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  • Rookie here, enjoying the game so far :D

    Eclipsia wrote: »
    Now i know what enchanting/enhancing is like ... Thanks to the help of players that are helping me so much!
    threw about 40m/ $8 in just trying to put a Righteous es in my Bastard Sword already and i am not pleased at all! Just complaining about it.... but a 5th time might work even if the chances are 38~39% statistics should be statistics right?

    Whoa, whoa...

    You can't say stuff like that on here. It'll get you banned and most of the community will turn against you saying you can't have an opinion on the RNG of this game unless your opinion is
    -I like the RNG.
    -The RNG is Vindictus and it's okay.

    The community doesn't like people who complain about the RNG in Vindictus.

    Trust me, I experienced it first-hand. LOL
    Also, something about Asians and RNG and westerners and RNG...
  • Attack requirement boats are wrecking the game

    It's not that I have nothing to work on.
    I can definitely work on getting a better weapon.
    I can work on finishing up gold ein lacher for some of my other characters.

    But there's no point to doing it.
    I have a +13 level 90 weapon. Double enchanted.
    I can't enhance it because it might break.
    I can't make a backup one because there is no way to guarantee a new +13 as a backup weapon so I can enhance one of them. I can break 15 more +10 weapons and get no +11. +10 requires that I use runes. If I try to make a new +10 without runes it's even more impossible to get to +13. On the order of 3 weapons out of 100 will get from +8 to +13 without runes or something like that. Practically never going to happen as I know no way of getting 33 level 90 weapons in any kind of efficient timeframe. Because you have to consider the time spent farming elixirs and paradise enhancement stones as well.

    And no point in working on Ein Lacher for my other characters because I can't get them a good weapon so I will never play them anymore.
    No point in playing my main because it's unrealistic to believe that I can get a better new weapon with the time and the money I would have to put into the game.

    In the end, I don't play because playing means I waste time but I get nothing out of it in return.
    So I only sit and participate in AFK events where I get free stuff to use to try and enhance. If the enhance fails, oh well, I wasted very little time afking (log in, alt tab to go play something else) and I directly put in no money for a chance to progress my character.

    It's pretty sad when the best way to progress in a game is to afk in it.


    So yeah, it's not a lack of content that is keeping me or anyone else from playing the game. It's that once you get to endgame the most efficient and best way to progress is to afk and not play at all.

    I've already posted a fix to the enhance system and the game which would generate more profit for Nexon and will have more players playing the game again but the mods only serve by deleting my posts on how to fix the game so we're stuck just with afking for now.
  • Tickets to spend

    You didn't answer my question. What in my post was so bad that it warranted a response from him to call me an idiot and to insult my life?
    What did I say was so bad that you would think it's okay for another poster to say that in response?
    As a forum moderator are you allowed to think it's okay for someone to call someone else an idiot on the forums? Is that proper moderator procedure?

    If not then why did you think it was okay in this instance?
    If yes then can I get @Saygo in here to say it's okay to insult others on the Forums so long as I feel like I was insulted first?

    Quote it back to me, this horrible thing that I said to him, please.

    Yes, do PM me so I can get a proper answer from you about this.
  • Attack requirement boats are wrecking the game

    Vladino wrote: »
    So you advise new players to go for +15? And when it breaks once on +10/11/12/13/14 go for +15 again? And then when it break second time then what? Start farming with +0 weapon? (Take in consideration that not every server got same population and not everyone is playing from the start of the game, so buying +13 weapon can be difficult if no1 sells it and making it is even more)

    I don't recall telling anyone to 10 -> 15 their weapon recently.
    Mainly because there hasn't been anyone around to tell to yolo their weapon.

    A backup weapon before I enhance my main weapon. Wow, you must be some kind of genius. I never thought of that before.
    Here, I have a +13 level 90 weapon.
    Make me a backup +13 level 90 weapon so I can try to +14 one of them. I'll wait until you come back with one.

    If my argument passed over your intellect it's because having a backup weapon before you enhance your current one becomes inordinately difficult to do past a certain point and requires entirely too much time/money. To the point where you need a huge foundation of players just so two people can have +14 or higher weapons. Meanwhile, all of the other players can't progress their gear so they... You probably didn't guess correctly because you simply don't understand the mentality of most players, but they quit.

    And now your game has 2 raid boats up at 8pm on a Saturday evening. Or do Vindictus players usually play games at 2am? Because most other games have their playerbase soaring during these weekend hours.
  • Can anyone get me up to speed?

    There are two big videos for Fiona that can easily be found.
    I still have them both bookmarked.

    But basically the best video guide is by Kyrandis.
    He's put a lot of work into his video guides. Check them out.

    Welcome back to Fiona revamp. Her gameplay is so different if you are from before her revamp and deflection.
    A well played Fiona can have damage output greater than chainblade Vella against some bosses, matches chainblades against some other bosses, and as usual, performs worse against others (mainly the mobile ones that you have to constantly chase after).