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Nemhain guide (and my experience so far)

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Lets begin with the following:

TL:DR this raid is ONLY for end game characters that have finished the story and are looking for a serious challenge
(you will be surprised by how many ppl can actually run this raid, don't be a fraid to not find a party to run it)

1: Do I seriously need 24k atk and reach 200 if I add my bal and crit?
Yes you do need this stats to deal effective damage , if not you WILL BE CARRIED
2: Can I run this with 9k def?
Yes you can but most likely any hit will kill you, you will survive a maximum of 2 hits in a row
3: Is it true that for beating this I have to be able to defeat s3 bosses without getting hit?
No, But after you manage to master this raid the rest of vindi(including einlencher) will be a walk in the park
You can train yourself in einlencher since that will develop your reflexes and carefullness in the battle wich are crucial to succed
4: there is no practice mode for this
5: you CAN solo this, but it's HARD AF, imagine having to finish dark souls withouth dying and with a time limit, not to mention you need to have crazy ass stats to do it like max crit bal and around 28-30k atk
6: you can try this as many times af you like, but after the second win you reach the daily limit
7: extra buffs (like bathsoaps, or vip) don't apply in this raid artifacts are ok,Cadet badge DOES work, as do all NX equippables.
8: the stats for 100 Neamhain victories is +1000 Base Attack/MAtt, 5 crit, 1000 HP and 300 attack limit remove.

You can only use the pots that the ghost sells to you(the one in berbhe where you can make the party) or inside the wating "lobby", you can only take 15 with you in every raid, The Redeemer HP potion heals 3000 by itself and 4800 if maxed HP potion proficiency.( never drink this while running it will be a total waste and each HP pot is priceless)

after the first time you are resurrected there is a 8 min cooldown for you to be able to resurrect again, this cooldown doesn't start until you die again, and you can only use normal feathers, Pf and guild feathers to resurrect in the battle, but each player is limited to 3 ress

In this Raid, Party "comp" actually MATTERS since you have limited resources(resurrections and hp pots) Evie and Sylas will be praised as GODS when they join this raid ( acording to the korean guide a single sylas is not enought to heal the party, and you can only go without a healer if you trust your party)
b4 starting this raid make sure tu make a campfire and B4 you get in the raid make two ppl grab wood so they can make a SECOND camp fire inside the raid( it will be very helpfull)

I will be refering to the big monster Neit as "Fatty or fat guy" and the super hot goddes chick is called "nemhain"

first of all Fat guy is easy, the first time you play him just be super carefull and watch him attack, all of he's attk patterns are easy to see coming, never trust you will not get hit, He is VERY BIG and uses ALL OF HE'S LEGS to do atkks that even if he seems far away block/dodge just in case, most of he's atks are aoe that can be blocked/dodged , you will need to attack him till nemhain appears and her healt bar will show up. ( no red attks in the start :D and acording to the korean guide you NEED to do this in 5 minutes)

Nemhain is the real pain to deal with, Tons of hp SUPER fast moves and wombocombos, watch her timing and dont get greedy with dmg, pretty much all of her hits are potential 1 hit kills, between each combo you have around 2 secs to deal dmg b4 she starts ataking again, once you get her to 8 bars you will fight fatty again.

note1: she has a single red attk, she will mark some one with a purple glow( the same that appears when you ress some one but purple colored) and she will fly towards him trying to impale him, you have like 1 sec to react just dodge it if you react on time you will dodge it easily
note2: she has a second atk where she will mark some one but this time she will just trow nergy balls at the party but 3 will focus on you, this can be blocked or dodged
note3:the combo with circle purple aoe attks deal damage ONLY on the purple lines , the combo has 2 aoes, deals dmg and it could takes away your stam regeneration for 5 secs and the second goes a litle wider and does TONS of dmg, bot of this circles can be dodged/blocked, you will love every time she does this since you can deal dmg without worying about getting hit ( you have like 3-4 secs of free dmg)
note 4: she is stronger than neit (fatty) and most of her attacks have wide reach or energy/ground aoe's follow ups most of wich have a debuff that will cut hp regeneration in halp including hp pots , and it will drain your sp, till the debuff end(it last around 20 secs)

after you reach the 8th hp bar on nemhain she will fly away and is fatty time again
He's attack pattern will change , it will be a little harder but they are all similar combos so repeat what you did at the start, once you know he's animiations he will be easy again
there is one attack where he will do MANY red aoe's in the ground, you will be able to see how the entire floor gets covered by red circles, to dodge this you have to either hug him or go all the way to the opposite side, inmediatly after the red attacks are done, he will do a normal orange aoe that reaches pretty much all of the stage so just block/dodge that one
note 2: at this point you will realise that fatty has no hp bar. he's life and nemains are separated, being nemain's bar the one you can see

after a while Nemain will come back down, and she will inmediatly do the "gate attack" ( the one where she fires a bunch of her spears at you)
how to dodge this:
imagine this shape (0====) the circle is nemain and the "=" are the spear rows there will be 2 main rows of spears coming from the center and they will spread to the outher edges, when she does this run to the edge of the map, and when the center is cleared just run pass the spears and hope you don't get hit, there is a specific timing where you can just walk trough without getting hit, but there is no visual indication when that happens also this is a red attack , you will just have to get the timing right or use iframes to get trough it (like fiona shield charge) she will do the same attacks as last time, but every once in a while she will repeat the gate attack,and like all the bosses in vindictus she will randomly change her combos, some times instead of doing a 4 hit combo she will cancel the last hit or replace it with a diferent finisher like an aoe.

when you reach 6 life bars inmediatly nemhain will fly away( again) , as soon as you see the bar change to 6, run and hug the fatty guy, there will be a cutscene where you can move, just keep running towards fatty even if you are already at the belly , because HE WILL DO A HUGE AOE ONE HIT KILL ATK
it works a bit like eochaid atack where the cealing starts falling off, there will be a brief moment (like 2 -3 secs) where you will be able to grab he's belly grab on to him and become a kohala, so you can dodge that aoe

you will fight fatty again after this, he will do all the previously faced combos.

Nemhain will come back down when you have done enough damage to fatty, fight her again and when she's at the 4th hp a cutscene will start

in this cutscene she will remove her helmet and she will go inside fatty

this is the hardest part of the raid:

they will star using wombocombos, they will constantly switch between fatty and nemhain in their attacks, they will use the attack patterns you already know ( like the gate attack) but there will be a special wombocombo where nemhain will attack and then fatty will rise high up, while this happens you have to run to the edges of the stage ( atleast out of the big red circle in the center) because they will do yet another one hit kill aoe attack, (you can react to this because fatty will begin to trow constant punches to the ground that you have to block/dodge,while the camera focuses on him, at this point you have to start running to the edges.

The second special wombocombo is harder to dodge, to my understaing it works a bit like keaghan aoe ima stab you 1 hit kill, if you get out of a certain area in time you will not be a target to the attack, this is basically her own HOLD SKILL , where she will focus a single player and totally obliterate him in a cutscene( looks like lann hold skill) at this point she will pretty much spam a new 4 hit combo, if you get hit by any of those she will repeat the hold skill and kill the person
the moment you reach 1hp bar the battle will end with a long curscene I will not spoil it for you ill just tell you its good
note1: if you have less than 1 min on the timer when the last cutscene starts you can probably still fail at the end

I will leave this visual reference from our korean senpais so you can study the animations and attack patterns :
Will you be able to finish this in less than 30 min just like the senpais in there?
no... that will take some time to get 8 ppl to master this raid


never trust your shield, to be effective you pretty much have to perfect guard EVERYTHING since the timing is so short and FRIGGIN SHIELD IS BUGGED AND WILL NOT WORK RANDOMLY
It pains me to admit that sword fifi is way more efective in this raid since focal point is the best dps output she can deal in the short amount of time you have to deal dmg,(I have 70 attk speed and making butterfly swings is not even an option and dont even get me started on stigma hammers)
excuse my horrible grammar Im just a Mexican that is afraid for trump

some corrections where made by Volteryx ty for the heads up! and there is a second guide in the batle quest section already on the forum made by a korean player that have more detail on how the combos of neit and nemhain work and how to dodge/block them
( Yet there is stuff that He's guide has and mine doesn't, and there is stuff that THIS guide has that is not mentioned on the other guide ¯\_(*_*)_/¯)
And no I havent been able to beat this YET T_T



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    Some corrections. Also, a korean player made a coherent guide in the Battle Quests section.
    100 Neamhain victories is +1000 Base Attack/MAtt, 5 crit, 1000 HP and 300 remove attack limit.
    Cadet badge DOES work, as do all NX equippables.
    The Redeemer HP potion heals 3000 by itself and 4800 if maxed HP potion proficiency.
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    Does the unlimited revival event work with this raid?
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    Ho ty for the update Ill edit this nao
  • erickhendrixerickhendrix
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    no since those are GGs and you cannot use them in the raid the event doesnt work