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  • May 11th Scheduled Game Update

    So it means only EUN lost 6h of event. Plus about shop after event that one always used to be left for at least week. At least in my days of Vindictus
  • May 11th Scheduled Game Update

    Nice one... Cherry Fishing event time is one but maintenance is earlier than the event was supposed to end. And on top of that not even shop was left to use the petals. After all these years first time seeing such mess up. Event shops always used to be left at least for a week so players could use event items and maintenance never cutted off event time. Still had 150 rods but since maintenance started none were used and 400 petals not to be exchanged since shop wasn't left... Just good job NX as always. Keep the good work with mess ups *thumbs up*!
  • "Global" server

    True, but still that's completely bulls**t. I mean come on, people spent years grinding, and most of them at least once donated. High end geared players still donates or buy from other players which still brings them money because someone else purchased NX and sold to others for in game gold.
    Just a shower thought, maybe silly but still maybe one of the reasons why they don't wanna unblock EU regions is because they would need at least within a year to upgrade server, since it wouldn't be able to hold that much which of course would require extra investition but when you run games only to make as much cash as you can stuff like this happens.
    There are many people who would want at least try but they can't since it's for some reason not available for them to access it.
    For example Black Desert. Many people including my self were waiting for it and when it was released I couldn't play it because even tho it's EU server half of Europe can't access it. But good guy RU server allowed to join so I still got to test it. Unfortunately this isn't an option for Vindictus since there is no RU server...