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Naraxas Eira Guidebook for Streaming!

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Dear Vindictus playersoDdCDib.png, it’s your friendly neighborhood WjlfAng.jpg here. Is being a doctor too hard and not enough money? i863lOV.png

Well, today I will be teaching you how to steal a guild and make irl money as an Eira!

First, you go and find a guild that is dead with a GM that is too busy to play the game anymore! WjlfAng.jpg

Next, you will want to become best friends until you gain his trust enough to become the GM in their place! As you're climbing up to the top of your guild, you can start streaming and building your viewership so that you can prepare for the final phase of being your guild's GM!

Once you've become the GM, you can use your powers as GM to get your members to watch your stream! aiXTOot.png

Continue to do so until you're finally partnered and can make some ad revenue! g4lHpdF.png

Don't forget to flex stream stats on people though! RwjQh2b.png

Once you've finally hit that sweet partnership and can earn that sweet revenue, make sure to put ads and ask for donations to help out your cause! RDj2sRI.png

Thank you for your time and as always, your friendly neighborhood NarWjlfAng.jpg

Server: EU
Name: Gnaraxas
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