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I love noodles.
  • Who is the best looking waifu?

    Best Face: Fiona
    Best Torso: Vella
    Best Legs: Delia

    In that case, best butt: Eira, best chest: Arisha
  • Shouldn't this outfit be in the outfitter shop?

    Nexon, you literally will not let me give you my money.

    They don't want our pathetic 30 dollars, they want the whale money. I'm sure they could rotate 12 old outfits a year and never run out. There are always new players and old players with new characters.
  • Shouldn't this outfit be in the outfitter shop?

    Returner9 wrote: »
    Emerthyst wrote: »
    Ultimately nexon has the data and if they feel this is the only way to gain revenue from players so be it.

    but Nexon knows best. They know it works.

    Do they really? Look at the state of the game. Or is it just them being lazy, incompetent and greedy?

  • Shouldn't this outfit be in the outfitter shop?

    Pretty much what was said above. The whales whale out no matter what. I still have the free outfitter coupons we got going on two years ago sitting unused because they stopped adding to the shop and went to all gotchas.

    I don't even see whales whaling anymore, I haven't seen new outfits on MP so far. A month is way too long for a gacha sale, pretty much towards the end of the month, nobody is buying them anymore. They are driving players away by making outfits gacha only with extremely low rates.
  • Some Ideas to Make Vindictus Great Again

    1. Outfits
    Current: 1 Gacha sale per month
    Proposal: 1 Gacha sale for 3 weeks per month for NEW outfits and items, 1 Outfits resale (direct purchase) for 1 week per month for old outfits

    2. Onslaught
    Current: Onslaught mode will be removed from the game
    Proposal: Keep Onslaught in the game, remove seasons and seasonal rewards, everything exchanged from the seal shop will be bound to character, or put a weekly limit on certain items in the shop.

    3. Special Battles and Royal Army Raids
    Current: Boring reused content
    Proposal: Bring back Resenlian's Labyrinth, make new labyrinth battles for Season 2 and Season 3, make doppelgangers for new classes. Rotate 3 battles every week.
    Guaranteed superior bracelet box as a drop for each player after clearing the battle. While this idea is still using old content but it's less boring and more rewarding :^)