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January 12, 1993
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Just someone who has played this game way too long!
  • Its sad what this games come to

    Game is dying yet has the highest activity and highest number of returning players it's had in years? CHECKS OUT
    Claims this game is the worst with making female chars/clothes to abuse the playerbase yet most likely knows all of the thousands of other games that are way worse than Vindi has ever been? CHECKS OUT
    Claims to know how the game is now and how bad it is then states he hasn't played the game in years and therefore wouldn't know any of this information he claims to know? CHECKS OUT

  • Please sell permanent Shared Storage Coupons

    As the title says, I'd like to request that permanent shared storage coupons be available for sale. The free one we get at level 60 is just not enough, and it provided a benefit only to players who can afford to buy it when new characters come out.

    Furthermore, EU players had this option in the past, and were allowed to purchase permanent shared storages for their accounts, however in the NA region, we were never given that option. This feels unfair, as I feel like we should have both been given the option. No one likes to have to pay monthly to move items they already own across their own account.

    Please consider this and put the Permanent version on sale, thank you.
  • Post patch notes for each major update again

    Hello, I would like to ask that every major update we get from now on to have the associated patch notes be posted along with them. This has become a recurring problem, and it's very frustrating to log in after each update and have to go bounty hunting for each update that was done to our version of the game because we are the only region in the world that does not get patch notes when we get updates. In the past I've had to had this resolved by sending tickets to support and having them eventually post the patch notes after I request them to do so.

    This time in particular, some of you may have noticed, but along with Eira's update, we also got a reduced cost in Reforge for Dullahan (level 95) gear, as well as an update for the seal shop that reduced the costs of some items and added in some very needed items as a quality of life improvement.

    The problem is... this was not mentioned anywhere on the website. Many players hear about quality of life improvements such as these on the Korean Server and then because they struggle with gear or have a hard time with the game decide "I will just come back when this update comes out to Vindictus". The problem then becomes that these players will look for, and read the patch notes to find out when their anticipated update comes out in this region, only to find out that we do not have any patch notes whatsoever, meaning these players could essentially be lost forever.

    Posting patch notes again would help to reclaim such players and to give transparency to the playerbase what has changed and how close we're getting updates to the Korean server. Many are specifically looking forwards to certain patches or updates and improvements to issues or bugs that would have been mentioned in a patch notes as well.

    Please start posting/translating the patch notes for our region again, it can help to retain or bring back players, it gives transparency to your players who would like to know what is changed or different between each patch, and it will let us know about quality of life changes that make the game better for everyone. We are the only region that doesn't regularly get them

    Thank you for reading my suggestion.
  • When are the servers gonna be up?

  • Event: Eira Puzzle - Share Your Record Breaks Here

    Arrishya wrote: »
    I dont know how to move Puzzle! I try hold click and move it and i try click one and click another to swich place didnt move and Seconds just going and going

    try adifferent web browser. Doesn't work on firefox for some reason. It works on chrome though.