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October 10, 1990
  • More hair colors (poll inside)

    The recent update for KR included some new hair/inner color to the avatar shop;


    And finally a coupon to change the color of permanent hair and inner!
  • New Outfitter Gacha/Wings and Chair Object


    Yay more cute outfitters and White wings!


  • Arisha's Second Weapon Reveal

    Short Fashion Video of Arisha and her Whip.


    Devnote came out today(12/6/2017)
    Here is a google translation of it.

    Hello, this is Mabinogi Heroes.

    Today, we will introduce Arisha's new weapon, "Whip" .

    Whip is a whip as you know it.

    If Arisha had covered the long distance with a long blade and the medium distance with a castle

    This time, Whip will be the middle distance battle, and Castlet will be the close range battle position.

    ■ The basic action of Whip

    Whip is a special weapon for striking attacks, and you will be using the main flagship skills 'Marcato Rush' and 'Streendene Slab' .
    Marcato Rush is a skill that corresponds to the Sharp Mana of existing Arisha,
    There is a difference that can go on without ending .
    It consists of five attacks in total, and except for the first attack, the attacks are cycled repeatedly.
    It is a skill that can be trusted because it has excellent advancement and rapid air-to-air conversion.

    On the other hand, the Streendene slabs are attacked in place, and airborne switching is slower.
    However, if the stamina allows it because of the faster pace, you can expect great power.

    ■ "Breathless Rush" and "Rinpurando Pine"

    Hit both attacks and you will see a breathless rush state effect.
    The Blessless Rush state effect has a slightly increased attack speed,
    It does not make a big difference.
    Breathless Rush When the effect of the state is glowing, it is time to use Rin
    Marcot Rush or Streensen quickly slashes the whip from the slab and attacks it.
    Rinpurand Pinee is hit hard by the stages of the Breathless Rush .

    During both attacks, you can activate by pressing and holding the General Attack or Smash button .

    It is a skill that can give the enemy a determination, and if the level of the state effect is high, it can also break the enemy's hard armor.
    If you defeat enemy defenses and lead to stiffness, you can take into account the linkage since you draw the enemy.

    Therefore, the Blessless rush state effect has an important meaning for Arisha,
    Breathless Rush To maintain the state effect, you need breathtaking movement as its name suggests.
    If you stand and rest, the effect of the Bless Rush condition will soon disappear .

    But there is a way to operate it effectively.

    ■ Manavis
    If you use a mana bis that inject mana into a whip, Arisha's whip attacks will become a multi-hit .

    Manavis makes Arisha stronger, but mana is consumed for its use.
    Unlike the long blades, the concept of inactive mana and active mana does not exist in Whip, so it becomes available immediately .

    Mana can be acquired automatically when you perform combat.
    As an additional acquisition method, there is also a way to use 'Mana Dissonance' .
    Mana Dissonance is a skill that causes mana's shock waves,
    The enemy projectiles can be wound by shock waves.
    Up to 3 projectiles can be removed, and a certain amount of additional mana per projectile can be removed . Learn.
    This is one of the most common attacks using Castlet.

    ■ Castlet close-up studio
    If mana di Sonnens is a typical attack method of Castlet, 'Abbatus' is a skill that uses castle's magic barriers to prevent enemy attacks.
    If you have a short guard time but succeed in defending, you can cancel it immediately and use it again.
    In continuous use, the stamina is not consumed except for the first guard.

    Abatuza has additional performance.
    If successive guard is successful with Abatuza, the damage of counter attack 'Mana Agrelent' increases,
    In addition, you can use "Active: Motivation" and " Stamina Recovery " Active: Inspiration to regain your physical strength for a lower SP consumption .
    Therefore, Abatuta will be one of the key skills in the close-up studio.

    ■ Active skill
    'Baton for Waltz' is an attack that wields a whip in a circular shape.
    If weak enemies are a useful attack that can be swept into the blow,
    It will be a big help for the boss even with excellent mana supply.
    'Crescent Symphony' is a skill that causes mana to coalesce and explode, causing great damage after throwing mana stones and restraining the enemy.
    As the final period of Arisha with a whip, please experience the splendor firsthand.

    Winter is deepening.

    It is cold season, but I hope you can spend warm time with Arisha 2nd weapon whip.

    Link to all her skill gifs
    LoLoBootyAeriesSlothPrincessPrototypemindNyxioBabyDaniDelterosMikewerKiyoujiPandaSir_Renderand 2 others.
  • New character Miri, Lynn 2nd weapon reveal & more.

    New Miri Video

  • New character Miri, Lynn 2nd weapon reveal & more.



    Monoha wrote: »
    Devcat sneaking in some Miri gameplay

    Rise Update Translated here: http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/5404/vindictus-rise-update-patch-notes-translation/p1
    Question2 wrote: »
    This is what some korean speaking friends translated :

    6th of July : new character named Miri

    10th august : lynn 2nd weapon, seems to be called blitwe or something like that

    Additional background lore for each character

    Quick story battle : looks like quick battle but auto selects the next one that you need for your quest

    New tutorial

    Dont need to use boats to go from one battle to the next, or maybe this is only for story battles

    You dont have to walk to places to finish quests anymore (going to different areas to talk to NPCs probably)

    Battle clear window now comes after 10 seconds

    All battles are now at one board

    Skipping NPC text

    Colhen graphics improved

    Tieve graphics improved

    New intro to s2 story

    Faster in combat movement speed of some kind

    Rework of perilious ruins (no other dungeons mentioned so far)

    Armor repair kits are now instant, no animation needed

    You can open mail from everywhere instead of manually running to the mail box

    All battles are now 4 man except for RRs and Neam

    All difficulties merged into a new normal mode

    s2 story battles changed to be more like s1 somehow (not sure)

    Everything from s1 to s3 callidus is "single mode difficulty" whatever that means (balanced for 1 person maybe?), everything after is "party difficulty" (whatever that means)

    Ein lacher bosses have 50% less hp

    RRs = 12 people max, but clear times should be 2x faster now (probably hp nerfed, etc)

    Some new stats are visible, possibly just for quick battle limits, seems to be ATT + DEF and CRIT + BAL

    Multi processing added to over 50 battles

    6 new skills for dark knight/paladin (each)

    Revamps to enhance/enchanting
    - 4 enhance runes consumed = +1 enhance coupon
    - 4 enchants failed = 100% success enchant scroll
    - 3 broken enchant rune pieces = enchant rune

    UI improvements/cleaning, not sure, maybe optimization

    Outline for normal mobs (a outline drawn around normal mobs to make it easier to see maybe?)

    Item colors will actually mean how rare the item is now (they were doing this from the beginning, but messed it up by adding junk gear with purple color names, etc, guess they finally decided to fix it)

    Better inventory sorting or something

    Can enhance in your inventory instead of going to Ferghus

    Better enchant UI (less pages i think, instead of needing to go place scroll + item then go to the elixir page)

    Better marketplace advanced search

    Reduced awakening stones to only two ranks

    Simplified drops (less junk drops probably, and/or merging more of the s3 shards so they stack better)

    Improved character goal rewards (you get runes for the level 95 reward apparently)

    s3 story now gives you a box that you can open and choose the reward you get, one of which is a OJ essence (im willing to bet that charaters who have completed the story do not get compensated for this)

    All armor masteries merged into one

    Merging some scrolls with similar stats into one (probably merging stuff like valor/blood lust)