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  • Project BBQ


    Looks like actions 3-D style base on DFO. Looks really good especially running on the UE4. Maybe this will be a vindictus killer too?
  • No matter when..this guild will be active

    Guess this guild isn't active lol
  • Vindictus "RISE" Update Patch Notes Translation

    Putting a carrot in front of players to futilely chase usually doesn't work out. You can go check the BDO forums & Reddit if you'd like to see how happy players are when you actually need the highest enhance in the game to be at the top and players fail at doing so. Their rates are booty also, but at least they have failstacks to increase the chance. Still, once they fail people realize all that grinding was for nothing. A 1% chance at +20 is utterly ridiculous, and because of how probabilities work, that means that far fewer thank 1% of players will ever even see it.

    Lol BDO equipment never breaks. What's even better that you can only fail +17 and above. And your enchant will never go under +16 lol. Most only go up to +18 anyways.

    The only thing that break in BDO are accessories and most only go up to +3.

    Vindictus makes BDO enchantments look like easy mode and that's pretty bad. Devcat need to get their heads out their butts on this crappy enchantment system they have here
  • AP Item Resurrection Requirement Changes

    I can't emphasize enough how equipment destruction is extremely demoralizing and have been since the beginning. I seen so many good high end paying players leave because of this enchantment system. There haven't been a good mmo that was released in the past 3 yrs that have this type of system where your main weapon or armor breaks.

    I like Vindictus, it has one of the best combat of any game but in my years of playing it, I could never take the enchantment system seriously and only used the +10 coupons when the game gives out. During that time I bought aesthetics and increase storage to support the game but not anymore since I play other mmos that is much more friendlier on enchanting. I come back once in a while hoping the system change but alas I have no seen none.