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"Rise" update - first impressions


  • BladeXAngelBladeXAngel
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    SlyGoat wrote: »
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    Personally, I fell in love with Vindictus back when leveling was difficult. Back when it took effort just to kill group bosses and you actually had to learn your new abilities as you leveled. It was tough, but so rewarding when you felt like you were improving as you leveled.

    I fell in love with it back when the Gnoll Chieftain kicked my ass and I had to grind out that battle a few times before I got the hang of it, then went on to farm it for my first set (****' loved throwing spears at its helmet for the break off, too). Back when combat was slow and methodical and full parties would wipe to the **** polar bear.

    New players coming to the game now will not get any experience even close to that until they reach absolute end game, and even then most of the content will be too tough for them to solo because of gear checks so they'll have to join a party and get carried.

    Honestly though, I see no way of fixing this even before this update. The fact is the game's playerbase isn't nearly healthy enough to have players spread out through different levels of game content. Anyone coming to the game today is going to have to mostly solo from 1 til 90 unless they know someone else who plays, because the game is so dead. Then even at 90 they'll have to take whatever parties they can get which will often mean putting off story quest raids until they find a host if they can't host it themselves (because we STILL have P2P hosting, in 2017). Throwing in too much of a challenge with no guarantee that player swill be able to find a party to overcome that challenge if they can't do it alone is going to cause people to quit as well.

    I think at the end of the day Vindictus is just at that point where it's never going to come back no matter what they do, so it's no surprise they're just trying to milk it. The engine is outdated, the game is bloated with too much irrelevant content, they'd basically have to just start everyone with a level 90 character and decent gear to balance out progression, and that still doesn't fix all the problems with the game design in S3 in general.

    such a sadness...played since OBT. logged over 4k hours and have the thought that the shut down of vindi is not far away.
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    Dephiy wrote: »
    Is anyone bothered by Tieve's new appearence? I feel like she lacks depth and barely looks human, more like a ghost if anything :(

    I just saw it today, and I completely agree.

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    Coming from a player who's been playing for over 6 years you ruined the game IMO.
    That's my thoughts.
    Where are all the Season2 raids and why can't we do them anymore after completing the story line for them years ago? The crafting for expertise sucks. The drops suck. Changing the Abyssal Arena to only level 80 sucks.
    It sucks big time!!!!
  • FuzetsuFuzetsu
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    It is what it is. I would prefer if they have more consistent updates though
  • BeepBeepImAJeepBeepBeepImAJeep
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    Need more Redeemers Bosses, without the latency issues tho.
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    such a sadness...played since OBT. logged over 4k hours and have the thought that the shut down of vindi is not far away.

    Yeah playing since OBT too. pretty much at this point I feel like saying fk this game.

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    Makes vindy kind of feel like a private server
  • EdaymEdaym
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    i would probably have a better time using a overclocked cpu from 2009
  • XieXie
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    So, I've compiled a list of things about the update that I like, things that I think is bad, and things that are ok (or "meh"). I haven't found all the changes in the update so there may be something that I may have missed. But the more that I find the changes in the update, I realized it's a demon wearing the mask of an angel ... So prepare yourself for a very long post/rant!

    Yes, I did read the entire patch list =_= ... [takes a deep breath]

    **** Note: Part 1 is more intended for Nexon and Devcat, what they're doing right in my opinion. I feel like they need to know the parts that they're doing right since most of us had already voiced what is wrong with the update.

    Part 1 of 3: Good Updates
    Character and Story Changes
    - Everyone now has 160 stam default
    - I guess, all character changes are good? Then again, I only play Lann so I can't really say for everyone else.
    - Character Preview is cool
    - Skill Training Notifications
    - Armor Proficiency Revamp: Not much of an opinion though, a little uncertain?
    - Additional Path Skills
    - Full Force Redeemer Skiils
    - Additional Default Skills by Character: My feelings are half and half on this, though, can we redo Lann's Gust Sting please? Maybe, let it chain into a Glide or something (or check out Lann section)
    - "Additional Changes" in Character Changes section

    System Changes

    - All changes to Enchant Scrolls and the scroll system
    - Item Rarity Ranks
    - Improved Season 3 Rewards
    - Item Fragment System: I think this is one of the best changes in the update. This greatly reduces the amount of rage in trying to gear up.
    - Item Acquisition
    - Additional Pet Buff
    - Seal of bravery Shop Renewal
    - Item Stat Display Change
    - Avatar Outfits Changes and Avatar Dye Ampoule rename
    - Item Price Adjustment: Feel indifferent though, because I dismantle everything.
    - Changes to Material items: Very good for crafting/expertise(profession)
    - Changes to Equipment Items
    - Changes to Crafting and Talent Skills
    - Server Notification for Item Acquistion
    - Chat Window disappearing when not typing
    - Mailbox: Is it okay if can we have an option where we can delete mail without needing to receive the mail?
    - Changes to Storage Chest and added Basic Shared Storage
    - Changes to Daily Mission
    - Character Growth Goals: One of the best changes in the update for new characters
    - Mini-Map and Town Map Changes
    - Expanded Quick Slots
    - Hot Springs and Daily Mission Notifications: This was much needed. Now we don't have to go asking our friends and guildies if there is soap!
    - Improved Special Effects
    - Quick Battle Changes
    - Marketplace Improvement and Marketplace Listing Fee Revamp
    - Removal of Weight System
    - Feature Guides
    - Battle Quest UI Improvements
    - Re-attempt Battle Revamp
    - Item Restoration Changes
    - Returning Mercenaries
    - Chances to level Requirements to Seals
    - "Others" in the System section

    Battle Changes

    - Monster-Hit Effect Improvement
    - Battle Finish Screenshots
    - Normal Monster Outline Feature
    - Removal of Battle Completion Reward Waiting Time: This is a blessing.
    - Faster Battle Completion Reward Calculation: This is also a blessing.
    - Battle Completion Reward Window Renewal
    - Improved Effects when Receiving Rewards
    - Prologue
    - Mercenary Training Site
    - S1 Perilous Ruins Renewal
    - Battle Quest Improvement
    - S2 Battle Renewal
    - Hero Mode
    - Multi Processing Support
    - Improved Movement Speed during Battles
    - Mining and Luminary
    - Battle Reward Revamp
    - "Additional Changes" in the Battle Section
    Graphic Changes

    - Everything under the Graphics Section is pretty cool
  • XieXie
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    Part 2 of 3: Bad Updates (Not good but if improved, it may make Vindi great again):

    - Additional Damage: Please nerf, the game is boring now just steamrolling through everything, nothing is fun and challenging anymore. Also, see Item Enhancement Revamp below.

    - Meditation: I think it's only bad that we now can't gain AP while offline which is not good for players who are taking a break from the game. But with the cost to revive weapons sigificantly reduced, the AP piled up can be use to rank up skills. So this change leans more to the "ok-ish" category but it would be nice if we could gain AP while offline again, especially for characters that needs a ton of AP to rank up skills.

    - Item Enhancement Revamp (aka +20): I think we should've stayed at +15 as the enhance cap instead of allowing up to +20. But if +20 absolutely needs to be the new cap, I think it's better to have increased chance of success up until +15 instead of dramatically decreasing the chance after +13. This makes it a lot harder to get +15 now compared to before Rise which enraged a lot of players. Not to mention, the additional damage buff pretty much throws everything out of order. The bosses are getting steamrolled in 2-3 minutes ... which doesn't feel right. Where is the challenge? Where is the satisfaction of putting some effort into beating the boss?

    My Rant on the new Enhance and Past Content

    I think we should've added more new content and bosses to keep more players around instead of releasing +20. I have not been playing much myself because all of the content for the past several months have been terrible. Abomination was not good of a raid, if the host is laggy, then that raid is absolute cancer. Ein Lach kidnapped all of my friends to go solo, plus, the "special raids" are just two bosses copied-pasted from two different maps. I remembered a silly forum discussion a while back about different boss mashups but I don't think they were serious about wanting it. At least, Neamhain was pretty fun, the only things I didn't liked about her are the high requirements to cap stats and get timered for 8 minutes if you died, otherwise, it was fun trying to learn her. If the gearing process wasn't so difficult, I would've ran her on my alts too but they were nowhere close to having acceptable stats to run Neam because Brynn was too evil before Rise.

    My Thoughts on How to Improve it?

    This enhancement revamp may be the worse change out of Rise update. I guess the only thing that, imo, is positive about the enhancement revamp is that you can no longer enhance after it breaks. At least, you will still have a weapon if you try to ragequit so you can come back. Or perhaps bump +20 down to +17 maybe. Unlocking +20 is like dangling a delicious cake from a ridiculously high branch on a tree (sorry, that's a really bad example). You want it badly but you cannot reach it. Yet, you can still see it and know it's not reachable which is very irritating and that's one of the bad things about +20. DevCat said you don't need +20 but I guess we kind of live in an age where we like to be able to get everything at some point. Not to mention most of us on other regions can barely get past +12 compared to KR. I heard that there's a stone for other regions except KR that helps with with higher level enhance so I guess we'll see what happens. Again, this is just my opinion so don't take it too seriously.

    - Removal of Assist: How will I randomly be able to stalk my friends now?!

    - Damage Contribution based Reward System: Some say it's good, some say it's bad, this change only encourages me to just go solo more, rip raids. Sure, it discourages leechers, but now, the top dps mentallity is intensified. I used to like joining raids and meeting new people but the top dps mentallity drove me nuts so I just ended up soloing everything or running it privately with friends. I really missed the old days of 2014 - 2015, it was fun joining raids (Though running in Lako, Kraken tents, and Annywyn was cancer). But now people are too busy trying to get that top dps.

    - Battle Balance Changes: Rip, not really sure how to feel though. I think it's better if it was changed to 5-6 players max instead of 4 if the issue is having players fill the boats or letting players have an easier time hosting. These were supposed to be raids, it doesn't feel right anymore ... and the game feels more empty...All of the changes after "The following raids will be changed to a normal battle," I think, are pretty cool though.

    **** Can we have the Damage Contribution Screen back in Neamhain please? :c How will I be able to tell if I've improved now? I use the damage percent to tell whether or not I've gotten better after each battle. Neamhain's the only fun thing that encourages me to log on lately, and now the change is demotivating me :c
  • XieXie
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    Part 3 of 3: Meh Updates (Not good, not bad either, but can be better):

    - Character Ranking System: This update is okay but also not that good. It's based solely on stats so if you want, you can p2w your way to Rank 1, which is not something that I approve. I feel like this may eventually be like the other ranking system that we have for battle clear times; eventually, it may fall to the wayside. At the same time, if I were to come up with a better ranking system, I don't really have a good idea. The way Vindictus is set up, it's a little difficult to come up with an interesting ranking system. Plus, I heard some players voiced that they would like a way to not let other players see their gear in the new ranking system

    - Changes to Level Requirements of Content: Level requirements for Abyssal and Ein lach is now lvl 80 and lvl 90 respectively. Before Rise, I sometimes do Einlacher and Abyssal for bravery seals and it's beneficial for lower level characters, but I guess if we get free +10 gear now and drop rates have been improved, maybe this change doesn't matter too much ...


    Sorry for the rant/long post but I just wanted to voice my opinion on the changes and hope something changes. I guess I still like the game but don't want it to see it go this way. There were a lot of good changes for lower players and I like the direction that the game is going for lower levels ... but the changes at end-game are .... depressing. Since 87% of the playerbase are at end-game right now, the bad changes are really hitting us hard the most.
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    Killed Ingkells in about a minute with zero SP use and just fiddling around. Killed Muir in about the same. This is really supposed to be a positive step for Vindi, trivializing all the content? The DoL needs to be fired. The are players who have dropped ridiculous amounts of time and money into this game just walking away and it's easy to see why.
  • XieXie
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    Honestly, the only thing that's been keeping me logged on for the past few months is Neamhain because there's always something that I can try to work on to improve. But with this update ... the game now just feels ... unsatisfying. I don't know how much longer I can stay if DevCat keeps this up. I've continued to play for 4 years because I've always felt like there's something that I can improve as I played my main and try to find ways to somehow catch up to my Lann senpais in damage (one day). I really, really hope this game changes for the better if not, maybe time to find a new home ...

    On another note, I think the game could try "adding contents horizontally instead of vertically."

    What I mean by "vertically" are things such as continually increasing level cap like lvl 95-100 and new armor sets to gear up each time that happens. To a new player, hitting lvl 95 starting from lvl 1 may seem daunting, not to mention there's not enough players at lower levels to run with to make it fun to reach lvl 90. So it can be lonely so the player may quit the game for something else.

    So what I meant by "adding contents horizontally" is adding more optional lower level contents for lower level players? I remembered back in the day when Royal Raids, the minimum level requirements were level 40, those were pretty fun and allows low level players to run with higher level players. It may give lower level players a sense of what it may be like at high levels playing along side with high level players. So maybe some new content that encourages high level players to run with low level? I don't know it's just a random thought. And maybe a second redeemer raid for those who likes a challenge to stick around. +shrug
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    I do like that they added the player backstory in the prologue. Before, I think Lynn had something written for her and Sylas got a comic. Though, you have to make a new character in order to see it and to witness all the new changes. It's kind of jarring if when something happens that was explained in a prior quest, but you were already past that point prior to the revamp. I know that was mentioned in the update notes.
    Welp. To have this much change at this point is risky.
    I'm worried for the people handling the Wiki if it is still alive now. Will they have to do a complete overhaul? I hope they will keep the pre-Rise info around.
  • BeepBeepImAJeepBeepBeepImAJeep
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    I've been playing for just a day since the update but i can tell that additional damage ruins the balance and the fun left in the game.
    With utmost sincerity i can tell that no player that ever reaches +15 or +20 in each piece of the gear, will be able to enjoy this game.
  • DaPlayaDaPlaya
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    The 4-party raid change killed the game for me. There were a lot of good changes in this update and even things that I thought would bother me (enhancement changes) didn't really bother me that much. But the 4-party raid limit changed the whole experience for me. I think they also nerfed the raid bosses too because they seem to die so much faster even with 1/2 the number of players.

    They call it a raid but to me it's just a regular quest that drops seals.
  • arkaine757arkaine757
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    We still here, complaining, giving nexon a feedback about those changes, we still care about this game.
    This is most likely NX KR fault, since they dictate what happen and when will happen.

    KR forum already stated their positions about "Rise" and now NX NA can report our reaction to KR.

    If no action is taken by the company, the chances of this forum and game become a Empty Void are real.
    We can loose our game, they can loose their jobs.

    Now for the thread, i tried to play but 4 man raid just don't work.
    Why limit to only 4? The same happened with the Jump (R.I.P we miss you),.

    "If you can't fix it, remove it!"
  • MoeEveryWeekMoeEveryWeek
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    To be honest, 60 hours per week is a bit over kill I mean at least spending 8.5 hours in game, each day, for 7 days, for the next 3 week is most likely going to damage a few peoples' bodies as the sheer will they have to pull themselves through just to achieve a few cosmetics
  • ElyrElyr
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    Been expecting my Delia too hit 100k+ per Falling Comet instead of only 50k, meh. Compared to XE 150%, my damage seems to have increased by 25% (used to hit around 40k), while compared to pre-rise by about 50% (used to hit around 30k).
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    rise = big bang