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About Element stones... Is it true??

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I wan't to know if "Intermediate element stones" have a better roll or chance for useful stats (Bal,Crit,Spd), versus "Element Stones".

Since the new Red Kitty Necklace came out (lvl100), I wanted to confirm if Intermediate does have better rates. If so, then I would be investing into the Red Kitty for infusion rather than a White/Blue necklace (lvl60). From what I've seen, getting good rates on lvl60 Necklaces seems to be way lower. I've seen them selling for 400mil. I don't know if it's becuase of the Tier of Element stone being used, or if it's the item itself. Any feedback would be apreciated.


  • NokaubureNokaubure
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    Red kitty necklace has better rates due having hp and def at once, maybe we're talking about 1.2% instead of 0.9%. However intermediates are twice as expensive, which nullifies the small advantage of rates.

    Overall you should go with the older ones, the new one is a scam, and only gives extra hp compared to white kitty.