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  • Plakster wrote: » the top dmg is : who ever got the most stat in the server BloodySmile wrote: » Equal sets and player skills given? In case didn't see. But overall I see Pillar Karok isn't out of the league completely. It makes me a bit m…
  • MochiSweet wrote: » Rank 39th lynn iirc, and only that one, there are already lots +14 dulla weapons though But they'r already restored or people simply don't wanna take a risk? Someone could make +20 already +joy
  • Plakster wrote: » some lynn got a +15 dulla glave in NA no clue his name could be in the rankings Nicu! How many estimated +15 Dullas are in NA now? I think there would be someone with +16 by now if Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone wouldn't be li…
  • Just do these 2 simple steps shown in this Youtube video: All it took was to do this. I did it on my Laptop it helped to increase FPS but at this time it helped me to fix random FPS drops.
  • Fixed the problem, just modified 1 number in config that's all it took.
  • hornywatermelon wrote: » BloodySmile wrote: » i5-7500 This is your problem. What do you mean? Why is it a problem? It's way more powerful than what I had in laptop and laptop worked fine just couldn't handle the same is this one
  • I thought it too at first but I monitored my temperature and everything always stays below 60C And Vindictus is the only that has FPS problem, I've played FPS that had huge combats and FPS drops to 30-40 because of all the effects & many player…
  • Departure License is the only cash item it drops, no? What I've got was Paradise Stone, Enhancement Potion & Departure License. Can something else be obtained from there?
  • Even if they will pump the hell out of contents they still have one big road block which is many countries blocked and can't access the game. Even if they will get few players return there were lots of them lost when the block was done... I get tim…
  • So it's waste of time doing s1/s2 hero just for Heroe's Supply Box Good to know.
  • I will as soon as I will hit required level All I need from the guild is that there were at least few players active and that it would be english one +haha
  • Anyone have tryed steps in this video ? At least for me after the first step game had increased fps 10/15 And I have most of the settings on highest. It stays around 45-50fps which is at least for me enough, plus I'm hosting dungeons. It is a l…
  • So it means only EUN lost 6h of event. Plus about shop after event that one always used to be left for at least week. At least in my days of Vindictus
  • Nice one... Cherry Fishing event time is one but maintenance is earlier than the event was supposed to end. And on top of that not even shop was left to use the petals. After all these years first time seeing such mess up. Event shops always used to…
  • True, I am one of beta testers and I still was able to play after blocks. But after the merge it's inaccessible with these type of accounts. I've seen some promises about letting at least those accounts to access the game but still same situation …
  • True, but still that's completely bulls**t. I mean come on, people spent years grinding, and most of them at least once donated. High end geared players still donates or buy from other players which still brings them money because someone else purch…
  • I know this thread was opened many, many times but still the more we spam the higher chance they will doe something? I guess? Just checked list who can access the game and it's quite stupid in my opining. Countries like Albania, Andorra, Channel I…
  • Hehe, That one I can count in Still... They could fix it and make it actually globally accessible... And maybe then those questions after exiting game whether you like the game or not and if you would recommend the game to your friends would ha…