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  • "Rise" update - first impressions

    lol i think i'm feeling more raged as i wrote my comments.
  • "Rise" update - first impressions

    SlyGoat wrote: »
    The QoL changes are good, everything else is trash. 90% of the game now only exists to rush you to level 90 so you can get on board the +20 enhancement treadmill, because Nexon realized that's where most of their cash comes from as people dump money into enhance runes, blow up gear, try again. Hence why you can't even enhance after reviving an item anymore, gets you on to the next weapon quicker so you buy more enhance runes.

    That's so true. Everything about vindi now is based on what's the most optimal way to milk the player base as much as possible.

    QOL changes??????????? Aren't you feeling your life is a whole lotta miserable now compare to before the update? WHERE DA FAQ IS THE QUALITY OF LIFE? Makes me fking question my life.
  • "Rise" update - first impressions

    got a +15 2 days before RISE, and felt really satisfied and was very happy until I realized now it's +20. Totally destroyed my satisfaction. Before I know if i try hard enough, 1 day I may get a +15, now +20 I know i'll never be able to reach. getting more and more troubled, and quitting sometimes show up now in my mind.

    ranking system: stupid as FK! how the fk can you give crit res 300 points when the whole point of the game is based on skills and NOT TO GET HIT. Now people are just chasing after points and not optimal stats. With the new ES system, I could have gone enthu on my heavy head and legs, and put another fast on myself. But if i do it, my rank goes from #1/#2 to #3/#4. cuz if i do that, i lose around 8% crit res=2400 points, gain 5 atk spd=1500 points. STUPID! ABSOLUTELY STUPID!

    I like how they changed S1E1 tho, brings some freshness into the old content, but mobs weak, nothing to do there. I won't be able to see it very often.
    Killing 8 man raid, stupid even more.

    Can't see dmg done to neam at the recap, I don't like it. Let's be honest, what feels better than when you can do more dmg than the rest of the group?

    New event? Stupid as fk. THERE IS NO NEW PLAYER COMING AND YOU ARE DREAMING IF YOU THINK RISE WILL BRING NEW PLAYERS. Fking forcing me to open 2 computers and run s1e1 battles 5 times a day.

    Quick dye search: HOW ABOUT LET YOU INPUT THE RGB #? You derpcat put in so many useless/unpopular dyes, and excluded colors like "200/159/35"

    I do like the new trans skills, but CD is a bit too long.

    useless/failures are way more than useful updates. overall my rating for RISE: I WOULD RATHER IT DID NOT HAPPEN AT ALL.

    CAN'T YOU JUST FKING OPEN A CBT SERVER like blizzard does so people can test out the new content and you can collect data and comments on these before releasing?
  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    havent' level any alt after rise, don't know the equivalent difficulty. but if it's THAT easy, derpcat might as well give us free lv 90 and delete all the previous content up to S3
  • Queued free math and went to sleep