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  • How excited are you for Grimden?

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    Meanwhile an Evie that actually plays the game and before you rage, yes I'm back from a 1-year break and I started just with Returning gear :

    Running Eochaid up to Rapacitus (+RAR) twice a day FOR ONLY A WEEK gave me enough stuff to do 4 accessories for Claire (Earring, belt and Aes Sidhe ring are really cheap and Dulla ring is dropping...)

    Then, 3* Coupon for returning player on the weapon, Premium Soap bonus, Vanguard and tweaks here and there = I can Add Elchulus to my schedule (And honestly, Claire is already more than enough drop wise). Get carried in a few balor here and there (15-20min a run now)

    HINT : Join a REAL guild, one more drop and +3 Raids a day for free !

    I didn't even lose my clover bonus (means I played for less than 4 weeks) and just doing raids Eochaid to Rapacitus + Claire/Elchulus later gave me full Astera +12 armor and weapon with R7 enchants without trying...

    And all the other S3 raids give Damascus Steel and R7/R6 enchants. Dullahan, Claire, Aes Sidhe and Elchulus are better for obvious reason but all the others are worth the same drop wise.

    I mean, are you complainers playng the same game as me ? It's as if you expect to get 50mil just for 2-3 raids a day.

    Don'T play the game if you find Astera set hard to gather, that's the EZ PZ casual part. The real game begins when you gotta do redeemers for stats, Synthesis, Ein lacher, do R6 enchant replacement and Reforge your gear. And if you are already Deep within Dullahan set, just skip Astera and go +15 Dulla...

    I agree with all you've said. Some people are just really entitled and forgot there was a game to played here (what will they do once they've gotten max gear via gold buying?). An alternative to just buying everything with gold you could do my method of getting gear with just waiting for everything to drop for you and sell drops I don't need.

    Alienating new and returning players is the worst thing that could possibly be done for a dying game. The MMO excuse is irrelevant.

    Keep living on your whales while it lasts, I guess. No new player in their right mind will waste their time with the unforgiving gearing system. **** Vindi's RNG, I'm finally done with it, and I've been around since closed beta.

    I left almost 3 years ago because the enchanting system is BS and from reading around it's still pretty BS. Moved over to Blade and Soul and love the game since the enchantment system doesn't break your equipment. Tera system is good too and BDO system is ok but at least your main equipment doesn't break.

    I came back just to see the new "revamp" enchantment system which I don't have great hopes for and the new character and changes. I really do like vindictus a lot because it's action gameplay is bar none the best for any mmo out there. It's just sad I had to leave the great gameplay because the enchantment system drove me away and a lot of people I know.

    So I'm kind of surprise there are still players from beta still playing because there was no way I could keep staying especially when other mmos out there don't have this type of crappy enchantment system
  • Rise: Revolution Preview

    The new enchantment system didn't change and got worse. Equipment still breaks. Please pass this message to devcat
  • Vindictus "RISE" Update Patch Notes Translation

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    Putting a carrot in front of players to futilely chase usually doesn't work out. You can go check the BDO forums & Reddit if you'd like to see how happy players are when you actually need the highest enhance in the game to be at the top and players fail at doing so. Their rates are booty also, but at least they have failstacks to increase the chance. Still, once they fail people realize all that grinding was for nothing. A 1% chance at +20 is utterly ridiculous, and because of how probabilities work, that means that far fewer thank 1% of players will ever even see it.

    Lol BDO equipment never breaks. What's even better that you can only fail +17 and above. And your enchant will never go under +16 lol. Most only go up to +18 anyways.

    The only thing that break in BDO are accessories and most only go up to +3.

    Vindictus makes BDO enchantments look like easy mode and that's pretty bad. Devcat need to get their heads out their butts on this crappy enchantment system they have here

    So the items aren't lost on TET failure or whatever? That was my understanding, that going for the highest enhance/enchantment could result in destruction, unless I misunderstood and it's as you said, only going for DUO, TET, or whatever on accessories.

    Regardless, agreed, Vindi's system is ridiculous. Lineage/L II are the only other titles I know of with such ridiculous penalties on failure.

    Nope, you can go as high as you want and it will never break, what you lose is durability and you just need to buy the same weapon (expensive) or buy memory fragments (expensive but less than buying the same weapon) to restore dura. Dura only goes down to like 20 so the weapon is still usable.

    Only thing that breaks are accessories