one right for you.