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  • Naraxas Eira Guidebook for Streaming!

    Dear Vindictus playersoDdCDib.png, it’s your friendly neighborhood WjlfAng.jpg here. Is being a doctor too hard and not enough money? i863lOV.png

    Well, today I will be teaching you how to steal a guild and make irl money as an Eira!

    First, you go and find a guild that is dead with a GM that is too busy to play the game anymore! WjlfAng.jpg

    Next, you will want to become best friends until you gain his trust enough to become the GM in their place! As you're climbing up to the top of your guild, you can start streaming and building your viewership so that you can prepare for the final phase of being your guild's GM!

    Once you've become the GM, you can use your powers as GM to get your members to watch your stream! aiXTOot.png

    Continue to do so until you're finally partnered and can make some ad revenue! g4lHpdF.png

    Don't forget to flex stream stats on people though! RwjQh2b.png

    Once you've finally hit that sweet partnership and can earn that sweet revenue, make sure to put ads and ask for donations to help out your cause! RDj2sRI.png

    Thank you for your time and as always, your friendly neighborhood NarWjlfAng.jpg

    Server: EU
    Name: Gnaraxas
  • [Event] Show Off Your Guild

    Above, poster Naraxas, is NOT a confirmed member of Lion Heart, and is falsely representing the guild by copying my post.

    NA / Lion Heart / 268 / 426,270


    Server: North America [NA]

    Guild Name: Lion Heart
    Guild Channel: 40

    # of Current Guild Members: 268/300

    Amount of Current Guild Points (GP): 426,270/1,000,000 with 24 days of Rank 3 Guild Perks (132,024 Guild Point Value)!

    Hello! I'm KittenLover89, the current Guild Jester of Lion Heart!
    The previous Guild Jester was IcyGoddess, the Salty Vella!


    About Me and My History in Vindictus and Lion Heart:
    Nearly 10 years ago, I was playing Fortnite, another MMORPG title from Microsoft, when I received an email for participating in the beta version of Vindictus ("Mabinogi Heroes"). I instantly fell in love with the buggy game mechanics, graphics, and skippable lore; more-so because the lore was a prequel to Minecraft and the story was told like a visual novel. I still vividly remember 8-man Macha raid; we would go in with our Savage Leather armor, my guildies would stand back and do nothing, while IcyGoddess dc'd the boat due to being out damaged (did this trash party even do anything?). Since that time, I have consistently played Vindictus as my primary game; sure I had affairs with other MMOs, but I never left Vindictus.

    A little bit about me, my name is Nick Gurs. I'm currently in the latter half of my education in fast food, only 1.5 more years to go before a paycheck LOL. I play Vindictus, used to play the Sims, and play a huge assortment of PlayStation titles when I have time (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Assassin's Creed, inFamous, etc!). I live by the philosophy that you should find something you truly enjoy outside of the work you enjoy, and for me that's making informative forum posts!

    I never thought I'd reach this point, celebrating the 9-year Vindictus anniversary while being the Guild Jester of one of the largest guilds in North America. I have played all the characters and all the weapon classes, taught many new players on their journey through the game, and advocated that when playing Vindictus, always remember you play for the gameplay, combat, and community... and top DPS. !

    Why Lion Heart is the Guild to be in!
    Lion Heart is a guild that has been around since the dawn of Vindictus, has many undesirable members, and has gone through many cycles of change. At the very beginning, we were known as the "No Standards Guild" (cause we literally take in anyone). As one of the oldest guilds that is still active and popular in-game, I'm extremely proud of our members and know that should anyone else wish to join the guild, they will be entering a community of players that truly love the game, are self-less in helping others, have no idea how to play the game, and will be continually active until the day Vindictus is taken down (god bless). We have our own Discord server, Guild channel, and have members from all over the world, from the United States to Canada to Australia! If you're looking for a guild that has members online at any time of day and friends that will go above and beyond to not help you learn and how to not play the game, this is the place to be!

    Our Guild Motto: “The pride of a Lion is found within its Heart!”

    Some of Our Biggest Achievements:
    - Developing an amazing Redeemer scheduling system; our Discord server has members from every guild who sign-up and join the scheduled Neamhain/Balor runs since they are conveniently timed and very friendly to learning players!
    - We have many content creators in our guild; ranging from YouTube Videos to live streaming on Twitch, some of the channels include the following:
    Naraxas' Twitch Channel!
    Zydratee's Twitch Channel!
    IcyGoddess' Twitch Channel! (although he dc's often)
    - We have several players that are geared completely, notably Totem the Loving Karok and MomoBelia the Adorable Evie! These players regularly help guildies and other players run end-game content to unlock recipes and enjoy the game!

    Future Goals for Lion Heart
    Having the first all-guild Redeemer Hell Mode clear for Neamhain and Balor! (as if that will happen)
    Continuing to grow into a 290/300 member guild (10 spaces open for more worthless alts!)
    Having the greatest Guild House in the whole realm! (weird flex but okay)
    Helping the Vindictus community grow through content creation, regardless of whether they join Lion Heart!

    Lion Heart Fun Facts
    The coolest and baddest Fiona, Trielleh, was the Guild Master prior!
    If you visit Channel 40, there is a 99% chance you'll be approached by IcyGoddess. Becareful! He's actually a guy and cries a lot!
    Another nice thing, if you visit Channel 40, you'll be surprised to see the number of Karoks (#dedclass) we have! Special shout-out to Silvent for attracting Karoks!
    Our Guild Admin list includes: Totem, Layfen, Daskaz, Zydratee, Silvent, and UltamateFear!

    I wish people would stop assuming that I am boo4u without providing concrete proof. This is just another shameless witch hunt, just like the time everyone tried to frame boo4u for being the main gold botter on NA. I am a proud LionHeart member through and through. My heart beats with the strength of a lion's roar. I intentionally throw onslaught games. I disconnect my boats when I am being out damaged. I leach all raid boats that I join. I am LionHeart.

    We have a super talented artist, Fyurias, who helped make our Chibi Guild Portrait too!

    Above, poster Naraxas, is NOT a confirmed member of Lion Heart, and is falsely representing the guild by copying my post.
  • Best Thread of 2018

    Oh my goodness, I hope our brief analysis of your ego didn't cause you to lose sleep at night!

    hugemelll wrote: »

    Yet, you are assuming that I'm not aware of others with better time and records than me. You spoke of me as if I am a person that thinks 'I'm above all.' That is not true.

    You can go ask those who know me, whenever they ask me how I solo'd or kept praising me as a pro, I would usually tell them of three things:

    1. I'm just like everyone else.
    2. I just practiced.
    3. I'm pretty sure there are others that are better than me, whether they're well known or not.

    Like I said before, I'm a slow learner, so I practice more than most people,
    and I'm more aware than anyone else, that I still have a lot of room to improve.

    Please read the above post slowly and soak in everything that it is saying and then look at the below image.

    hugemelll wrote: »
    Okayyy wrote: »


    So humble dude

    yeah, I fail to control myself time to time behave like that.

    I'll be honest, that I do have pride on such thing, which might looked arrogant to others.

    At least, I did not lie to you about what I can. But seriously, if made you think of me as very arrogant person,

    I apologize to you on that.

    This is certainly not the first, nor will it be the last time you contradict yourself multiple times in your posts, so read carefully and really take it all in.

    You humble brag that people constantly ask you "how you solo'd" and "praise you for being a pro" trying to belittle the readers of this forum thread. Well for one, nobody asks you how you solo'd or shows you praise... One quick look at your stats and they could answer that question themselves. If you truly think you're like everyone else, then stop acting like you're above everyone... In that screenshot you obviously place yourself much higher on your skewed vindictus skill hierarchy than the person asking for a carry as well as their party.

    I'll give props where props are due, you're probably the least boosted of the few boosted lanns that have the stats to clear solo balor and solo neam. Is that what you wanted to hear?

    I, along with many others in this thread have seen your balor solo (it's hard not to have seen it when you advertise it on so many discords, the forums, as well as other player's youtube videos(humble btw)) and simply put, it's nothing special. Your use of the windrider buff rivals that of a fresh level 60 lann and there are times where you could fit in smashes but instead you're busy double slip dashing and playing extra safe (hence why your clear is not impressive, the stats carried you). There are many and I mean MANY other people that have solo cleared this run and haven't posted it to every social platform known to mankind to desperately get attention.

    tldr; get over yourself, stop tossing out random numbers to justify the means, and get better at the game.
  • Best Thread of 2018

    Daily reminder that NA bested KR yet again.