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Major nerfs with the premier version for Europe ?

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in Europe Chat
I feel like my fiona was nerfed heard sword lann does abismal dmg too. Anybody else saw any differences ?


  • KenshinXKenshinX
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    Combo system doesn't exist in Premiere so the extra damage that it gave was removed. Pretty simple really.
  • DiLeonDiLeon
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    Still one cannot go from 9 min glas solo to 39 mins that doesnt make sense. If it is only combo change. There must be something else.
  • BoatGodBoatGod
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    mabye the boss has more hp, that the only thing i can think of based on the time change
  • AureAure
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    Lots of little things that kind of add up. For Fiona, here's what I've noticed

    1) Speed (eg, of normals is reduced)

    2) There's a delay after normal guarding (you can alleviate this somewhat by dropping to HeavyStander with W) where all you can do is guard again

    3) Delay after Amaranth kick is a bit longer (combined with 2) this is a little awkward - you have to get used to HS-cancelling apparently)

    4) You have to hold sprint to featherdash. On the other hand, you can spam sprint to do a glitchy slide which is a bit faster than normal sprinting.

    5) Smashes cost a lot more stamina now

    6) Stamina doesn't regenerate while sprinting (it did in the XE version - you couldn't walk anyway). Combined with 5), means you have to wait around for stamina.

    So, yeah, damage output is considerably lower in this version (is EU more geared as a result?).
  • LavonneLavonne
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    Well tbh it's a matter of perspective. Fiona\Evie\Vella and all the top-tier DPS classes were nerfed.

    Lynn and Kai were buffed in comparison tho. So there's that.

    But yeah, generally speaking Premiere is a nerfed version of XE. (No combo bonus, more stamina consumption, slower stamina regeneration, more reliance on stats, no XE move to squeeze in that extra smash and according to some players some of the old-school classes (Fiona, Evie, Lann) have lower attack speed in Premiere.)
  • HallyHally
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    You don't do as much dmg without combo but.. if it's taking you 39 mins to kill glas.. something must be very wrong playstyle wise, and not just dmg nerf by itself. Your main way of dealing damage in XE might be very suboptimal in PRE. When you do adapt to the playstyles of PRE, your clear time shouldn't slow down by a lot.
  • TamagoTamago
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    But some EU retards on Youtube were saying that Premiere does more damage than XE before the change actually happened..

    DISCLAIMER: Calling the ones that were arguing it on Youtube retards, not all EU people before you run your mouth.
  • NovalitusNovalitus
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    Sylas got nerfed too..
    Normally I''m able to solo clear very quickly .. now I kept dying and I definitely was doing less damage.
  • NovuNovu
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    RIP EU Lanns

    They didn't know how good they had it until it was gone.
  • AequipondiumAequipondium
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    39 minute solo is a long time and Fiona is arguably one of the fastest soloists if not the fastest soloist in the game. But yes Lann is ripperino in pepperoni, which is why it always annoyed me when EU players were convinced Lann was still top tier after the nerf.
  • SamalenkoSamalenko
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    Weird thing but I actually feel smoother playing arisha in pre. In fact my solo clear time hasn't changed much compared with my previous XE record.

    Fiona yea, significantly harder and weaker.
  • DNAnthraXDNAnthraX
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    I don't think that boss health pools increased, we just had absurd amount of damage multipliers in XE.
    Nerfs are basically damage and speed. What i mean by speed is we gotta manage stamina now. I don't feel a change on character attack speeds.
    Also, i've noticed most of the people in raids don't run at all. That also affects the clear time.
    Although, i feel like this version stacks up SP faster.
  • AeledingAeleding
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    I'd take better responsiveness and working buffs (aka windrider) over any imbalanced dmg boost of any kind, any time. Besides, now that combo is gone, i feel that lann actually has an easier time on the deeps side, because all the combo kings (delia, evie to name the most broken) have had a bigger nerf than him.
  • GewelliriousGewellirious
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    Aeleding wrote: »
    I'd take better responsiveness and working buffs (aka windrider) over any imbalanced dmg boost of any kind, any time. Besides, now that combo is gone, i feel that lann actually has an easier time on the deeps side, because all the combo kings (delia, evie to name the most broken) have had a bigger nerf than him.

    Still top with Scythe, and she was "broken" because her main attacks were affected by combo bonus. (Mark of Death, Bloody Thread, and maybe Sacrifice too)
    Void Star however, wasn't, neither Horrific Scream.

    My damage loss so far only comes from no MoD/BT damage bonus.

    And shift Fiona, if not for block bugs, was even more broken especially if you were going solo, I don't get the point. Sword Vella as well, but this is an easy peasy character since the beginning of times anyway.
    Seeing the two chars above, I have absolutely no idea why everyone is always picking on Scythe or Delia, at least they need timing and dodges.
  • xRaynexRayne
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    So the Inevitable has arrived,*gg*
  • CuteeCutee
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    That could be seen that game will be alot slower, solo speeds will be extended.
    Vella got some nerfs also, my solo times are atm doubled or a bit more(4:10 glas to 8:50), but i guess i can get these better once i get used how to perfectly direct every of my attacks, and will have some better stamina management. (Yet still crying inside seeing a 4-5 k xcut dmg Q.Q)
  • VladinoVladino
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    There is less SP gain for Lynn and it's a pity cas the battle becomes more stereotype and less options with attacks and sp usage. And I don't think that Lynn was buffed only other chars are far more nerfed (because combo bonus on XE didn't apply to marks and stamina consumption isn't problem for her) so it actually feels better for her. As for unresponsiveness I think it's even more unresponsive then XE version (even when solo) for non-solo it's caused by non-multiprocessing hosting imo. My solo clearing times weren't much affected maybe 1-3 more mins or so.
  • ParjsParjs
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    You all have to know that the character revamp of Premiere version doesn't like as the character revamp of XE version.
    In this new version, there're no major differences between characters together (telling about DPS) because they were BALANCED from time to time.

    People will have more choices to pick their favor characters instead of playing top tier classes that we knew.
    Now, It's time to try: Lynn, Spear Lann, Kai, Sylas again.
  • NovalitusNovalitus
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    No dont try Sylas.
    He feels super slow now and runs out of stamina all the time.. meaning you have to STOP mid fight and park somewhere to restore your stamina bars.
  • SeptySepty
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    Scythe evie still get hits in bink.
    Scythe evie smashes so decrased. in xe mode i was hitting 6-11k with 4th smash with first combo , Now no combo 4th smash hits 2-3 k
    Staff evie still buggy first focus bugging at second focus. you mean first focus but it does 2nd focus. Perfect amber suks sometimes works sometimes not.

    Fiona shielding no more work even heavystander.
    fiona sword with +9 armageddon(event one ) hits 10 -12k with 80 bal 45 a.s 20k at 105 crit Fiona hammer +10 full orange termi and ornate bloodlust enhance with 85 bal 54 a.s 22k atack hits 6k -8 k (3rd degree stigma hits max 9 k )

    lynn more playable less buggy,

    nerfed vella sword suq dmg.

    kai looks ok,

    hurks still shift for win.

    didnt try others yet.