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  • About Element stones... Is it true??

    I wan't to know if "Intermediate element stones" have a better roll or chance for useful stats (Bal,Crit,Spd), versus "Element Stones".

    Since the new Red Kitty Necklace came out (lvl100), I wanted to confirm if Intermediate does have better rates. If so, then I would be investing into the Red Kitty for infusion rather than a White/Blue necklace (lvl60). From what I've seen, getting good rates on lvl60 Necklaces seems to be way lower. I've seen them selling for 400mil. I don't know if it's becuase of the Tier of Element stone being used, or if it's the item itself. Any feedback would be apreciated.
  • Thank You Nexon

    Also for the voice options :)
  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    I agree with everyone who says they do not like the fatigue system. However I always like to keep a cool and leveled head and try to see the good in everything.

    What I like about the fatigue system:
    -The guild house is put to work and has more purpose as the bed helps recover 20% fatigue. Interaction with objects gives meaning to the game for me and also adds some kind of immersion.
    -Fatigue is not counted in RaR ( Is this temporary and due to event?) I farm rar daily and I for one am glad it doesn't count towards fatigue.

    What I don't like:
    -When entering dungeons your fatigue drops even though you fail or disconnect from the battle!
    -I also don't like that fatigue drops from low level dungeons. This hinders leveling alts and just my personal preference.

    What I would prefer:
    -Give us more ways to recover fatigue similar to the guild bed function! Such as using the chairs, the campfires in towns, and maybe even add it to feasts! It would definitely make the guild house more lively! This would give incentives to join guilds. Guilds = Community. Community = playerbase. People are less likely to quit if they are connected with others. And i have to say, this game has one of the best and hilarious community I've ever seen in any other MMO.
    -Increase the recovery ratio of guild bed, lower the cool down.

  • You f*$&% re-voiced my character?

    Regarding the video of the Voice Actors, their regular voices sounded good tbh. I think they tried too hard to be dramatic and it became too much. I prefer if it was more natural.
  • What's with deal with Bracelets now?

    JamesGross wrote: »
    Finding a party to run Nif with is also rare, with so much going on. Between raids, OS, guild dungeons, Abs Arena and not to mention redeemers. It is also impossible to keep up if you have a regular job. But I am looking forward to removal of OS not because lack of time for gaming but the cancer that spreads.

    I don't do OS at all. But what's so bad about OS that's cancerous? I've also noticed you said this in another post. I really want to know your standpoint and what you see.