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  • CometCupid wrote: » Something, something, Nexon launcher. Something, something, beat dead horse. Ugh don't remind me. I was there.
  • Ahahahah AHAHAHHAHAHAHAH If they did this 2 or 3 years ago when we still had a devout playerbase people would be excited. Semi-new faces, oh boi. After RISE? It looks desperate. And it won't recapture people like me. (1 year since I could c…
  • If you reenact the same tired debate on the forums, people will look down on you lmao. See how that works? That previous sentence might not be true. But if you s[people][I PERSONALLY] it becomes 100% true.
  • KenshinX wrote: » Come on now, I can't imagine anyone only playing hero mode dailies for 7 years. Sup. We exist. Obviously we talk/play the least, so I'm not surprised we got shafted in the update.
  • Ouch. Reading "send r7...scarlet witch...to vella" set off alarm bells immediately. What's done is done, rip. But for future reference, would this be avoided if fused to something generalpurpose before sent to vella?
  • Pretty sure it's one rendered area and the 4-5 title screens are made by moving the camera. Got the one showing Delia... hmm that looks like Lann in the distance.
  • Will report the following: Where:Before-After login: 30fps-30fps town: 25fps-25fps battle: 0fps-15fps turn ui off: 20fps-20fps ? turn ui back on: 5fps-15fps The painfully obvious memory leak associated with turning the UI off is gone. N…
  • Have you seen the male fashion sets? It's either conan bare-chest (oh god default inner plznoitburns) or super edgy tincan with spikes. Or in the case of braha, both at once. >_> Where are my dapper suits? Oh they cost cash. Aw.
  • This type of thread has come out every time a major change is announced. RISE is even more radical than usual. The shitstorm is proportionate. No surprise. I should know. I used to be an apologist too. See? The people rotate. The ideological war…
  • How about just...don't rez it? IIRC Strange traveller only remembers 5 recent mishaps.
  • June 8 1:00am. It's back. Bring out the pesticide.
    in SPAM ALERT Comment by jjX June 8, 2017
  • No one talking about Fiona? Hammer feels terrible. Terrible. Why should I even try to make hammer work when, say, Delia makes the rhythmic power hitter archetype work so much better? And no, I don't think it's ok to write off Fiona as a-ok just …
  • Heheh. Have done in the past. (100% unbound gear of super shittyness, suitable for clearing S1 only). Would do again...If I could run the game.
  • Colhen: Anyone standing still for 120min is mobbed by Kanya and her cat herd in an elaborate cinematic. The game closes. Rochest: Anyone standing still for 120min is klonked on the head by a Rochest security guard and wakes up next to Henrietta. …
  • What's with everyone suggesting special battles that would be horrible horrible clusterfasdfs? Gimme the 4 wisp bosses in one room. I need seals of bravery and a cure for insomnia.
    in Idea Comment by jjX April 16, 2017
  • jeddyhi wrote: » Well, the whole design of the system is to make it hard to get what you want so you spend more money on NX to try again. Remember, Vindictus exists for one purpose only, to sell NX. I mused once hypothetically "how much NX woul…
  • Two reccommendation links later: Is that it? Certainly it's the one I remember. Dank memes from 2012
  • I am absolutely certain that if the weapons weren't gender locked they'd still be body locked. Basically Glaive Lynn or Glaive Sylas. Would be cool but I'm not impressed enough to care.
  • Yeah I've been playing with no damage numbers for months (years?) now. "Event? What event?" Insert obligatory lament about lag here. Good god, someone thought that was a funny joke. Yknow what would be way funnier? If they divided by 1000 ins…
  • Really? I can count the Free Inner opportunites on one hand...across 6 years. Not everyone is motivated by l33t 30k220. Noob trap rune is noob trap, sure. The rest is subjective. Take out the acid in what you say.