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KR's Oct 19th update.


  • NiburuNiburu
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    Useful, but I already have maxed armor lmao, sooo
  • NiahselNiahsel
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    would be nice to 72 replacement scrolls rank A and under that actually gave halfway decent stat boosts and other interesting proc effects, would make the game more interesting anyway. like the special effects from s3 oj weapons except it could be used everywhere.
  • FionaUchihaFionaUchiha
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    edited October 30, 2016
    >deleted tricky

  • Ertxz18Ertxz18
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    I'm guessing this thread is now relevant to the most recent patch coming next week.
  • 탱크블레이드탱크블레이드
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    No idea. NA never gives near as much info on the patch updates as KR. They only gave a small bit of the juicy information.
  • LoLoBootyLoLoBooty
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    Re: Tricky ES being dropped. In @TheDayInLove original post it says:
    ower some scroll's rank. Maelstrom, Divine Punishment, Sentinel, Tricky, Warlord, Diamond ES will become rank A (there is more, just not figured out yet).

    72 discontinued scroll
    Quote Originally Posted by Discontinued

    So if tricky is becoming rank A then it can't be discontinued....
  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    LoLoBooty wrote: »
    So if tricky is becoming rank A then it can't be discontinued....

    IIRC, I copied the list of 72 discontinued scrolls from Shippuu's post on his forum. The scroll might be getting lowered to rA and discontinued at the same time XD
  • V0lterixV0lterix
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    Karok: Can go into Fast Dempsey right after ducking (I really have no idea about Karok).

    We already had this in NA, but Nexon just removed it with the Alban Festival Update. Ducking = bobbing, second dodge. You used to be able to dodge while running then left click into Fast Dempsey/Flurry. You have to using bobbing twice before Fast now.