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    Rest in peace Boo4u


    you'll be missed


  • Best Thread of 2018

    boo4u wrote: »
    That Lann could solo Balor and neamhain so that's enough to prove that you are above average player in terms of skill than the rest of the population.

    yeah he did, and it only took him around 10000 tries, not to mention on youtube there's solos of people with WAY the fk less stats that also completed the raids at around the same time o.o imagine if THIS particular Lann didn't had P2W stats :shrug:

    why do you keep commenting on threads ? literally, NOBODY even mentioned you about this but here u are talkin shiet (I'm so hypocrite I know :3c <3 )

    Also what do YOU know about who is average / good when even after ... idk how many years neamhain has been released, you still die in "Sea Of Reflection" when neam hasn't spawned yet lmao.

    I think calling him above average is a bit generous. The majority of players in this game could not only solo with his gear and the amount of attempts he's done; but they could do it MUCH faster. He's just another whale with a big ego that so desperately craves attention.
  • Best Thread of 2018

    Cloakshire wrote: »
    its called concrete evidence. come back to me when you get an education tho that might be hard for you since you are acoostic after all :)
    Boy got roasted like a Thanksgiving turkey lmao!

    I've never done something like this on a forum but I'll take a crack at it. Am I feeding the obvious troll? Yeah, but who cares. I was bored

    I was hoping your rebuttal would have some more layers
    But it's weaker than damage of all the new players

    You insult my education and call me "acoostic."
    Learn how to spell first? Oh you might be boosted.

    But naw dog seriously, why are you even here?
    You're not adding to the thread but make it more queer.

    We all saw the pic and know what Evistix did
    Yet you derailed this thread by acting like a kid.

    Your arguments are weak; they don't hold any water
    Which is a good thing for me cuz I ain't got to try harder.

    I've made a few points, listed stats, and gave proof
    Yet you try to insult with bad memes like "oof."

    If it takes eight Koreans and hour to get through it
    What makes you think a flaccid Kai could do it?

    He stats are too low and he's likely not skilled
    I bet his role in a party is the first to be killed.

    The fact that you're debating me is still rather applaudable
    But like the opposite of acoustic you should have remained inaudible

    Your buddies cry roast and all you do is boast.
    But I'll have the last laugh when I upload this post.

    So chill out son and accept you've been defeated.
    Because a few pages back is where you should have conceded.

    So I'll take my leave here, I bid you adieu.
    Re-read my post and know that it's true.