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Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.


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    il est temps de dire ce que je pense d'un sujet dont beaucoup de monde parle Concernant les voix. même si je suis pas contre le changement, elles sont brouillon, ce superpose et non appropries, a mon avis on peut laissé le choix, comme ajoute une option de langage anglais ou coréen, surtout que les voix coréennes existe déjà, il me semble légitime de demander ce genre d’action nous somme les joueurs et nous faisons vivre le jeux, Cordialement

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    it's time to say what I think about a topic that many people are talking about voices. even if I am not against the change, they are rough, this superimposed and not appropriate, in my opinion we can leave the choice, as adds an option of English or Korean language, especially that the Korean voices already exists, it seems to me legitimate to ask for this kind of action we are the players and we live the game, Best regards
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    I think a part of it is that a lot of people don't like change...
    I think, you should stop assuming what others think or telling other people that their opinions are wrong or "not what they think".
    You like it, fine. But don't put words in those other, hundreds (and probably way more) of people who stated their opinion of disliking these new voices. Most of us did bring up very valid points as to why we don't like them too.

    I totally agree with you. People should stop telling others what they should or have to like, just because they do. I for one don't like it one bit and im not even bothering playing as much as before. Im at that point where i don't really feel like logging into the game anymore.
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    I find the old voices better for some characters and we should have an option to switch back to them.