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TIR Coin - cash goodies for everyone

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♦ What is "TIR Coin" system and how does it work?

TIR Coin is a premium currency like Nexon Cash (later called NX Cash), and serves the same purpose - it can be used to purchase goodies from Supply Depot and Avatar Shop (Beauty & Outfitter). Initially TIR Coin can be obtained from Supply Depot for NX Cash in tradeable form, and can sold through the Marketplace. TIR becomes bound to the buyer's account once purchased from the market.

Following video should explain the functionality:

Got questions or doubts?
Do not hesitate to ask, but first ensure your question has not been answered already in my second post.

♦ Why do we need TIR, especially that NX gifts can be sold for gold?

Obtaining premium goodies through NX gift sellers have few major flaws:
  • The process is risky, as one of the sides can scam the other.
  • The price / ratio is higher.
  • Only Supply Depot contents can be gifted, which also excludes few items in addition (like runes and unbind potions).
  • In case the customer wants to get a gift on another character, it's required to either move the money to it, or pay the COD from different character.
  • It's not possible to keep it for later.
  • Forms of announcements (usually server megaphones) are requires to notify people about selling/buying.

These flaws are solved by the system, because:
  • The transaction goes through the Marketplace - there is no possibility of being scammed.
  • Market rules cause the sellers to fight for a better price for the customer, rather than ask extra for being "trusted".
  • TIR is account-shared, so it's possible to buy it on one character and use on another, at any time.

In addition to that, it should:
  • Encourage people capable of spending real money to invest more into the game.
  • Allow all "free to play" players to access premium goodies, including these allowing to progress equipment safely.
  • Help fighting so-called "gold seller" threat.
  • Remove other forms of illegal trade, like real-money (such as prepaid cards) exchange for gold.

That being said, it's a win-win-win situation for people who buy NX and want benefit off it, people who need NX goodies and Nexon itself, due to higher profit and fight the threat.

On side note, most people in Europe simply type "S> NX 1:800" when selling NX gifts for gold, but by the outsiders/law&authority it's taken as literal NX selling, which is prohibited. This leads to unpleasant situations, as seen here and here (read starting from these posts). Introducing TIR would eliminate majority of NX gift sellers, therefore this unnecessary complication itself.

♦ How do you know it will work out?

In Vindictus Europe we had this system for few years, but eventually has been removed as a part of service migration. From this long experience I, and I believe most of European players who were around that time, can confirm this system/feature did it's job flawlessy*.

*Actually, in Europe it had one flaw: some goodies were excluded from the system, for reasons never provided to us. We have aimed to remove the unnecessary limitations, and this suggestion intends to not bring them here, not at least for important items like runes and unbind potions.

Check the European thread about TIR, and see for yourself.



♦ Why suggesting it now?

Actually we have suggested it on Vindictus North America / Australia forums after the service migration and TIR removal in Europe has been announced. The discussion bloomed fast, but unfortunately it turned into repetitive explanation of how things work and argument, leading the community to unnecessary confusion. I have covered up some of the questions in second post.

This topic was also brought up on these forums, right after they were put online. Unlike this, it wasn't a full suggestion & explanation thread, but a question regarding the matter - if there's been any progress or decisions made by the staff towards it. In other words, it was a follow up to the previous thread and what has been told there.

Lastly, I have asked the European community to hold with bringing this topic up again on these forums. I wanted to give everyone time to see how things turns out, thus I wanted to make sure things go right - I was busy with diploma work and was unable to spend time on it myself, until now.

♦ What can I do to support this?

Begin with up-voting this and leaving a comment. Upvotes are fast, easy and effective way to show support - it's like a signing yourself onto a list. Comments on other hand brings up attention from outside the thread and keep the topic fresh/on-top.

If You can, follow up with spreading the information. The more people get interested and support this, the more convincing it will be for Nexon. Strength in numbers, Mercenaries. Do not be too obsessive though - flooding/spamming might bring reversed effect. Just do whatever You see fit, as long it doesn't break the good taste.

♦ Note to the staff

If You are concerned about TIR being abused somehow, which I assume why there's a split category for NX prepaid and NX credit - make TIR purchasable only with NX prepaid. While the system supports an exception list, please try to avoid any limitations. If they are required for some reason - please ensure that majority of content is available, including important goodies like runes (at least the regular ones) and unbinds, which are the key to equipment progression. Feel free to use any form of contact with me regarding this topic.
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    ♦ Questions and Answers

    → I didn't understand how does it exactly work - can you elaborate?

    You need NX Cash to buy TIR from Supply Depot. Once You do this, You can spend TIR or put it on Marketplace. Listening cost no fee. People who buy the coins from market, will have them bound to their account. This means that TIR can be used on any character within the account, and that it can not be sold on market again.

    → What if someone decides to monopolize?

    As said, TIR bought from Marketplace can not be put on it again. Only TIR bought through Supply Depot (NX Cash) can. Even then, I don't recall anyone buying out TIR to actually significantly affect the price in Europe. Even if it would happen, it would not last long.

    → How does it calculate? What are the available quantities?

    One TIR Coin is equal to one NX Cash currency, so it's 1:1. This stays true for both the goodies purchasable with it, and TIR itself price in Supply Depot.
    We had it available in following quantities: 100, 500, 1000, 3000 and 5000. You can see it on the beginning of the video shown above.

    → Isn't this "pay to win"? People will be able to turn their NX into gold.

    It's not pay to win - it's pay to progress, and this is Vindictus' buisness model, regardless of TIR existence. People do already purchase NX, not only to buy runes, VIPs and stuff, but also to actually profit on it. People do sell NX gifts for gold (trust-based exchange), or buy things I call "RNG cash boxes" - also known as gachapons and other things served by Bigby and similar, such as Vindicator's Box or Lucky Ice Cube. So no, it wouldn't bring a difference to this matter. Instead, it should lower down the prices a little and make availability of premium goodies more wide to people, who don't buy NX Cash themselves.

    → But we already have "Airtight"/"Packaged" stuff.

    We do, but it's not entirely true as well. First of all, they are obtained through gambling only, from "RNG cash boxes" (aka gachapons / sale event boxes like Lucky Ice Cube etc.), and this can only take place during the sale. Their price is usually cheaper than static-NX counterpart (if available) during the sale, and may get more expensive overtime. Also, from seller's perspective it's costy due to the listing fee, and from buyer's perspective it might be not available at the moment of need. Lastly, the boxes contain only set goodies.
    I'll tell You what: It's been a while since Airtight/Packaged Unbind Potion been available in Europe, and the need of them on market has risen a lot. Currently Airtight Unbind Potion (x5 unbinds) costs 150% price of x10 Unbind Potions, if they were giftable. In other words, 5 Unbind Potions in Airtight currently costs about the same to price of NX gift:gold ratio to 15 Unbind Potions Supply Depot price.

    → Why do you think it would help fighting the "gold-sellers" threat?

    Competition. Obtaining gold via NX gift selling is time consuming and costy, and not as effective as persistent offer on market. Simply put, selling & buying TIR is faster and easier than the NX gift selling method, because it goes through market with no extra cost. I assume "fast and easy gold" is one of reasons people fall for so-called "gold-sellers", but with this feature as replacement there are at least two reasons less - obtaining gold is as easy and there is no risk of being scammed or banned for breaking the rules.
    Not that I know the exact situation on American servers, but I can tell You one thing for sure: We have had these bots in Europe back in the days as well. The staff did fight them a lot, but after TIR implementation they just vanished. Perhaps it's not solely responsible for solving the problem for us, but surely played an important role.

    → Sounds like an afford, afford the developer won't care about.

    Well, just in case You missed it: TIR Coin system/feature (call it what You like) is actually already implemented into the game. It's in fact just a matter of making the publisher (Nexon) toggle it on.

    → Why didn't you add a poll?

    You need to vote first to see results, cannot change your vote or see who voted. In case someone changes their mind, it's possible to either like or un-like it.
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    Love you RFI, but it's 4 months already right? And no answer from Nexon, where we can advert this topic?
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Love you RFI, but it's 4 months already right? And no answer from Nexon
    I think it's been more, but I feel that we didn't approach it properly last time, not that we "belonged" to them at that time anyway. Given how much interest Succubus pet brought on last pre-patch stream, perhaps this will make some pressure as well.

    where we can advert this topic?
    Starting from private area like friend-list and guild, through public places like channel, raid lobby and megaphones, to even communities like Discord and Reddit.
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    Upvote, hoping for a approval this time.
  • SchetilleSchetille
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    Give it back, please. I remember Saygo has mentioned something about it in their live stream, he said there's no point of it, because there are airtight items, but what about players who want to buy avatar packages? Personally, I wouldn't spend 20 euro for damn avatar, I rather to farm gold on my own
  • DancingStarDancingStar
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    Thanks for taking the time to explain everything once again and well resumed.

    Some ppl are stuck on thinking Airtight items are Nexon's replacement to TIRS, but they don't cover ALL items like u said and
    their price fluctuations AND availability is "too much" influenced by events start/end.

    And yes gold sellers reached also EU server now. U can find them everyday spamming..
    Some players new to the game asked already if they can buy gold like that.. TIR = No Gold sellers (simple as that)
  • SchetilleSchetille
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    Also would be nice if unbind potions were giftable as they used to...
  • AzelunaAzeluna
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    I need all avatar sets from Avatar shop so badly. ;< jk
    I remember how mad I was when they deleted them from EU server. Like "why?". What was wrong with TIRs so they had to be delated? NOTHING! GIVE THEM BACK PLEASE!
  • MadGodDragonicMadGodDragonic
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    I'm a EU player and actually used the TIR system when it was first introduced. It worked and stimulated the marketplace economy well.
  • ChattoeuChattoeu
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    Tir coins come back please!!! +cry
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    Yea! Back tir coins please <3333
  • CucaKilianCucaKilian
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    Upvote! TIR bro also wants to come back <3
  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    Vote for come back + yes
  • SukiLiSukiLi
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    Upvote for TIR coins ☮ ✌
  • RhapsodyOfFireRhapsodyOfFire
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  • ChaeldarChaeldar
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    Completely in favour of this. It would be nice if any staff members had any questions about this system so we could eliminate any worries and doubts about it and provide a better explanation of the entire system so it turns out better than last time.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    With crucial changes to gear improvement importance in "Rise" update - we need TIR, or at least giftable runes & unbinds.
  • IphitIphit
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    upvote a lot of items are not attainable throught airtights , and those are only cheap during gacha events which makes it bothersome to wait whenever we need something tir would help dealing with this kind of situation since nexon is not held responsible for scams and this way we wouldn't need nx sellers online whenever we need nx. Besides the ease of use would make them sell nx more often for sure.
  • BownerBowner
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    issue is that NA isn't allowed to sell/gift nx to each other
    . i dont want tir coins back, it would just be easier to allow people to sell items on the market without restriction.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Bowner wrote: »
    issue is that NA isn't allowed to sell/gift nx to each other
    You can't sell NX directly, as in PaySafeCard PINs etc., because they could bep otentially used somewhere. You are allowed to sell NX gifts for in-game gold though. Still, limitations are there, and the whole process is search and trust based.