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  • Rookie here, enjoying the game so far :D

    Eclipsia wrote: »
    Now i know what enchanting/enhancing is like ... Thanks to the help of players that are helping me so much!
    threw about 40m/ $8 in just trying to put a Righteous es in my Bastard Sword already and i am not pleased at all! Just complaining about it.... but a 5th time might work even if the chances are 38~39% statistics should be statistics right?

    Whoa, whoa...

    You can't say stuff like that on here. It'll get you banned and most of the community will turn against you saying you can't have an opinion on the RNG of this game unless your opinion is
    -I like the RNG.
    -The RNG is Vindictus and it's okay.

    The community doesn't like people who complain about the RNG in Vindictus.

    Trust me, I experienced it first-hand. LOL
    Also, something about Asians and RNG and westerners and RNG...
  • Who else is loving the Muir change?

    I alt tab for 3+ hours to play something else or write or do whatever sometimes.
  • "Equipment destroyed less than x times"

    Stop playing the game in a manner that it's not supposed to be played.
    That's bannable.

    Already lost two friends when they got banned for running for scroll drops too much and using /leave to quit the get their drops and shorten their run times.
  • Tickets to spend

    You didn't answer my question. What in my post was so bad that it warranted a response from him to call me an idiot and to insult my life?
    What did I say was so bad that you would think it's okay for another poster to say that in response?
    As a forum moderator are you allowed to think it's okay for someone to call someone else an idiot on the forums? Is that proper moderator procedure?

    If not then why did you think it was okay in this instance?
    If yes then can I get @Saygo in here to say it's okay to insult others on the Forums so long as I feel like I was insulted first?

    Quote it back to me, this horrible thing that I said to him, please.

    Yes, do PM me so I can get a proper answer from you about this.
  • Tickets to spend

    ikevi wrote: »
    Cessa, I know you are mad. But take a breather, look at the code of conduct. http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/25/forum-code-of-conduct

    Then read your first post in that thread.

    You started in an accusative stance from the get go, attempted to belittle everyone in your first 7 sentences. Then arguably you raise FUD against Nexon talking about instant fixes as if the Korean developers even see any of our complaints here. (Though even we have had 2 days or less fixes for some issues that the local crew could handle.) And at the same time one could argue you were Advertising for another game/forum.)

    I can't make myself read your second post, but your third post then basically accuses another person for gold buying...

    Just take a breather and be happy with just a warning.

    Did you or did anyone else read the Forum Code of Conduct?
    Racist remarks will not be tolerated it says.
    Yet there's a racist remark about "Asians like RNG" right in the opening post. Dealer didn't give him a warning about that.

    "- Harassment or trolling of any kind will not be tolerated. Treat others with the same respect you would like to be treated with.
    - Making racist, derogatory, threatening comments and/or direct attacks on other members will not tolerated."

    Seems pretty tolerant to me so far in that topic. Especially to the very clear case of JamesGross. Or is it a Dealer special only to give grace to JamesGross but to not to Cessa?

    And you know, my bad for calling him out.
    He claimed he farmed for two days to get his crit infusion. If that's not an insult to every other player who has ever tried to farm for element stones in this game then I don't know what is. I know people who have spent over 1.2bil just to get a crit infusion. Yet his comments about being able to do it in 2 days and act like it's completely normal and everyone should be able to just farm for two days for their infusion. Yeah, if you aren't insulted by this then *you* have never farmed for anything in this game. Because I have. Infusions are not done in two days. Unless you're willing to accept a -2 wil. If you are, then as I always said, good for you, I don't need to talk to you.