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Who do you usually do content with?

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I've been wanting to gather a crude measure of who people usually run their raids and dungeons with. Poll below.

If you feel you do a mix of both option 1 and option 2: I consider 5 or more randoms for raids (3 for 6-man) or 2 randoms for dungeons to be mostly PuGs. How most of your time is spent with either of the two audiences is also a factor to take into consideration.

EDIT: Regarding farming, assume S1 dungeons do not count unless you spend the majority of your time in them. In that case, pick Lone Wolf.
  1. Who do you usually run content with?80 votes
    1. Mostly PuGs ( I usually join boats on board or host public boats mainly filled by randoms )
       44% (35 votes)
    2. Mostly Guildies/Friends ( I usually join/host boats that are often filled with friends/guildies )
       35% (28 votes)
    3. Lone Wolf ( I do content alone )
       21% (17 votes)


  • BowtacojrBowtacojr
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    Might want to split this into two polls, I imagine most people farm solo, unless in a guild, but raid in groups because it generally makes things go faster.
  • MistyBerryMistyBerry
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    Let's see if I can make this more focused
  • RakushuRakushu
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    s2/s3 raids - random
    content/niflheim/daily - regulars that I play with
    title/mats - slaves
  • KourinKourin
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    Literally everyone but 2 other players in my guild are alive, so I just go about either soloing or joining public/friend boats. Sometimes I host small 2~5 man parties.
  • GuessesGuesses
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    I think it really depends, I usually run with guildies when they're on. However lately I've been running a lot with pugs due to low guild activity.
  • ThePharaohThePharaoh
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    i join pug but only the ones with no boat req
  • AndromedaGMAndromedaGM
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    photo tumblr_o51d9nKRJR1vp3jsgo10_r1_540_zpsufq7s8j7.gif

    #Always in the afternoon, I host raids for the general public, around to the 2 -5 pm PST. However at night I only make inroads with my guild and friends.

    PS: Personally I to I like to participate in raids with everyone., but lately I have made more inroads with my community,If there is someone who likes to join to my raids is welcome to participate. Greetings I see them in the game. :)
  • NytsuyaNytsuya
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    I only host for pugs nowadays. Could care less for stats I don't even check. Still takes forever to fill the boats though T-T...

    I often join other people as well if they mega for help and no one joins.
  • jjXjjX
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    Solo 4 s3 raids twice. (braha too ugly to touch) Then log off because I got all the dice already--3 hours have passed.

    Not willingly...I'd love to join raid trains! But it kinda sucks when it takes 60 seconds to load in. I've been kicked so much and I honestly can't blame em.
    I should do s1. People say it's faster. But after I literally fell asleep halfway through a round I swore it off.
  • DebahrDebahr
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    I'm one of the few hosts , so if I feel like hosting, I host public boats. If I don't host, then I either join random S3 boats, small parties with friends, or solo. Or AFK. Whichever is most pertinent at the time.
  • HallyHally
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    When I do a raid train, I just leave it open to public. If people join, they are welcomed to stay; but I don't mind if people don't join, as I can solo easily. Today's rocheste under 2 min slaughter train reached 7 people at one point. (Unfortunately, nexon decided to terminate the train before I can move to s2/s3 with server response delayed.
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    I usually do content with friends, but most times with guild members. :-)
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    Friends/guildies if they're running something, randos if not. Can't be too picky these days.
  • elcausaelcausa
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    Pug usually, if no one joins in a certain amount of time solo
  • FuzetsuFuzetsu
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    Back when there was perma death in Nifl, my favorite thing to do is to run nifl content with carries. This is so when I die I can just say "oops, I didn't know you can't revive" and just go afk.
  • XieXie
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    edited December 4, 2016
    I usually just pug or stalk a friend or two.

    Othwerise, solo if there's no boat is up and I got tired of waiting or if I'm in a hurry and no boat is up. (been extremely limited in how much free time I have lately +pain)

    Ocassionally, I'll run into an old friend on an alt or something while pugging. xD
  • MochiSweetMochiSweet
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    pretty much lonewolf at the moment, or a few friends but not much.
  • KradnessKradness
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    Usually do raids with 1 or 2 friends, other than that lonewolf
  • ScarrletttScarrlettt
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    I cant solo cuz im bad
  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    Raiding with PUGs, farming with guildies.