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One of the worst updates ever...

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Been a long time player of vindi that has been on hiatus for a bit, was excited seeing this big of an update and hoped to enjoy a game I loved so much once again.

Me and my girlfriend played a few maps and were excited with the map changes and the quality of life changes that they have made and thought the game was going to be something we might play regularly again. Then we started looking deeper...

We've both been fans of playing Hero mode, even raiding in it. And after a few practice runs to remember the controls on normal we tried to start playing on hero, excited that it had been revamped for level 90's....and we could not do any of it. We both have level 90's so it's not that. It's because the missions now require you to complete the battle points before allowing you to do anything other than normal. Needless to say we didn't want to go back through all the missions, or at least the ones we would love to play hero mode on, and do all the tedious secondary missions.

We then discovered that there was also a battle limit of 5 battles per map in place now...and as players that have survived the times the game was on a token system we were in disbelief that they would go back to something that even remotely resembles it.


  • DrakinDrakin
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    And please note, this was a first impression. Didn't even realize that raids are now 4 people instead of 8...how does Kraken even work now?...
  • PortalsPortals
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    Boss hp has been nerfed all around. Kraken can be done solo with the boat staying above 80% integrity.
  • BladeXAngelBladeXAngel
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    trust me, this is not the worst update, derpcat can do worse.
  • oCharlotteoCharlotte
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    Rise: Apocalyptic Nightmare
  • RizzleRizzle
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    According to KR, its a way to fend off the chinese botting.
  • zZTakumizZTakumi
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    Wait what? So we have to earn some battle points in order to unlock hero mode?
  • TwilightSparkleTwilightSparkle
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    outfitters wise yups but umm rise isnt so bad sorta
  • arkaine757arkaine757
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    The sadddest thing is that Rise concept it isn't that bad, but some major issues make it the Worst "Update" so far.

    4 man raid
    Making S1/S2 Useless
    Making EVERY GEAR above 90 useless (I was using a +15 60's since 2013, and now i only have 48.3% of a +15 90's)
    All content below 90 is useless as well
    +15 90's buffed , +10 nerfed
  • TamagoTamago
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    Hero mode isn't even hero mode anymore. It's just a nerfed version of the old hard mode.
  • GewelliriousGewellirious
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    Mainichi wrote: »
    Hero mode isn't even hero mode anymore. It's just a nerfed version of the old hard mode.

    s2 Hero is simply old 80-90 difficulty with s3 stats (16k+ ATT, 13k DEF, 130crit cap, etc), the speed stay unchanged, and idk about their HP tho.. doesn't really matter anymore...
  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    I shed a tear for those game developers who made those boss and levels, all their hard work is being crap on by Babies first MMORPG
  • KlardKlard
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    Even on hero mode boss die too fast, where is my enjoyment in drinking pots and cautions for boss sneaky aim at me
  • Question2Question2
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    I think theres a lot of misconception about how you "unlock" hero mode now. Ive run kraken many times since the update, and i still cant make a hero kraken boat on the board. BUT for some reason i can make a hero kraken boat on QB...its probably just a bug.

    s1 normal dungeons dont seem to have hero mode available at all though.